Monday Affirmations for Weight Loss

After the birth of my second son, I have been trying to lose weight and get back into a place of health and fitness. I have crafted five affirmations for weight loss.

This is something that is very close to my heart. I have heard so many comments from mothers about their weight, their looks, and their general content or lack-thereof about their bodies.

Women are harsh toward themselves in general, but postpartum bodies seem to take a beating of hurtful words on a regular basis. To top it off, when we have children, our time is split between ourselves and another human being who needs us to survive. (This goes for dads, too.)

The time we were once able to use for working out, preparing health meals, and managing our stress suddenly gets ambushed by a tiny human. Even the time we used for necessities like showering or brushing our teeth may be held hostage by this little person.

They always say that “the weight just falls off” during breastfeeding, but there are so many mothers who don’t breastfeed (by choice or not) and many mothers don’t lose weight easily while breastfeeding at all! Those few lucky ones whose bodies kick their metabolism into high gear… hopefully you know how luck you are!

I’m not so lucky.

Obviously, weight loss isn’t just for new mothers. Maybe you frequently emotional eat. Or maybe you’ve always been overweight and never learned how to “slim down”.

But there are two VERY IMPORTANT concepts that are necessary for weight loss.

First: body positivity.

Your body is your temple. It gets you from point A to point B. It holds all your thoughts, your emotions, your dreams. Your body gave birth to that wonderful baby. Your body can walk, hug, dance, jump, kick, and make love among myriad other things.

Your body is a powerful thing that should be celebrated.

So find what you like about your body and write it down! Tell your friends! Celebrate what your body can do instead of putting it down for what it can’t.

Love your body.

Second: fuel and move.

Because your body is your temple, I believe in treating it right! I believe we should all be able to run after our child without getting out of breath. We should never tell our friends we can’t go out because they’re going hiking, or to the trampoline park.

Our bodies should never stop us from doing even more amazing things.

I work hard to fuel my body with food rich in nutrition and void of the “bad” stuff like chemicals and bad fats.

Also, I work hard to make sure my body can move. I want to go hiking and rock climbing! I want to go to the Ninja Warrior park (with or without my kids!) and run a 5K for charity. I want to be able to surf in the summer and go sledding in the winter.

I want to treat my body right because it is worth it!


Weight loss should not be positive for positivity’s sake.

It shouldn’t be a negative thing just because you’ve failed at it so many times.


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I lose weight to honor my body, its strength, and its tenacity. Monday Affirmations for Weight Loss. Wild Simple Joy
Every day, I am closer to my goal weight. Monday Affirmations for Weight Loss. Wild Simple Joy
I show my body gratitude by nourishing it with healthy foods. Monday Affirmations for Weight Loss. Wild Simple Joy
I treat my body with respect by getting healthy, shedding my extra pounds, and moving my body regularly. Monday Affirmations for Weight Loss. Wild Simple Joy
By exercising, I set an amazing example for my children! Monday Affirmations for Weight Loss. Wild Simple Joy

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