20 Books I’m Reading in 2020

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20 Books I’m Reading in 2020

2020: This is the year for redeeming missed opportunities and for exploring new worlds! I have several, but one of my words of the year is transcend… I want to transcend expectations, transcend what I thought my life could be. I can’t do that without expanding my knowledge and challenging my beliefs.

I have always been an avid reader, but when my boys came along, in 2017 and then again in 2019, reading took a back seat to spit-up bibs and toy cars.

But as they get older, and now that I feel somewhat established as a work-at-home mom, I’m going to be more intentional about my reading time.

As someone who promotes holistic wellness, spirituality, affirmations, mindset, health, balance and organization, I am a consumer of books of these subjects. Here are a few topics you’ll find on my list:

  • Spirituality and/or Psychology
  • Motivation / Inspirational
  • Gentle Parenting
  • Breaking Down Money Blocks
  • Unschooling / Teaching
  • Fiction
  • Healthy Living
  • Personal Development

So join me on this journey as we look at the 20 Books I’m reading in 2020!

Spirituality and Psychology:

1) Becoming Supernatural – Dr. Joe Dispenza

The amazing research of Dr. Joe Dispenza has drawn a connection between the metaphysical (such as meditation, manifestation, chi, and life force) and brain science. Part “woo woo” and part brain science jargon, Becoming Supernatural is thick! I’m going to take my time reading it and absorbing it, but I’m loving it so far.

2) Art of Living, Thich Nhat Hanh

I have read several of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books before. If you don’t know, he is a Buddhist monk, sharing his wisdom through his books. Many of his books are not overtly about Buddhism, however, and many of them are just about living well. Which is precisely what The Art of Living aims to do! I expect to be calmed, warmed, and inspired to be intentional and simple about my living!

3) Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

I’ve seen so many of Brene’s talks over and over again, and I love her vulnerability, her spirit, and her intellect. She is one of the leading researchers of deep emotions such as shame, guilt, compassion, and vulnerability. She is also incredibly motivational in her intention to help people grow into the “discomfort” of vulnerability. I can’t wait to read Daring Greatly!

Say it with me: “I am enough!”

Inspirational Books I’m Reading in 2020:

4) Girl, Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis

I read “Girl, Wash Your Face” last year, and I loved it! An inspirational entrepreneur, Rachel takes her motivation from her last book one step further. Girl, Stop Apologizing is about the development and execution of a plan to reach your goals. I’m in!

Why You Need to Read “Girl, Wash Your Face”!

5) You Are A Badass Every Day – Jen Sincero

The followup book to “You are a Badass” is supposed to be just as a kick in the pants as the original! It’s about every day motivation and unrelenting determination. I’m all about it! There’s also, You are a Badass at Making Money, which I will certainly check out when I can!


6) Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriarty

I read “The Husband’s Secret” a long time ago and I’ve been itching to find more fiction like it. Her books are always set in Australia and follow female lead characters through difficult parts in their lives, often exposing dark secrets.

Can’t wait to relax a little with Truly, Madly, Guilty and dive in!

Sex & Sensuality:

7) Come As You Are – Emily Nagoski

This was recommended in one of my mom groups on facebook. I have read books on female orgasm before, but this one is supposedly more brain chemistry and science. Many moms have said that Come As You Are absolutely revolutionized their confidence, being vocal about what they want (in the bedroom and outside of it), and their sex life. I mean, my sex life is pretty good, but I won’t say no to better!

Parenting Books I’m Reading in 2020:

8) Simplicity Parenting – Kim John Payne and Lisa M Ross

Confession- I bought this before I had kids, never read it, and it has sat in my Kindle library for a VERY long time. As someone who practices Gentle Parenting, I want to expand my parenting knowledge. Simplicity Parenting is backed by science to help you raise happier, more secure people.

9) Two-thousand Kisses a Day – L.R. Knost

I am SO sad that I didn’t read this book before my boys were born! The book covers childhood and gives tips for each time in a child’s life and how to respond gently to all their ever-changing needs.

Christmas Gift Books 2019


10) Spirit Means Business – Alan Cohen

Spirit Means Business is all about finding success and wealth while maintaining spiritual groundedness. Its says: “The way to prosper wildly without selling your soul.” As someone who has been working on my money blocks and limiting beliefs, I need all the help I can in finding a balance!

11) Chillpreneur – Denise Duffield-Thomas

The author of “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” is at it again with her new book Chillpreneur. As an entrepreneur, I want to set fair prices for my products, yet, I want to know my worth. I know that Denise can help with that! Her first best-seller was Lucky Bitch.

Teaching and Learning:

12) Free to Learn – Pam Laracchia

As someone who hopes to homeschool and unschool my children, I’m baffled that I didn’t find this book when I first started reading about unschooling. Pam is one of the leading unschoolers in the US and is an expert on it. Free to Learn sounds like a fantastic read!

13) Drive – Daniel H. Pink

Looking for the best book on motivation and psychology? This is probably it. I’ve been meaning to read this one for years too, and with kids who will need motivation at some point in their lives, Drive will be the perfect read for parents and teachers alike! After I finish Joe Dispenza’s book, this is the one I’m diving into.

This book has been recommended to me by other mothers, teachers, people simply interested in psychology, and so many more. If you read any book, make it this one!

The “I’m late to the party” bestseller:

14) Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin

I watched the first season of the show before I got busy with grad school, so I’m somewhat familiar with the style and characters. But the book is ALWAYS better than the movie or show, so I absolutely need to read this one if I want to watch the series…. eventually!

A Classic I’m Rereading in 2020:

15) Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

I read Brave New World when I first came out to New Mexico… Part of it is actually set here. I’m a sucker for a good futuristic, dystopian novel, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Young Adult Fiction:

16) A Fool’s Girl – Celia Rees

I have to admit. I’m a sucker for young adult fiction. Especially historical fiction. I devoured the entire series of “Reign” while I was on maternity leave with M and I loved it so much I went back and watched it again!

A Fool’s Girl is set in Queen Elizabeth I’s London, England. It’s about a “fool”‘s (street magician’s) assistant who somehow gets tangled up with the bard… yes, William Shakespeare. Should be an interesting read, especially if it pulls a lot from Shakespeare himself!

17) The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

Here’s another one that I just need to bite the bullet and read already! The Book Thief has been renowned as a great book for years and was first recommended by one of my good friends.

Healthy Living:

18) How Not to Die – Michael Greger, M.D

All about a plant-based diet, How Not to Die sounds very interesting. I’m interested in learning about a vegan lifestyle, but I’m not sure that I could actually do it!

Ways to Help the Environment at Home in 2020

19) The XX Brain – Lisa Mosconi, PhD

This one isn’t actually coming out until March 10, 2020, but you can preorder it. The XX Brain all about the science behind preventing Alzheimer’s disease as a woman.


20) Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson

Reduce waste, simplify, minimize… yep, sounds right up my alley. Use some principles in this book to begin the transformation to a zero waste home.

20 Books I’m Reading in 2020

20 Books I'm reading in 2020

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    1. I watched Alias Grace on Netflix… nightmares and flashbacks for months! Talk about psychological torment! I think I’d fare better reading her books than watching the screen adaptations! 😆 I’ll check it out! Thanks for the suggestion!

  1. I just bought Girl stop apologizing, the next one will be daring greatly! Thanks for the list, I’m looking forward to getting back to reading.

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