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30 Affordable Luxury Gifts for Classy Women (Holidays 2022)

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day, or another celebration, women absolutely love luxury gifts for her, and you love affordable gifts that won’t break the bank!

The classy, strong woman in your life might be your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, or just a friend. Classy women like luxury, self care, confidence, and integrity. The 30 affordable luxury gifts listed below will help your woman feel uplifted and glamorous, practice self-care, and most importantly, feel JOY!

Classy woman is opening affordable luxury gifts for her.

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Dos and Don’ts When You’re Looking for Classy, Luxurious Gifts for Her

If you’re unsure of what to look for in affordable luxury for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or daughter, consider a few guidelines:

  • Look for items that are refined.
  • Classy women are understated and elegant.
  • Try to find unique or one of a kind items.
  • Opt for higher quality materials.
  • Stop the disposables! Reusable items are perfect for your classy girlfriend or wife.
  • Look for items in natural tones, metallic (gold, copper, rose gold) or black. Avoid prints!
  • When doing personalization, make sure it’s modest and not in-your-face.

Amazon and Etsy

If you’ve read another gift guide from Wild Simple Joy, you know that we like to practice mindful and eco-friendly purchasing habits. Amazon is a great place to order from if you’re in a pinch, or need your gift shipped fast!

Etsy might take longer to ship, and might even need time to put together your personalized gift together. So make sure you order with plenty of time to spare!

I encourage you to shop with Etsy whenever possible.

$ = $5-25
$$ = $25-50
$$$ = $50-75
$$$$ = $75+

30 Best Affordable Luxury Gifts for Her

Affordable Gifts She Can Wear

Pearl Drop Necklace from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry
Photo Credit: Sarah Cornwell Jewelry

Pearl Necklace from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry $$$

I love and highly recommend Sarah Cornwell Jewelry for Christmas gifts, it’s just as elegant as luxury brands. This necklace is simple and stunning with a single pearl on a medium length chain. Definitely for the understated, classy woman. Sometimes simple is best!

Eza Vision UK Gold Minimalist Necklace
Photo Credit: Eza Vision UK

Minimalist Necklace from Eza Vision UK $$

A cute gold coin necklace, it’s simply stunning with a low neckline. It’s a luxury gift for your wife without breaking the bank.

Textured Disc Lever-back Earrings from Burnish
Photo Credit: Burnish

Textured Disc Earrings from Burnish$$

I’ve had my eyes on these Level-back earrings from Burnish for a long time! They’re not expensive, but look very high-end. Excellent reviews from this shop. Be sure to check out all the pictures in the reviews!

Emerald Ring from Jewelry Saving Lives
Photo Credit: Jewelry Saving Lives

Emerald Ring from Jewelry Saving Lives $$$

If your girlfriend or wife loves animals, she’ll appreciate this beautiful natural emerald ring from Jewelry Saving Lives. 10% of all sales are donated to animal rescue! Now that’s classy!

Fossil Women’s Metal and Leather Watch $$$$

Fossil is my go-to for watches and bags, but look for something understated. This minimalist-faced watch with a leather band is exactly what you’re looking for.

Silk Camisole from Fayna Lingerie
Photo Credit: Fayna Lingerie

Silk Camisole from Fayna Lingerie $$

A silk cami is a great option for Christmas gifts when you’re looking for something classy. It can be worn as lingerie or as a camisole underneath a sweater or jacket to look absolutely cute!

Cashmere Sweater from Una Plmua Shop
Photo Credit: Una Pluma Shop

Cashmere Sweater from Una Pluma Shop $$$$

Una Pluma Shop is one of my favorites on Etsy. For luxurious gift ideas, this sweater is a chic choice. It comes in multiple colors, but this one is a little on the higher end of the price range.

Carfia Vintage Polarized Sunglasses $

For a classy woman in your life, she will want to protect her eyes outside while looking stylish. These classic 50’s style pair of sunglasses have wonderful reviews.

Luxurious Cashmere Scarf from Sissi Lita
Photo Credit: Sissi Lita

Cashmere Scarf from Sissi Lita $$

When winter rolls around, that doesn’t mean that classy women cover themselves in sweats and frumpy boots! This cashmere scarf is delicate, but layers exquisitely. Many colors to choose from.

Black floral silk scarf from Stansberry
Photo Credit: Stansberry

Scarf from Stansberry $

This silky scarf is mini compared to the scarf above, but it’s a lovely, understated print. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, and I hope to wear it on a planned trip to Europe soon!

Satin Face Mask from Higgins Creek 6
Photo Credit: Higgins Creek 6

Black Satin Face Mask from Higgins Creek 6 $

It’s 2021 and the pandemic is still going strong with the latest Delta variant. Classy women still wear face masks. Check out this one from Higgins Creek 6. It’s simple and satin, and available in multiple colors.

Leather Touchscreen Winter Gloves $

This pair of leather gloves will help your chic girl keep her hands warm in the winter (the inside is cashmere) but she can still use her phone! There are other styles available as well.

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Gifts for Her That She Can Carry

Caramel Crossbody Bag from The Leather Expert
Photo Credit: The Leather Expert

Caramel Crossbody Bag from The Leather Expert $$$$

You don’t have to get a bag from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton for your loved ones to be stylish and chic! This European style leather bag (read: no logo) is extremely well made and is on sale frequently.

I own this myself and highly recommend it!

Lovely artwork for your phone. Phone case from Colors by Liza is an excellent affordable luxury gift for her
Photo Credit: Colors by Liza

Abstract Design iPhone Case by Colors by Liza $$$

This phone case is exquisite art. With ivory, gold, and black, you can’t get any more classy or luxury than this. It’s on the more expensive side though, so check your budget!

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader $$$$

If your classy woman reads a lot, then she’ll probably want an E-reader. There’s no better one than the Kindle. You can get the previous version for less than $100 for great Christmas gifts!

Starbucks Coffee Glitter Tumbler Hello From My Hart Shop
Photo Credit: Hello From My Hart Shop

Starbucks Coffee Glitter Tumbler from Hello My Hart Shop $$

If your gift is going to a classy woman who loves Starbucks, consider getting her a hot tumbler. Rose gold is still in… utilize this beautiful color! This one from Hello My Hart Shop comes in different sizes.

Teal Velvet Makeup Bag from Northstar Needlework
Photo Caption: Northstar Needlework

Velvet Makeup Bag from Northstar Needlework $$

Velvet is a luxurious material, and this makeup bag is cute yet elegant! It comes with a compact mirror.

Classy women deserve a monogram water bottle from Dust and Things
Photo Credit: Dust and Things

Personalized Water Bottle from Dust and Things Luxury Gift for Wife $

Simple and sophisticated, this water bottle helps you look classy and save the planet while doing it. Small, understated initials are in script font toward the bottom.

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Affordable Home Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Soft Throw Blanket from Ninezen
Photo Credit: Ninezen

Extra Soft Throw Blanket from Ninezen $$

This deliciously soft throw from Ninezen is a one of the best gift ideas for her! It has wonderful reviews and is a moderate price. You get great quality without over-paying!

Linen Me Store Waffle Towels Luxury Gift that's Affordable
Photo Credit: Linen Me Store

Linen Waffle Towels from Linen Me Store $$-$$$$

Another set of towels, these are linen. Linen is an extremely high-quality fiber. With excellent reviews and different options for how many you want to purchase, these linen bath towels are luxurious and budget-friendly!

Chanel: Collections and Creations Coffee Table Book $$

A simple way to add style and class to your living room is to showcase design on your coffee table. A coffee table book is something you lay out for guests to look at that is aesthetically pleasing. Chanel: Collections and Creations, is about the designs of Coco Chanel, the epitome of style. Tom Ford is another great coffee table book, though a little more expensive.

Marble Essential Oil Diffuser for Girlfriend $$

Musty house smells? Not classy. Scented plugins for the wall? Those aren’t really fancy either.

Get her a marble patterned essential oil diffuser instead. If she doesn’t use essential oils, be sure to get her a simple set of basic essential oils as well.

Honeycomb Studio White and Gold Minimalist Bud Vases Affordable Luxury Gift for Classy Women
Photo Credit: Honeycomb Studio

White and Gold Minimalist Bud Vases from Honeycomb Studio $$

These tiny vases are adorable and sophisticated. Just large enough for one bud each, they would be a great minimalist piece for a bookshelf or mantel.

Mid Century Modern Black Woman Line Art from MILLAMIX
Photo Credit: MILLAMIX

Mid Century Modern Black Woman Line Art from MILLAMIX $

Classy women know their worth. They celebrate themselves in simple ways every day, and sometimes feminine body art in their homes can be a powerful statement. So help your wonderful, classy woman celebrate herself.

Blek Prints Abstract Woman Body Printable
Photo Credit: Blek Prints

Abstract Woman Body Art from Blek Prints $

Another body line art piece, it is sensual and powerful. The beauty of printable line art is not just in that it is beautiful aesthetically, but also that it is simple and easy to download and print.

This print, as well as the one listed above, are under $10, but it’s not classy to give your girl a downloaded file. Print it out nicely and get it framed. Even something simple from Amazon will do just fine.

Set of 3 Candlestick Holders French from Embroidery Tools
Photo Credit: Embroidery Tools

Thin Taper Candle Holders French Style from Embroidery Tools $

These candle holders are chic and understated, perfect for a classy home! While they look like designer goods, they’re really quite inexpensive.

Moonbow Taper Candles
Photo Credit: Moonbow

3/4 Inch Taper Candles from Moonbow $

These eco-friendly, soy candles fit in the candle holders above. Be sure to complete your gift! Sold in pairs.

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Budget Gifts for Her Body

This affordable luxurious body butter from Shine is a good luxury brand replacement for La Mer and is a fantastic gift for her.
Photo Credit: Shine Skincare

Body Butter from Shine Skincare for Her $

This luxurious body butter with green tea and orchid has amazing reviews. Once again, you don’t have to go with luxury brands like La Mer. With a light and luxurious feel and light fragrance, this body butter will make any woman feel like a millionaire without breaking the bank!

As an added treat, people who purchase this item from this list can get 15% off with the code WILDSIMPLEJOY at Shine Skincare on Etsy!

Natural Tanning Lotion from Beauty by Earth $$

If your girl isn’t the type to go pale in the winter time, get her some self tanning lotion. This lotion from Beauty by Earth on Amazon won’t gunk up or get oily, and it helps you get a natural, light tan without harsh rays of a tanning bed.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller $

A facial roller is a pure luxury gift for her. Designed to help bring blood to your skin in order to even the tone, a rose quartz facial roller will be especially appreciated if your woman wakes up early for work and wants to feel more refreshed in the mornings.

Luxury gifts for women that are affordable. (Pinterest Image)

The 30 Best Inexpensive Luxury Gifts for Her in 2022

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