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Albuquerque Biopark Botanical Gardens Family Photoshoot

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My parents were in town for my son’s 2nd birthday this past week, and it was so nice. I get to see them usually 4 times a year–twice when we visit them in Ohio, and twice for the boys’ birthdays when they come out to visit us.

My mom is an amateur photographer with some excellent photography equipment, so I always request that she take pictures of us when she’s in town.

Phil took a personal day from work so that he could spend the day with us. So we headed out to the ABQ Biopark Botanical Gardens in the morning when it opened. The weather was sunny and cool–it was absolutely beautiful!

Of course M decided to get up at 5am that day, and so he was already cranky by the time we got there. Besides, he’s a toddler, so he had his own plans.

Albuquerque Biopark Botanical Garden Family Photoshoot

At least D was a good sport!

My browser automatically compresses the photos when I import them, so they’re a little more pixelated here than they are on my computer.

Look at how cute M is, peering over the fence to look at the trains!

Trying (and failing) to wrangle the beast.

We tried to be funny and hang M upside-down, but he was having none of it…

M has been doing this super cute thing where he points at you with both hands!

Overall, she got a few good shots! It’s so nice to have a photographer in the family!


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Albuquerque Biopark Botanical Gardens Family Photoshoot. Amateur photography. Live in New Mexico? Want a cool, family-friendly place to get photos taken? The Albuquerque Bioparks are absolutely beautiful! #albuquerquenm #albuquerque #balloonfiesta #familyphotos #familyphotoshoot
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  1. This is super cute. I love the bench that you guys were sitting on at the beginning of the post. Super-Cute!

  2. So awesome! It looks like a great place to bring kids! I know my little guy would love the Thomas the train part.

    1. Dawn Perez

      The trains are awesome (and they can press a button to make some of them go!)

  3. Gail E Wagner

    What a beautiful family ! Great photos !

  4. Robanne

    Morgan has an adorable serious expression sometimes!!! I’m glad you all has a fun day and that Phil look a day off!!!

    1. Dawn Perez

      Thanks Robanne! It was a great day! We had brunch after and tried to relax a little!

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