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When it comes to living a balanced life, it means minimizing the unimportant stuff and focusing on what brings you joy. Especially if you’re a mother, deciding to work out at home or stay at home can be a difficult choice.

Learn to prioritize and do what works best for your family.

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Finding Balance in Your Life​

Balance means…​

…trusting your intuition. Balance is a sliding scale and won’t always be the same from day to day. Learn to adjust and take life as it comes. (Especially as a mother!)

Living Intentionally is…​

…getting rid of the things that don’t serve you. Society feeds us a bunch of BS about what we “should” do, and what we “should” have.

You should only have what serves your life. Declutter the rest.

Your Relationships​

The people you surround yourself with are important for your health and happiness. When you build healthy boundaries against the harmful and toxic parts of your life, and focus on the people who lift you up, your life naturally feels more satisfying.

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