Educational Spring Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

educational arts and crafts for toddlers spring

Spring Arts and Craft Kits for Toddlers and Pre-K

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. It never seems to last long enough, but I love the cool and ever-warming weather, the flowers, and being outside!

My grandparents had a garden that they planted every year in May (in Ohio) and I remember helping them many times. (Even better than planting the garden was enjoying the harvest over the summer and fall… snacking on raspberries fresh off the bush was the perfect summer!)

As a parent, our jobs are to help facilitate learning in our children. Especially when they are toddlers, they need to discover new things about the earth, health, nature, and simple living. They can’t be on an iPad all day!

Spring lends many opportunities for us to teach our children about nature, animals, growing plants, and new life!

The Benefits of Learning About Nature

Learning from nature has many benefits, not just for kids, but for adults too.

  • nature supports creativity and problem solving
  • learning about nature fosters curiosity
  • being in nature can reduce stress
  • being in nature can help a child develop physically with balance, coordination, and hand-eye coordination

But of course sometimes the Spring is still too cold to actually go out…

If you and your kiddos are going stir-crazy and are feeling in a spring mood when the weather doesn’t reflect it, completing these spring-themed crafts are a great alternative!

Keep in mind that these crafts need parent supervision and help! Toddlers can’t do them by themselves, but hopefully by doing them you will start to foster creativity and spark curiosity!

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Why I like Pre-packaged Art Sets

Just like I mentioned in my post about Valentine’s crafts, here’s why I like prepackaged arts and crafts sets:

  • they set the child up for success
  • even if the child doesn’t understand how to put it together, it still comes out looking somewhat like what you expect
  • the child can feel proud of an accomplishment
  • there is somewhat of a structure to follow, but they still get to make choices of their own liking

Toddlers will love them because they can have a sense of control and autonomy, but still be guided to make a cohesive product!

Here are my picks for easy craft kits for toddlers for springtime!

Easy Arts and Crafts for Toddlers, Spring Nature-based

Grow a Flower or Plant

There are so many great growing kits out there! Here are a few that I found that I love!

So whatever your taste is: Fairy Garden, Magic Bean, Simplistic, Herb Garden, or Flower Garden, you’re sure to find a simple plant & grow kit to get your children interested in how food and flowers grow!

Decorate a Birdfeeder

Paint or build a birdfeeder and talk about how birds migrate in the Springtime! Depending where you live in the world, birds may be coming or going, but make sure you point them out whenever you’re outside or you hear them chirp in the mornings!

This birdfeeder is ceramic, so make sure you’re very careful when handling it! I did ceramic Christmas ornaments with my toddler this year, and it worked fine with a diligent pair of eyes.

This birdfeeder is wooden and it may be more up your alley! It comes unassembled, so make sure you do most of it with your toddler watching or helping.

Pressed Flower Art

Pressing some spring flowers will help your child create beautiful art that you can frame, turn into a bookmark, or put on the fridge! Here are my two picks for pressed flower art!

Construct and Paint Some Windchimes

Use windchimes to talk about the weather, cold, hot, warm, windy, rainy, or snowy! There are many weather patterns in springtime!

When using paints on the windchimes with toddlers, you may have to help them with the paintbrush and help them choose colors. Allow them to paint abstract!

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Skill-Building Arts and Crafts for Toddlers for Spring

Molding Sand (Reusable… not necessarily a one-time craft)

This play sand from National Geographic is super cool! It stays wet, doesn’t stick to hands, and is great for STEM activities! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Your child can play with it again and again!@

Flower Magnets

These are super cute for springtime for both girls and boys! Even though they aren’t directly educational about nature, they still help your child develop motor skills!

Rainbow Stained Glass

Painting stained glass has the potential to be too advanced for toddlers, but preschoolers or kindergarteners would enjoy this and could be more autonomous. These spring designs are super delightful!

Spring “Bug” Picture Frame

Frame a picture of your love bug with a frame that they created!

Paint a Stepping Stone

This is absolutely adorable! Garden art is a great way to connect with your child and help decorate the garden before the flowers emerge for the spring! (Make sure you check out all the different animals and designs! Not just a turtle, though the turtle is cute!)

Flower Play Set for Gross Motor Skills

Another reusable craft, have your child design and put together this flower set! There are many on Amazon to check out, if you want bigger or smaller sets.

String Farm Animal Beads

Spring is a great time to talk about farm animals and baby animals! Help your toddler learn some fine motor skills by threading these animals onto a string!

Springtime Stamps Kit

Want something simpler? Use this stamp kit! You can use bought inks, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even use colors you find in nature to create some dye!

Sand Art

Who didn’t do sand art when they were a child?! Your kiddo will probably need lots of help (or lots of cleaning!) when this is all done, but pouring is a great skill for toddlers to develop, and the texture of sand makes it a great learning and sensory experience!


Do you think you’ll check out any of these craft kits? These Arts and Crafts for Toddlers (Spring) will be sure to please both you and your toddler!

What are some things that you like to do with your child during the Spring?!

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arts and crafts for toddlers spring

Spring Arts and Craft Kits for Toddlers and Preschool Kids

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