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10 Self Love Spells and Rituals for Magical Confidence

I have found that self love is the most powerful tool in my ability to manifest. I want a magical life overflowing with the most wonderful things imaginable, and if you do too, keep reading!

Self-love spells are practices that can help boost your love for yourself and your love of life. They are spiritual practices that are available to anyone regardless of your belief system, whether you’re Christian, or a witch, or even if you don’t practice any kind of spirituality at all.

Here are 10 self love spells and rituals that can help you realize your deepest desires and put you into a good mood for self love each and every day!

A self love spell jar sitting on a desk in bright sunlight with salts and herbs around

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10 Self Love Spells and Rituals for Magical Confidence

1. Full moon ritual

Woman doing a full moon ritual

As someone who greatly believes in the power of the feminine divine and going with the natural cycles of life, the first self-love practice that I recommend is a full moon ritual.

The full moon has always been known to have a lot of energy. It’s a fantastic time to bring cycles to an end, to wrap up projects, and to let go of ol energies that no longer serve you.

The first step to a full moon ritual is to set an intention of what you want to come to an end. Make sure you have a clean, clear space and atmosphere, set out cleansed crystals or burn incense.

I always try to have this ceremony as close to the fullest point of the moon as I can.

Write down what you want to release, phrased in positive ways. I like to burn the papers of what I wrote and then send them into the wind (or you can bury them!).

You can also try some full moon affirmations to add to this self love spell!

2. Self Love Spell Jar

Spell Jars are a great way to practice and manifest self love! A spell jar is something that you fill with items and intentions that you can maintain and hold until it no longer serves you.

The first thing you need is a small jar and some paper. On the paper, write down your intentions in the form of affirmations or positive statements. For example,

  1. I love myself, body, mind, and soul!
  2. I forgive myself for any shortcomings.
  3. I love myself actively every day.
  4. I use positive words about myself!

As you write, truly feel the impact of these words and fill yourself with confidence! Roll up the papers and put them into your jar.

Next, you can fill the jar with all kinds of things: salts for protection and self-worth, rice for abundance, seeds for growth, dried lavender for self-care, dried red or pink rose petals for self-love.

As you close the jar, set an intention to release negative thoughts about yourself and to gently hold those positive thoughts and affirmations in the coming weeks and months.

3. Releasing/Letting Go Ceremony

It’s hard to love ourselves when we’re hanging onto all kinds of negative energy. One of the best self-love spells we can practice is to release everything that doesn’t serve us.

Consider this: if you’re trying to find your car keys, is it easier to find them in a clean room, or one that’s messy and cluttered? Our brains work the same way. When we hang onto things in life that don’t serve us, it can prevent us from finding the thing we’re looking for–self-love–even when it’s right there!

Similar to the full moon ritual above, but you can do this releasing ceremony any time of the month. (Another good time is when you begin your cycle.)

Light a pastel pink spell candle and set an intention to release everything that’s not serving you right now. Consider how you spend your time, what kinds of things you have in your home, bad habits, toxic people, and limiting beliefs. What in your life is blocking you from manifesting?

Write everything down. When you have exhausted everything you can think of, burn the paper. As the paper burns, say to yourself:

“I release all these things in the name of self-love. I protect myself. I love myself. These served me once in the past–thank you for your service. Now they no longer have a place in my life and must go.

Follow up this ritual by letting the candle burn out on its own. Make sure you follow through with any cleaning you might need to do or conversations you might need to have.

4. Self Love Affirmations

Woman writing affirmations in a journal

The words we speak, think, read, and hear are profoundly important. When we fill our heads with damaging or hurtful words, we are calling those things to us.

Here’s a way to change how you speak to yourself. If you’re looking in the mirror and find yourself criticizing something about yourself, take a moment and stop.

Change the narrative. Say:

“I love my body for all the amazing things it does! I love my double chin! I love my saggy eyes!”

When you speak something positive about yourself, you’re saying an affirmation. It is meant to help validate your self-worth.

Practice saying positive things about yourself every day. Say them in the mirror, write them down, use them as a bookmark or phone wallpaper! And make sure you feel them as you say them!

5. Love Magic Bath

Many people recommend romancing yourself in order to practice self love, and I am here for it! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, go all out for your self-love bath. Think: rose petals, bath salts and essential oils, and light some red or pink candles.

Pale pink roses are said to symbolize sweetness and self-love, so consider buying some at the store on your way home from work. Put some of them in a vase and use 2 or 3 to pull the petals off to decorate your tub.

Epsom salt baths are great, but may be too harsh for some people, so consider something softer, like pink Himalayan salts. Poor yourself some wine, light some candles, and really treat yourself well! Crack open a new book and eat some chocolate! This kind of luxury is a great way to practice self-love!

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6. Boundary-setting spell

Don’t discount the energy of other people when you’re trying to protect your own. When we’re around negative people all the time, or even if we see toxic family members twice a year, it can really have an impact on our self-confidence.

The good news is that self-love spells can literally be as simple as the word, “No.”

When your boss asks you to take on yet another project that you don’t have time for, politely explain that you have your hands full at the moment and would be happy to pick it up once you’ve finished what you’re currently working on.

Or when your mother invites herself to stay at your house and you know she’s going to criticize everything (like how messy the house is, even though you’ve just cleaned), maybe it’s time to step up and limit her time with you. Tell her that you have an important event later and she can only spend an hour with you.

Setting boundaries is one of the best, most powerful self-love spells there is!

7. Self-Love Tarot Reading

Woman doing a tarot reading

When it comes to spiritual practices for self-love, tarot cards are a great tool to have. 

Ask your tarot cards, “How can I love myself more?” or “What do I need to practice self love?”

If you’re familiar with the cards or deck you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to understand the meaning the cards give you, but here are a few cards and what they might be telling you:

  • 5 of Wands – practice setting boundaries
  • The Hierophant – learn something new (or start teaching others!)
  • The Magician – you have all the self-love tools, now manifest!
  • 9 of Swords – get out of your head!
  • The Devil – release your temptations or addictions

Tarot readings are a great way to practice self-reflection and can help lead you to a greater, more profound sense of self love.

8. Carry Rose Quartz with You

If you’re the crystal type, consider rose quartz for enhancing your self love. Rose quartz is a type of pale pink chunk of stone (it doesn’t often for crystals). According to Moon Magic,

Rose quartz meaning varies throughout cultures, but the soft pink stone is often tied to gentleness, love, and fertility. In reiki and energy work, rose quartz properties are engaged to reset the heart chakra, release stress, and promote circulation and skin health.

The heart chakra is all about love, compassion, caring, and nurturing. Wear rose quartz in a necklace, or carry a stone in your pocket or bra.

Just make sure you cleanse or charge it first, with sunlight, moonlight, or on a pad of selenite.

9. Try a cinnamon money ritual

If your goal in self-love is to increase your abundance and prosperity, cinnamon sticks can be powerful tools.

On the first of the month, take some powdered cinnamon in your hand and stand just outside your front door. State your intentions, for an abundance of wealth, prosperity, and self love and to clear away all the things that do not serve you. Then blow the cinnamon outside through the open door.

Obviously this will make a mess on your floor, but don’t clean it up until the 2nd!

You can also boil cinnamon sticks in water and use the water to mop your floors, or just carry a cinnamon stick with you. It is great at building prosperity and wealth!

10. Meditate

Yes, meditation itself can be magical. When we meditate, we quiet our minds and bodies. We allow things to just be. By meditating, we are telling ourselves that we’re worthy of quiet reflection, we are worth listening to ourselves.

The beauty of that present moment is that we are restructuring our brain’s chemistry and neural pathways to prioritize self love.

Meditation gives you permission in your life where outside forces may be saying “no way!” It is incredibly freeing, and should not be taken lightly!

But for best results, practice your magical spell of meditation daily.

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Regardless of your spirituality, these 10 practices above can help you to boost your self love and self worth.

When your self-love and self-worth are high, everything else in your life begins to fall into place, and you begin to attract abundance, wealth, romantic love, and can truly live your best life!

Which one of these self-love spells are you going to start with?! Drop a comment below! (I’m doing the cinnamon ritual next!)

Wishing you a magical life!

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