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I’m Dawn, the chief writer, designer and creator here at Wild Simple Joy. I’m on a life-long quest to make my life full of magic and wonder and to practice radical self-love and acceptance. It can be chaotic, but it is possible to find the joy through life’s storms.

Will you join me on this journey of self-discovery?

Life is an Ever-Morphing Piece of Art… Adapt, Grow, and Create!

Look, I could wax poetically on this page about myself and my life and why I’m qualified to give you advice. (And in the past, I have!)

But the truth is that I’m an ordinary person with a big passion for helping others find their joy. I lived so long thrashing and kicking just to keep my head above water and I never want others to feel the way I did for so long.

The values that are threaded through this blog:

Life is cyclical. At no point am I (nor anyone else) finished learning these lessons! They’re all meant to come back so you can learn about them on a deeper level:

  • HEALTH: Your physical health serves your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Nourish your body and treat it well.
  • MINDFULNESS: Be aware and live with intentional joy. Meditate. Clear the clutter in your mind.
  • INTUITION: Listen to your own instincts and be honest with yourself.
  • MINDSET: Self-care, body-positivity, and positive self-talk serve you well.
  • GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS: Surround yourself with others who treat you well and treat them well in return.
  • SPIRIT: Allow your feelings and work through the uncomfortable things to learn and grow.
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The Growth of Wild Simple Joy

What started out as a mommy blog became a holistic health blog, and then pivoted toward spirituality.

But ultimately, Wild Simple Joy is about living a magical life full of self-love, joy, and the ability to go with the flow!

I write about the subjects that I’m passionate about and want to learn more about in my own life in the hopes that what I write will help someone else:

  • feel validated
  • discover something about themselves
  • learn a new trick to make their lives easier
  • find a new perspective
  • touch the depths of their soul
  • understand their motivations
  • live a little more authentically

I do all things authentically and with love and I consider myself to be a lightworker. Every piece on my blog is thoughtfully placed, researched, and shared through my own life experience and unique perspective.

If you see something on my blog that seems to come from a place of ignorance or anger, please call me out. (Many people already have!) I believe that the only way we can move forward as individuals and as a collective is by listening to one another and seeing the humanity in each person we interact with.

I live my life intentionally, every day, from a place of love, light, and learning.

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I also believe that education is the pathway by which we may begin to see our lives with clarity and perspective. Here are my educational credentials and things that I’ve been learning that apply to what I write in this space:

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Impactful Books

Here are a few of my top books, which I have read many times and find to have had a deep and profound impact on my life:

Women and Feminism

  • Women Who Run with the Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Unbound: A Woman’s Guide to Power, Kasia Urbaniak


  • The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer
  • When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chödrön
  • You Are Here, Thich Nhat Hanh

Life and Leading

  • Daring Greatly, Brene Brown


  • Two Thousand Kisses a Day, L.R. Knost


  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou
  • Wild, Cheryl Strayed
  • Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes
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Where Else Can You Find Me?

My writing has been featured in the following publications:

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