Affirmations for Money and Finances

Confession. I generally hate money. I’ve always had a bad relationship with it. In fact, when I married my first husband who was unemployed/a broke screenwriter waiting for his first break, I thought of it as proof that I didn’t care about money… I was showing the world how much character meant to me more than material things…

Eventually I grew up a little and realized that money can be (but isn’t always) a reflection of work ethic. Being financially stable meant that I didn’t have to worry about strict budgets, getting a drink when I went out to dinner with friends (or spending a little extra on my meal). It meant that I could pay off my debts, that I could travel, and that I could have the freedom in my life to live how I wanted, and give back in the way that I’ve always dreamed.

My relationship with money has gotten better, though I still hold onto a lot of poor beliefs I had in my twenties. It has become increasingly important to me to let go of those poor beliefs and replace them with healthy beliefs about money!

If you’re like me, meditate on these affirmations to help establish a positive relationship with your financial life.

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