I won the lottery! (Setting Priorities in Life)

My current obsession is building my best life and setting priorities in life. I’ve spent too many wasted years doing something that does not please the core of my being and soul, and I want to make a change. I’m sure that there are many other people who feel the same way and desire a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Implementing change is never an easy thing, but through a lot of sleepless nights and journal entries I have discovered quite a few insights to help me on my path.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to win the lottery?

I wrote down a whole list of things that I would do, and how my daily life would look if money was no consequence.

Would we really spend 1-2 hours in traffic daily if we were millionaires?

If people were disrespectful to us, would we speak up, or would we be silent?

Would we sacrifice our system of values for our employer because we’re “lucky to have a job”?

Would we settle just because “I don’t want to complain” or “the grass isn’t greener on the other side”?

Probably not.

We would want to be treated. You hear it from everyone from bloggers and self-help experts to McDonalds:

you deserve to treat yourself.


So why do we settle?

Let’s get back to the lottery.

If money was no issue, how would you live your daily life?

The main thing about the lottery is that you would suddenly come into a lot of money. This isn’t a “how would you buy the most expensive, gaudy house and do crazy things to get media attention” kind of question. This is a “if money was no issue to you, how would you live your daily life?” kind of question.

When I made a list of what my life would look like if money was no consequence, it didn’t change in huge ways.

My life would be easier and fuller of freedoms. I could wake up later, have a nanny to watch the little ones while I did some exercise and writing. Without a second thought, I spend the day with my favorite people! I wouldn’t have to spend an hour in traffic every day. My car would be a newer model, safe, and not in danger of breaking down at any moment. My family and I would get to eat nourishing foods (that someone else probably cooked for us). I would maximize my time on the things that mattered, and minimize any distractions from my true goals and purpose in life. My family and I could travel anywhere we wanted and have the TIME to enjoy it!

Using this Idea to Set Priorities

Money from winning the lottery! Setting Priorities in Life.

I realized, when I started brainstorming about the lottery that this provided an excellent skeleton of how I could change my life for the better.

Right now, things are a little different. I wake up at just before 4:00am to teach English online, then we get ready for the day, I have a 30 minute commute, drop my son off at daycare, and then head to my classroom to teach for 7 hours. Then I pick the boy up, drive another 30 minutes back, and then I finally have some time to do what I want or need to for the rest of the day.

I am NOT a fan of this lifestyle. I feel that so much of my time is wasted living like this.

Obviously, my life won’t be EXACTLY like it would if I won the lottery… there’s no way I could afford a nanny to watch my littles while I do yoga and write in the mornings. BUT, it helps me understand what balance looks like in my life.

The fact that I would be doing yoga and writing in the mornings is huge. I would want to spend my day with my children. We could travel and rock climb, and I would have time to do things for myself. I want to have the time and resources to contribute to my community and give nice things to my family and friends.

What did you neglect to consider?

I got to see what I would want to keep the same, what I would want to enhance, and what I didn’t even consider.

For example, it would be nice to have a car that was big enough for traveling, to cart the 2 kids and 2 dogs, and that didn’t have 200,000+ miles on it. But I DIDN’T even think about having a whole-home stereo system, a huge TV, or the newest iPhone. Those were items that did not matter to me. I didn’t even think about expensive jewelry or designer handbags, but you might.

It gave me a clearer picture of setting priorities in life. I could pick and choose which of those items I would want to embrace and which things in my current life I would want to give up.

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Your Ideal Life Picture:

This is an exercise in setting priorities in life. Write down the questions below and get going. If money was no issue,

  1. what would my ideal marriage/family look like on a daily basis?
  2. would I continue in my career? Would I pursue a different career?
  3. what sorts of things would I do for leisure and recreation?
  4. where would I like to travel?
  5. to whom or what would I donate and contribute?
  6. how would my physical environment and appearance change?
  7. what sorts of “things” and items would I like to include in my life?
  8. Once I have established the changes I would like to make to my life, which of these are actionable right now?
  9. How can I communicate this with the people in my life?

What have you learned from this exercise?

Hopefully it did not depress you, but inspired you to start making changes for the better! I also have several articles about New Year’s Resolutions, but remember, this basic template will work for ANY goal that you have!

Good luck!

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I won the lottery! Setting Priorities in life.

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