Hello and welcome to Wild Simple Joy! I’m Dawn: teacher, musician, traveler, writer, and mother of two amazing boys.

I’m all about living my life full, rich and wild with joy!

Wild Simple Joy is dedicated to creating your best life through body, mind, and soul. Most people only survive, and never truly thrive… be that person who is open to the best that life has to offer, who takes risks, and who lifts others up as well!

Here’s what we’re about: Healthy living, affirmations, living your best life, nutrition, weight loss, positive self talk, overcoming obstacles, showing compassion, parenting, kids, gifts, finding joy in life!

I’m all about gratitude, body positivity and ceasing to comparing ourselves with others. Through gratitude, I hope that we can all learn to treat each other with respect and treat the earth with love and care. Passing on just a little bit of kindness each day is how we can change the world.

This is also why I only align myself with products that are clean and that I believe are absolutely essential to my journey. I won’t recommend anything unessential or excess. I am also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, a Swiss company of nutrition, skincare, and make-up products that are free from over 2000 chemicals. They focus on products that enhance health and this is VERY important to me.

Everyone has their own unique journey to travel in this life, and I write about my own journey to help empower other women to be genuinely in love with their life, wild with joy!

To learn more about me, go to my About Me page here!

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