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25 Undeniable Signs of a Wild Woman and Free Spirit

Maybe you’ve recently read Women Who Run with the Wolves, or maybe you’re are just feeling a call to release your inhibitions and live in a more free-spirited way.

The wild woman archetype is one that is highly misunderstood. It doesn’t mean a woman who shows her wild side, embraces sex, or experiments with drugs. On the contrary, a wild woman is a highly evolved creature with discerning taste, style, and opinions. She is someone who lets her emotions flow like a river, is picky with her friends but is very protective of them, and rejects the rules of the patriarchal society we live in.

Whatever your desire is, this guide will teach you all about the traits and signs of a Wild Woman! (And watch the video at the end of the post!)

Signs of the Wild Woman Archetype

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Traits of the Wild Woman Archetype

According to Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, there are many traits that wild women share. The wild woman archetype is all about embracing our inner feminine energy and zeal for life. Here are 9 primary traits with 25 more signs you’re a wild woman below!

Check out these quotes from Dr. Estes about the Wild Woman Archetype.

1. The Wild Woman is curious

Wild Women are always wondering, thinking, and asking questions. Curiosity has always had a bad rap, i.e. “Curiosity killed the cat”, for one, the story of Eve, the Apple, and the Snake for another. But this is a symptom of the white, Christian patriarchy.

For generations, centuries, even millenia, women’s curiosity was embraced as a powerful and wise trait, one that helped lead communities to safety, security, and discovery.

The Wild Woman has a natural curiosity that she pursues through conversation, education, and artistic expression.

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2. She is wary of social conditioning

Some signs of a Wild Woman are that she is curious and wary of good girl conditioning

Whether we care to admit it or not, our world is filled with subliminal messages (and sometimes not so subliminal) about how we should behave, dress, what we should weigh, how we should treat men (and other women), and how to make ourselves small.

Perhaps one of the quintessential Wild Women of our time is Kasia Urbaniak from The Academy. She teaches women all about power, influence, and breaking our “good girl” conditioning by embracing and learning from our “Bad Girl”. (Read Kasia’s book called A Woman’s Guide to Power Unbound. You won’t regret it!)

The Wild Woman is the part of us that sits squarely between the Good Girl and the Bad Girl. She does not wish to conform to preserve the peace, nor does she wish to destroy.

Read some more books about the wild woman archetype and feminine energy, or my top 10 books for women that will change your life.

3. Living Boldly is a Sign of a Wild Woman

A sign of a woman who embraces her wild side is that she lives boldly and isn't afraid

A wild woman is not meek or mild. She is a force and lives her life boldly.

This kind of woman doesn’t need to shout, make drama, or dress for attention. But she knows the exact balance to pick her battles. She will stand up for herself or someone else fiercely if necessary. But her actions are always in balance with the original offense. She may just need to give a friend a quiet reminder that they just violated her boundaries. Or she may need to physically stand between an assailant and her child.

She seeks out experiences and habits that are vivid, deeply meaningful, and inspirational to herself and to those around her. Society’s rules of politeness do not bind her! If you find yourself living life to the fullest and seizing each moment, you’re probably a wild woman too!

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4. The Wild Woman has a pure sense of belonging

Another sign that you are a wild woman is a true sense of self. When you know who you are and embrace your true self, you know where your true belonging is. A Wild Woman always knows who her true friends are, her true family, her true tribe.

And no one can take the Wild Woman away from those she loves the most.

But when a wild woman is away from her people, she feels a deep sense of loss and longing in her life. Whether it means that she has to move to be closer to her family, or if she has evolved and needs to find a new group, the wild woman will seek them out.

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5. The Wild Woman loves her body

A Wild Woman loves her body as it is

You won’t hear the Wild Woman put down her own body or the bodies of other women. Whether she is a body positivity activist or just simply doesn’t talk about any body insecurities, you know that this woman is someone who is comfortable in her own skin.

She loves all of the amazing things that her body can do, whether it be run, jump, heal herself, heal others, do yoga, birth babies, play an instrument, do martial arts, have an orgasm, or dance.

Bodies are meant to be loved!

6. She embraces the cycles of life

A Wild Woman knows that life is not linear. It comes in cycles.

So if she thinks she has learned a life lesson once already, she is not surprised, nor upset when that lesson comes around again to truly be sure she can display her knowledge of this lesson. Just like the moon, the seasons, the years, the decades, the repeating of history, life is a cycle, and to everything there is a season.

She also helps others to embrace the cycles of their own lives.

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7. Wild Woman is creative

Wild Woman is creative

Women who are in touch with their wild side are creative. Anything from painting, playing an instrument, writing, dancing, baking, singing, loving, sewing, making jewelry, or any other creative endeavour is sacred to this woman.

And these women don’t just keep their craft to themselves. They’re happy to share their creations with others who might delight in the joy that they themselves find whenever they create something.

These women know that being creative is not only stress relief and positive for their careers, but having a creative hobby is essential to our existence as human beings.

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8. She knows how to grieve and rage, when it is necessary

In today’s hustle culture, pandemic, and turbulent political climate, we have what could be a perfect storm for all kinds of unhealthy ways to deal with these “negative” emotions. Someone who embodies the wild woman archetype knows when to take a step back.

She knows what her soul needs, whether it’s a week of rest and recouping, whether it’s going out into nature and screaming at the top of her lungs, or collapsing on the floor crying because she just can’t do it anymore right now.

She knows when to stop being strong, and that it’s okay to do so.

9.The Wild Woman follows her instincts above all else

More signs of a Wild Woman are embracing her emotions and following her instincts

More than anything else, a Wild Woman trusts herself wholly. She listens when her gut tells her something is wrong for her. She also pays attention when her instincts are telling her to go for something, even if it may be risky.

This may be the most challenging of all the wild woman traits. Respectfully declining to entertain expectations that everyone else has for you, and ONLY following your own path is not an easy task. Young girls grow up with expectations of good grades, being polite, and being a “good girl”. As they grow, there are expectations to go to college, get married to a respectable man, have children, and “settle down”.

Many women do not want to pursue some of these things… some women do not want to pursue ANY of them! And the Wild Woman knows that she must do what is best for herself.

A Wild Woman’s instincts are sacred and sage, and they provide the truest compass for a woman achieving her best life.

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25 Undeniable Signs You’re a Wild Woman

Go through this list of 25 signs of a Wild Woman. If you can honestly say that 15 or more apply to you, you fully embody the wild woman archetype!

  1. You respectfully decline to entertain others’ expectations of you.
  2. You LOVE something that is outside mainstream culture, and you don’t care what others think!
  3. You know who your true friends are.
  4. You stand up for yourself, loudly when necessary.
  5. You stand up for others, loudly when necessary!
  6. You love asking questions.
  7. You have a passion for life, living, joy, and pleasure.
  8. You know when you need to stop and rest.
  9. You are lusciously unashamed of your body.
  10. You actively spend time lifting others up.
  11. Your instincts always tell you when something is wrong.
  12. You are aware of your social conditioning, like apologizing for something that is unnecessary.
  13. You cry when you need to let it all out.
  14. You’ve been called a witch (or a bitch).
  15. You have many creative hobbies and interests.
  16. You’re very aware and skeptical of others’ expectations of you.
  17. You relish experiencing the turning of the seasons.
  18. You know yourself in and out, including your flaws.
  19. You’ve heard “the calling”.
  20. You’re aware of when to not be polite to men.
  21. You share your creative endeavours with others.
  22. No one would describe you as meek or mild. You live boldly.
  23. You know what it means to “return to yourself”.
  24. You have experienced an “awakening” at least once in your life.
  25. You listen to your “Bad girl”, because you know she has a lot to teach you.

Practice Wild Woman Affirmations to enhance your inner wild woman!


When you go through this list of signs of a Wild Woman, I hope you see yourself there.

Being a Wild Woman is a true gift in today’s world. It is challenging to be so acutely aware of yourself and your world, but it is worth it!

So break free! Run with the wolves! Embrace your wild side!

And be sure to share with others the importance of embracing their own wildness!

Check out my video on YouTube about the Wild Woman Archetype:

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25 Signs of a Wild Woman (Pinterest Image)

25 Signs You’re Undeniably a Wild Woman

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