Drink Coffee Like an Italian – Stovetop Coffee Maker Instructions

Italian Stovetop Coffee Maker Instructions!

You want to learn about Italian stovetop coffee makers and get instructions? Read on!

Let’s face it—caffeine is a part of mom life. It fuels our day and helps us power though when we don’t think we can go any more! On an every day basis, I prefer to drink fizzies (I’m really sensitive to the caffeine in coffee beans), but sometimes, there’s just nothing like a good cup of coffee! Especially on a cold autumn or winter morning, the warmth of coffee warms your soul!

My husband and I backpacked through Europe for our honeymoon In 2016, and we were introduced to homemade Italian coffee when we were in Venice.

We stayed at a lovely, small AirBnB on the south-eastern end of Venice when we visited the picturesque city in Northern Italy. Luciano was a middle-aged bachelor who lived in what used to be his parents’ flat and he would frequently go surfing on the nearby beaches. (Who knew you could surf in Italy?!)

Luciano let us have free range of the kitchen, including a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. We loved it so much the morning we stayed with him that we bought one while we were sight-seeing!

Italian Stovetop Espresso Machines

Italian Stovetop Coffee Maker Instructions.

Unlike traditional drip coffee makers, the Italian stovetop machines force boiling water up through a small tube, which goes through the espresso cup, then out into the top chamber as brewed espresso.

It’s not exactly the kind of espresso we think of. It’s not as highly pressurized as an espresso machine, so the resulting deliciousness is somewhere between a coffee and an espresso.

These stovetop coffee makers are becoming more popular in the US since 2016… I’ve even seen them at TJ Maxx!

We have the Kitty style, which is available in different sizes. But there are also other styles available!

4 cup (This is what we have!)

Italian Stovetop Coffee Maker Instructions

The instructions are pretty simple, really. Fill water in the bottom chamber (don’t go past the outlet knob!). Place the espresso cup in and fill with your favorite Italian coffee.

Here’s my favorite!:

Screw on the top chamber and put on a medium-high heat on the stove. If you have a gas stove, it’s easy to match the flame size with the bottom of the coffee maker, but if you have an electric stove, just know that you’re going to be losing a lot of heat into the room because Italian coffee makers are not as big as a typical electric burner.

Once the coffee starts popping, it’s time to take it off the burner!

Pour immediately and enjoy with a dash of heavy cream!

How much coffee does it make?

Their “cup” is closer to a double shot of espresso, which is 2 ounces. So if the maker says “4 cups”, then it will make about 8 ounces of coffee. Likewise, a 10 cup maker will make about 20 ounces.

We have a 4 cup maker and my husband will drink all 8 ounces in one sitting. (Like I said, it’s not quite as strong as real espresso.)

Cleaning your Bialetti coffee maker

We always rinse and gently wash between uses, but ours is a little worse for wear. For a while it was completely black on the bottom, and the plastic part on the handle fell off a couple months ago. (Hey, it gets used 1-2 times per day for 3 years, I’d say it’s doing pretty good!)

I boiled it in a solution of water, baking soda, and dish soap for about 20 minutes, and I was able to wipe off all the black residue pretty easily.

So what do you think? Have you ever tried stovetop espresso before? (You might never go back!) Did the Italian stovetop coffee maker instructions help?

Drink Coffee Like an Italian – Italian Stovetop Coffee Maker Instructions

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