Christmas Gift Books 2019

Christmas Gift Books 2019

My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.

Abraham Lincoln

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who has her Christmas shopping done early… like, way early!

One of the things I love giving is books. I mean, it’s great to give all kinds of things, but you can never go wrong giving a book! Sometimes it can be difficult to pick out selections for people. I’ve compiled a list of books that I’ve read over the past couple of years that have made an impact and stuck with me.

Reading is cathartic. It’s something that helps you slow down and live life intentionally!

For those who want to find more balance and meaning in their lives, they should get off social media and pick up a book!

Some of these books are classics, and some are brand new. But I have read all of these in the last couple of years and they are all books I highly recommend. Here is my extensive list of Christmas gift books for 2019!

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Christmas Gift Books for the teenager:

Speak– A bit older, but ever relevant, Speak is written from the perspective of a freshman girl who has been outcast by all of her friends. As the story unfolds, we realize more of the event that shifted her world and she begins to find her voice. 

Lucy in the Sky– Published in 2012, this book is written by Anonymous. If that doesn’t already intrigue you, you’re clearly not human. Like Crank or many of the other novels in a similar vein, it’s told from the diary of a teenage girl who is addicted to drugs. This novel left a scar on my heart. A definite must-read.

Matched, Crossed, Reached– This trilogy did not quite reach the fame of similar dystopian novels like Hunger Games or Divergent, but I actually enjoyed them more. 

We Were Liars– When a girl, perilously on the brink of psychological collapse, goes on vacation with her family, what is the big secret that she will uncover and shad light on her past?

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Christmas Gift Books for the foodie:

Kitchen Confidential– Kitchen Confidential isn’t a recipe book, and it doesn’t really give you cooking or kitchen tips. But it does entertain with stories about food and sex, and sometimes stories about food that sound like sex. It’s Anthony Bourdain–if you weren’t expecting a little crassness or blatant disregard for rules of polite society, you clearly don’t know who he is. The rhetoric and cadence of his voice drip off of every page and it’s as if he is narrating just for you.

Christmas Gift Books for the entrepreneur:

The 1-Page Marketing Plan– Allan Dib has put together a straightforward and simple plan for marketing your product or business! Easy read, easy plan, easy success! Win win win!

About Finance:

Suze Orman Perfect for Millennials, these books are helpful on many different levels, and she takes a different approach to finances than many others out there. Definitely worth it!

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is one of the best books on finance I’ve read. Another straightforward, simple plan, but good psychology to back it up! I’m also working through the workbook and I recommend them both!

Denise Duffield-Thomas- Get Rich, Lucky Bitch is a completely different approach to money. Whether you’re all about manifesting or not, it’s still a worthwhile read because of the care she takes in breaking down your money blocks. These emotional blocks are truly the cause of some bad financial decisions, so take a read to break down those blocks and get your finances in order!

For the outdoorsman (or woman):

The Emerald Mile– This is a recommendation by my husband! This is the tale of the fastest ride through the Grand Canyon.

Wild– About a woman who, in search of her truth after the death of her mom, hikes the Pacific Crest Trail solo. If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re missing out!

Another 2 recommendations from my husband include these Jon Krakauer books:

Into the Wild About a young man in search of life’s meaning, who sets out to live in the Alaskan wilderness.

Into Thin Air A personal account of the great Mount Everest disaster of 1996.

About social issues:

The Narcissism Epidemic– Narcissism is rampant in today’s society… do you know a narcissist?

Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play– This one absolutely hits home for those of us with too much on our plates. Read all about “free time” and how our society is changing free time… perhaps for the worse.

Perfectly You– This book, published this summer, is a memoir by journalist Mariana Atencio. She details much of her life growing up in Venezuela, and the political turmoil there. Her journey has been a difficult one, but she has always remained authentic to herself.

For the Suspense Lover:

Gillian Flynn– Gillian Flynn’s novels are gripping, shocking stories about women. You may know her from Gone Girl, but her other novels have just as much suspense. What I love about them? Female villains.

For the Romantic:

The Husband’s Secret– Another great one from Liane Moriarty. I haven’t read her newest ones yet, but this one is a great look at love and loss.

Moloka’i– When a young Hawaiian native gets leprosy, she grows up away from her family on the island of Molokai. But with the invention of antibiotics later in life, she goes on a quest to find her lost family.

For the blogger:

Gundi Gabrielle has done it again with her guide to Kindle Publishing! Simple, effective, honest, and all for the badass writer-woman!

For the person in need of inspiration and female power!

The Universe Has Your Back– Gabrielle Bernstein gives you the kick in the butt you need to kick the habit of fear, release your blocks, and live your best life.

Girl, Wash Your Face– I did a full review of this one here! It’s a must read!

Brene Brown– I’ve read these books of hers. They are personable yet scientific, explaining things like vulnerability, shame, and her guide to what she calls “Whole-hearted Living.” Live your best life!


I can’t wait until my next round up of books I’ve read in 2020! 😉

Christmas Gift Books 2019

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  1. There are some great books on that list! I’ll also admit that I loved the Matched series as an adult! I’m a sucker for a good dystopian trilogy. Easy to read and takes you away from the now!

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