Postpartum Weight Loss: Finding a Solution! (Part 3)

As I write this, it is July 3rd. D will be 3 months in just 2 days! How did that happen so quickly? A lot has happened in a month, and I wanted to share this awesome experience I just had. I have been working on finding a solution for postpartum weight loss, and I found something that works for me! It is called 30 Days to Healthy Living, a program by Arbonne that I did during June!

I contemplated making this several posts, but I decided to lump it into big one. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m going to cover:

  • How I decided to do a 30 Day to Healthy Living Program
  • What’s 30 Days to Healthy Living?
  • The changes I made as a breastfeeding mother
  • Doing the 30 Day Program over Vacation
  • Finding a solution for postpartum weight loss! My results!
  • How You Can Get Started with 30 Days to Healthy Living

How I decided to do 30 Days to Healthy Living

So as you probably know, I had these grand plans to lose weight after the birth of my second son. I started out pretty well, but soon, I started struggling to lose weight.

I began to look for something that could jumpstart my health and weight loss again, and one of my online friends, Vanessa, was posting things about a 30 day Healthy Living program. Vanessa is a woman who I met online and who told me about VIPKid, the ESL teaching company I have been working for the last 9 months.

(By the way, you can check out Vanessa’s blog over at

When she first approached me about 30 Days to Healthy Living, even though I was on a weight loss journey, I was only a week or two postpartum and completely overwhelmed by my two boys at home.

Eventually, I approached her about it. 30 Days to Healthy Living is a program that focuses on gut health, which is something that I truly believe needs attention with our modern diets and poor soil quality. It puts emphasis on whole foods as fuel, while eliminating toxins, chemicals, processed foods, gluten, wheat, soy, and sugar. The foods you consume also work to balance your body’s pH levels.

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! The program focuses on Health, not just losing weight, which is a big priority for me. It helped make finding a solution for postpartum weight loss easy!

What is 30 Days to Healthy Living?

Like I mentioned, 30 Days to Healthy Living is all about hitting the reset button to fuel our bodies with the good stuff and take away all the bad stuff.

That means removing:

  • processed foods
  • sugar / desserts, etc.
  • alcohol
  • wheat & other inflammatory grains
  • dairy
  • coffee

Yes, that looks like a daunting list of things you aren’t allowed to have. But the great thing is that there are many things that you CAN have that are full of flavor as well as high in nutrition.

They put you in a facebook group with everyone that is starting the program at the same time and send you lists of Weekly Recipes and Groceries and also lists of Approved Snacks!

The meals were absolutely delicious and, quite frankly, easy to make! I have added about 10 of them into our regular rotation of dinners because they were THAT good!

You really only have to eat like this 80% of the time. (That’s about 4-5 meals or snacks a week!… but don’t overdo it!) It provides a good amount of balance and doesn’t require strict adherence.

You purchase this awesome set of products from Arbonne to supplement your journey and away you go!

Also, just because you can’t have coffee doesn’t mean that you can’t have caffeine at all. Their Energy Fizz Sticks are amazing in the mornings! They are fruity and delicious, and they kept my energy going all day! This is completely unlike coffee, which makes me crash in the afternoon and feel groggy all evening.

I replaced my breakfast every day with a protein shake, adding in greens balance, digestion plus, and fiber. It kept me full for a long time, and it kept my digestive track regular.

Changes as a Breastfeeding Mother

Because I am breastfeeding, it is super important that I not try to lose weight too quickly. Losing weight too fast can result in a plummeting milk supply, and I am determined to breastfeed as long as I can this time.

Another consideration was that cleanses and detoxes are out of the question. Any time your body cleans house, it needs to take out the trash. Many ways that your body can do this are through the skin (in sweat), through the liver in kidneys (in your urine), and… you guessed it, through your breasts if you’re lactating (in your milk).

I certainly don’t want my baby ingesting toxins that my body is getting rid of.

Last were the Energy Fizz Sticks. They actually say NOT to drink them during pregnancy and lactation. Most likely, this is because of the panax ginseng in them. (The other ingredients seem to be fine for breastfeeding.)

Basically there is no real data on ginseng and pregnancy or lactation. I asked my midwife and she said that there is usually so little of the herb in drinks like this and in herbal teas that it should be fine. My acupuncturist offered the advice to watch to see if D seems to have any side effects from my taking it or doesn’t like to take my breast after drinking it.

I noticed no change in D’s breastfeeding habits, so I have continued to use them without any bad effects. (I am sensitive to caffeine, so I only drink a half at a time.)

30 Days to Healthy Living over Vacation

Some of you may think I’m crazy, but I made the choice to do 30 Days to Healthy Living over Vacation! For the first two weeks, I did the program exactly, but for the second two weeks, we were traveling.

We ate out a lot, but I tried to use the same rules when dining out: no wheat or inflammatory grains, no dairy, no processed foods. I had a lot of seafood and veggies, which are definitely approved!

Traveling usually makes my digestive tract slow WAY down. I usually feel heavy… like a blob. Not this time! I was having regular bowel movements every day (…I know, but let’s be real), and I felt light and energetic!

I highly recommend doing 30 Days to Healthy Living over vacation!

Finding a solution for postpartum Weight Loss: My Results!

Here is what I looked like at the start of this program when I was approximately 2 months postpartum.

Before  30 Days to Healthy Living.
143 pounds, 2 months postpartum

And here is what I look like now!

After 30 Days to Healthy Living. Arbonne.
137 pounds, 3 months postpartum

Even better, I did this program with modifications because I am breastfeeding. Without the modifications, it’s possible for others to lose even more weight and feel even better, quicker!

Remember, this is only part of the journey. I may not have made it all the way to my goal weight, but I got pretty darn close.

I still need to build more muscle as I continue working out.

When I look in the mirror, my fitness level and weight are starting to match the picture of what I am like in my head! My healthy, positive, and honest self-talk, as well as my dedication and hard-work have helped me getting exactly where I want to be! I felt that I didn’t lose weight too quickly and held a good balance in my nutrition.

How you can do 30 Days to Healthy Living

I’m a realistic person. This sort of thing isn’t for everyone. But for those of you who are thinking, “Maybe I should do this?” here’s my advice:

Take a look at your life right now and determine where you WANT to be.

Regardless of whether your health goals are close or far, 30 Days to Healthy Living is a great way to develop better habits, lose the bloat, and start out your day with AMAZING energy!

If you feel like this program is right for you, shoot me an email! We’ll connect over facebook and I’ll help you get started right. I would LOVE to help other people feel the way I do right now!

It so nice to be able to say that I feel comfortable in my skin and that I’m getting my health and fitness levels back to where I like to be. And I feel that I’m being a good role model for my sons that I can work for what I want and show them how to be healthy.


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10 thoughts on “Postpartum Weight Loss: Finding a Solution! (Part 3)”

  1. Great tips! I am also on my own weightloss journey after 3 babies in 5 years! Do you find that breastfeeding helps or hurts your weightloss efforts?

    • Thanks Erin! I’m definitely not one of those women that the weight just “falls off” when breastfeeding! I have to work at it. I do have a tendency to get less sleep when breastfeeding, for obvious reasons, but also because I just find myself waking up easier and not able to fall back asleep. That could be having an impact on my metabolism.

  2. Wow amazing progress ! It’s crazy how diet is everything !! I really try to follow the eating healthy plan as a lifestyle and I did really well until I gave birth ! It was such a struggle to heal , and take care of a new baby and try to even cook. BUT over a year later I am back to it ! Definitely will try harder with this approach in the future with the next 🙂 breastfeeding sure does wonders to help lose the weight !

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