How I’m Making Life More Intentional in 2020

Getting organized with the productivity bundle.

Making Life More Intentional in 2020

I’m on a constant quest to streamline my productivity and live a more intentional life.

If you’ve been here before, you know that I promote positive affirmations, healthy living, and holistic wellness in your life.

I absolutely promote minimalism, so I will never advocate that you purchase tons of items or things to fill your home. However… there are definitely items that will enhance your life and education is one of them.

How Minimalism Can Skyrocket Your Success As a Mom

Why You Want to Make Life More Intentional

Imagine this: Your work is streamlined and efficient… you complete your work early for the day! You get to power off your devices and take your kids to the park. The house is clean. The laundry’s done. You’re breathing easy!

This is the life I started to imagine last year when I wrote about my new morning routine.

When you are organized, life flows easier. Being productive isn’t always about pushing yourself to the limits to achieve success at all costs… sometimes it’s about making life easier.

A more intentional life brings balance, health, mindfulness, gratitude, and patience, in addition to helping you achieve your goals.

Teach Yourself to Be More Intentional

Woman using the Productivity Bundle for Making Life More Intentional in 2020.

If you’re interested in educating yourself on subjects like blogging, homemaking, and productivity, there’s no company better than Ultimate Bundles!

I fell in love with Ultimate Bundles through the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit (offered in November), and when I found out that they do bundles of books and courses through the year, I was SOLD!

The Productivity Bundle

What is it?

The Productivity Bundle is a set of 73 products worth $2837.06! It includes 12 eBooks, 30 eCourses, 29 workbooks & printables and 2 membership sites. (I’ll detail many of them below.)

When can I get it?

The sale starts Thursday January 2nd @ 8am ET and goes through Wednesday January 8th @ 11:59pm ET. (2020)

It’s got to be expensive, right?

It costs $47 for all these products, which means that if you use about 4 of them, you’ve more than covered the price! It’s truly a steal!

A few highlights from the Productivity Bundle

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

“Productivity” makes it sounds like it’s only about organization and routines. But honestly, this bundle includes SO much more than that. It is truly about making your life more intentional.

I got this bundle a couple weeks ago, and I’m LOVING it just as much as the GBTK! I am, of course, a productivity/mindfulness/intention junkie! (I hope you are too!)

Some books and courses are great for motivation. Some are excellent resources to use when you need to research a specific productivity-related issue. Others still give you specific directions to take when you’re looking to accomplish a major project on little time. There are plenty of planners and organizers to choose from!

Either way, check out a few of my faves!

(Or pin it for later!)

Making Life More Intentional in 2020

Courses and Books to Inspire Your Most Intentional Life

*EARLY BIRD BONUS* The Goal Crusher’s Mastermind by Brianna Berner

This is an absolute MUST!

Be an early-bird and get this course. While I haven’t taken the full course yet, it’s comprehensive and detailed. You’re sure to smash all your goals for 2020!

It’s all about strategy in this course—learn the science behind the methods you use to set goals and achieve success.

Make REAL progress toward your goals.

Map Your Life by Chantel Klassen

This was a warm, fuzzy book, and Chantel is exactly my type of person! This will help you nail down your strengths, weaknesses, and priorities!

The Map Your Life eBook is a workshop that’s designed to help you make a roadmap for your life. It will not only help you rediscover your dreams, but will also help you take actionable steps toward success!

Planners To Keep You Organized in 2020

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Journaltastisch Planner: Get Your To-Do’s Under Control by Sandra Zint

This 61 page bullet journal is adorable and SO versatile. Aesthetically pleasing and lovely! The Journaltastisch Planner was created to make creating your first bullet journal so easy! There are so many different formats and pages. It’s very comprehensive! You’re going to LOVE starting a bullet journal this year!

Spark Success: Goal Setting Made Simple by Marva Smith

This goal setting workbook has Christian intentions, but don’t dismiss it if you’re not religious! If you replace “prayer” with “meditation” and “scripture” with “affirmations” this is a truly great resource to get your goals and life in order!

It’s simple but comprehensive! Keep it easy and make your life more intentional in 2020!

**There are many other more traditional planners to choose from! Find one you like, print it out, and get going on your dreams!

Don’t forget to check out the mindset products!

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Mindset is so important to me, but I haven’t been able to look through the mindset products yet. I can’t wait to dive in when I get some time!


I’m super excited to redeem this bonus:


These calendars, note cards and other printables are absolutely GORGEOUS! They are inspirational and aesthetic.

Can’t wait to narrow down what I want!


I’m not here to focus on money or purchases, BUT I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that this is only available from January 2nd-8th.

In case you didn’t read above, the 5 courses and books I mention more than cover that cost.

You would be getting a library of 73 items. Dude, that’s a lot of good stuff you can get for such little money.

I’m not promising you’ll get use out of every single item.

Heck, you probably won’t even get around to reading half of them.

BUT, if you use 3 or 4 of the items to their fullest potential, you’ve more than covered the cost. AND you have access to these amazing resources for the future.

Oh, and if you’re a minimalist like me, and you’re worried about mental clutter, then you’ll definitely want to get the cheatsheets so you don’t have to download EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Get your copy now!

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Win win!

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Making Life More Intentional in 2020 with the Productivity Bundle!

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