5-Week Optimal Living Challenge By Optimized Life

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*Parts of this post have been published with permission from optimizedlife.com.

Today we have another guest post by Sandra over at Optimized Life. I learned about her Optimal Living Challenge a month or so ago and I registered immediately! I can’t wait for it to begin. It looks SO promising, but I’m not here to tell you about it. I’ll let Sandra do that. Happy reading!


Optimal Living Challenge by Optimized Life

My name is Sandra and I am a blogger at Optimized Life. I have been working on something over the past few months now but every time I wanted to put a launch date to it, it just didn’t feel like the right time. So I held onto it and continued to add more and more value as time passed. But, here we are now! I felt using this time when we are already in the house would be a great way to focus on what happens inside our home.

I am 39 years old and I have 3 kids. My oldest son is 17, then I have a daughter who is 14 and then there is my baby boy who is 7. All of my kids are at totally different stages of their life and they keep my busy but thankfully, I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband who is my hero.

I had my first child when I was 21. Three years later, my daughter was born but then two weeks later, our life changed in ways we were not expecting. My husband at the time developed a rare brain condition and he became bedridden and we watched as his health slowly declined. This process was over a four year time period.

Within that time, I worked a full-time job, had a weekend job where I cleaned houses, took care of our two kids who were under the age of six, and took care of him. He slept most of the day while I was at work so I would come home on my lunch breaks and make him lunch and get him out of bed for a few minutes. Eventually, I had to have someone at the house with him while I was working to care for him.

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Lessons Learned

My husband passed away but I remember a few very important lessons that carried with me and started my health journey:

My children can’t have another parent pass away.

They need me to be as healthy as I can possibly be. I gained a lot of weight and had high cholesterol because I didn’t take care of myself. I was always focused on taking care of my kids and their father. I knew I had to make changes before it was too late.

I must not leave any questions unanswered.

After he passed away, I remember questioning myself and wondering if there was more I could have done. Did I do everything I could for him? I didn’t want to live with those questions any longer. I started dedicating my life to raising our kids and learning everything I could learn about health and wellness.

During this process, I came across the best information that has made me see things from a totally different perspective. It has given me a clearer “why” to my wellness journey.

I want to pass on what I learned

Seven years later, here I am! I want to show you what I have learned and have implemented in my household over the last few years. These are habits my family has now adapted and made their lifestyle. We enjoy doing these things together.

I want to show you how you can make small changes in your current lifestyle that will change the direction of your life, health, and family. These are things that will be practiced and passed down for generations to come.

We need to take our health seriously and starting today. But why?

What is Your Why?

Knowing why you want to do something will help you stay focused and filter out any excuses. It will motivate you and encourage you when times get tough.

Your “why” could be one of the following…

Maybe you are tired of having a YOLO mentality about food? Your attitude about food up until now has to lead you to eat whatever you want because “you’re going to die one day so you might as well enjoy it”?

While that might “feel good” now, it won’t when you get older.  We shouldn’t be a burden on our family when we get older all because we choose not to take care of ourselves early on.


Do you want to live longer so you can have more quality time to spend with your family? You want to live a life full of adventure and special memories with the ones we love for as long as we can while being the healthiest you can be. You don’t want to miss out because we are unable to participate due to health conditions. 

Maybe its a totally different reason, that’s okay!

There are so many things in life that cause us to worry but our health shouldn’t be one of them. In order to make that a reality, we need to change and fast before it’s too late. 

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WE MUST START TODAY! It’s never “too late”. If you are reading this right now, you are right on time. 

5 Week Free Optimal Living Challenge Optimizedlife.com

Optimized Life is hosting a FREE 5-Week Optimal Living Challenge and we want you to join!

In this challenge, I will share the secrets I have personally learned over the years that have changed the direction of my life as well as my families.

Each week we will release a new challenge for you to implement for the remainder of the week. We will focus on one thing at a time. We will also feature an expert in that field that will give you expert advice and coach you throughout that particular week. You will also receive downloadable tools to make your challenge easy and obtainable.

What will I get throughout this challenge?

In this challenge, you will receive:

  • Weekly Emails and Videos
  • Experts and Professionals to help you succeed
  • Weekly Downloadable Tools
  • Weekly Challenges and Competitions
  • FREE E-Book
  • Life-Changing information that will benefit your wellbeing
  • FREE Stuff from the experts
  • And So Much More!

Total Cost To You: FREE!

Why is this challenge free?

There are a few reasons why we are doing a challenge.

  1. We wanted to explain what our Optimized Life community is all about.
  2. We can’t have information like this and not share it with you!
  3. This challenge is only free for our first group. After that, we will charge $39 for anyone else who signs up after this challenge is over.

How do I pre-register?

Space is limited. I want to make sure I can give all attendees my attention. We will keep registration open until we get 50 people to sign up.

Please pre-register by clicking on the link below and you will be asked to provide your email information. We will send you a follow-up email with all of the information you need.

Once you pre-register, I will keep you informed when the challenge will begin. Coming soon!


5 Week Optimal Living Challenge - Take Charge of Your Health and Sign Up Now.
5 Week Optimal Living Challenge - Take Charge of Your Health and Sign Up Now.

5-Week Optimal Living Challenge By Optimized Life

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