I’m Dawn Perez, the chief writer, designer and creator here at Wild Simple Joy. I believe that life is a constant learning process—it is messy, it is beautiful, and it should ALWAYS be celebrated!

My passion is helping you live your most amazing, fantastical, successful, and joyous life as a mom!

Will you join me on this journey of self-discovery and joy?!

My Journey

For a long time in my life, I was on the conveyor belt. I went to public school, did well, went to college, got a job, and got married to my college sweetheart.

Everything should have been wonderful… but it wasn’t.

Something was stirring inside me. I would look at the lives of others, wondering how they were so blissful and content and yet I was constantly struggling, flailing, gasping for breath. Even though everything had started out great, somewhere along the way, I felt oppressed by the traditional life I was expected to live, and suddenly, I could no longer do it. I knew that I wasn’t happy. It took a long time before I admitted that.

The school I was teaching at had differing philosophies of education, and we parted ways. I started grad school and my life began to take off!

I found a new awareness of myself that I never had before when I went to grad school. I divorced my first husband because he failed to make me happy, and I moved to New Mexico. I met my husband and we have the most amazing life together. It’s not without its ups and downs, of course, but our perhaps unconventional way of doing things works just perfectly for us! Together we have two beautiful sons. I’ve taken the leap to quit my job teaching so that I can stay at home with the boys full time this school year. It’s tough, but it’s worth it!

What We’re All About at Wild Simple Joy

I value hard work, and as a work-at-home mom and mompreneur, hard work couldn’t be more important in my life. But I know that stress is the opposite of what I want to achieve, and what I want you to achieve. I want you to develop positive habits that will maximize your productivity and make life more joyful! I’m all about balance with work and kids, balance with fitness, healthy eating, and play. I love minimalism and clearing the clutter from life.

I’m all about gratitude, body positivity and ceasing to comparing ourselves with others. Through gratitude, I hope that we can all learn to treat each other with respect and treat the earth with love and care. Passing on just a little bit of kindness each day is how we can change the world.

I’ve worked hard for my life, and it took me a long time to realize what steps I needed to take to get everything that I wanted out of life. I want to share all of my secrets with the world. I want to empower any and all women to do the same.

Unlike other mommy blogs, most of what you’ll read here is about YOU, not the kiddos. There are plenty of suggestions for play dates and parenting advice out there in the world, but there aren’t always enough people telling you to take care of yourself or go for your dreams!

I believe that when you set goals and work to achieve them, take care of yourself, and work to forgive and have grace, that you do the BEST thing you can possibly do for your children: set a positive example for them!

Because what we say and do becomes how our children see themselves.

My Product Recommendations

This is also why I only align myself with products that are clean and that I believe are absolutely essential to my journey. I’m somewhat of a minimalist, I won’t recommend anything unessential or excess.

I am also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, a Swiss company of nutrition, skincare, and make-up products that are free from over 2000 chemicals.

Our products focus on products that enhance health and this is VERY important to me.

I’m not an active sales-person in the company, but rather, I promote the products because I use them myself. If you don’t want to use them, that’s cool! If you want to try them out, that’s awesome and I support that!

Simple Joy Printables

A leg of this business that grew in November 2019 is our Etsy shop: Simple Joy Printables. My desire is that these planners and printables will help you organize your life and your mindset so that everything you wish for your life will come easy.