What Are Affirmations and How Do They Work?

I could write a book about how affirmations changed my life. I started an affirmations practice in 2019 around New Year and my life has transformed in indescribable ways since then. So what are affirmations and how do they work?

In short, affirmations are statements that you declare to be positive and true. These statements are powerful, positive, and present tense, and they work by helping to alter our mindset through practice to create a better habit, experience, or life for ourselves.

There are many misconceptions about affirmations out there, including beliefs that people are dumb for thinking affirmations are magic, the florid language is ridiculous, and they don’t actually work.

All of these misconceptions are false, so let’s delve more into where “affirmation” came from and how affirmations work to create effective, positive change in your life.

Are you ready to use affirmations to shape your mindset and your life?

Woman joyful and smiling because she knows how do affirmation work for positivity in her life.

What Are Affirmations?

The word “affirm” comes from latin meaning “strengthen or make steady”. In Middle English (1300’s) it was “affirmen”, meaning “to state positively”.

When we’re talking about recent use of the word, affirm means to confirm or agree with something. It is a positive word and it usually means the truth.

Affirmations are statements that you make to be true!

Affirmations are statements you make to be true.

So if you say something like,

I am wealthy and living in luxury!

you will notice that it is a positive statement, it’s in present tense (first person), and powerful!

Now here’s where thing get a little controversial.

If you’re working 50 hours as a waitress for pennies, and you say, “I am wealthy and living in luxury”… isn’t that an untrue statement?

Absolutely NOT!

Here’s why.

This is an affirmation: "I attract all good things."

Affirmations are designed to be used in practice. These are statements that you use again and again, day after day.

Whenever you do something regularly, it becomes a routine, and then it becomes a habit.

When you build new habits into your life, you are changing the way you think. You are literally rewiring your brain to choose whatever it is!

How Do Affirmations Work?

So in the above example, when you think about wealth and living in luxury in a regular basis, you think about it more. You are more likely to make conscious decisions about your wealth or your home, clothes, and other aspects of your life to reflect being wealthy, like taking care of and cleaning your car and home regularly, or saving money!

Additionally, you’re more likely to pay attention to money or things in your environment to do with money.

Everyone always uses the example that if you’re always thinking about red cars, you’ll see red cars everywhere!

Similarly, if you’re practicing your money affirmations, you’re always thinking about money, and therefore might notice when you’re overspending or when you have opportunities for a better bank, higher interest rates on savings accounts, or a raise.

In another example, if you may be focusing on responding calmly to stressful situations. Your affirmation might be:

My inner world is calm. I always feel at peace and at ease!

When this is your affirmation, you’re always thinking about being calm and peaceful! When you think about being calm and peaceful regularly, you not only notice when you feel that way, you are also building actions into your day that help you feel that way more and more.

You might also begin to notice what sorts of things trigger you to not feel that way. Maybe every time you haven’t eaten in three hours or more, you’re more likely to feel irritable and cranky.

After a few weeks of building these positive, powerful, present statements into your life, they will become habits.

Habits aren’t always enough to create that change in our lives that we want. In his book, Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza states that it does not matter how often you say an affirmation… if you don’t feel it, it will not make a difference in your life.

When you are stating, writing or meditating on your affirmation about wealth and luxury, you should focus on feeling the gratitude for the wealth and luxury that you have in your life.

Was that hot shower you took, 15 minutes to yourself without your kids absolute luxury? It very well could be!

Did that $20 bill you found in your purse make you feel a little wealthier? I hope so!

Hold onto those feelings as you practice your affirmations!

When do you feel the most at peace in your life? Was it when you dropped your children at daycare and got into your car, sinking into the seats for a moment to enjoy the silence?

Embrace that feeling as you practice your affirmation about your inner world being peaceful and calm.

Before long, you’ve literally rewired your brain to choose wealth or peace or whatever it is you want!

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Are affirmations really effective?

Knowing the answer to “what are affirmations” isn’t enough to get you very far when it comes to actually implementing these in your life.

Essentially, affirmations are as effective as you make them. Affirmations aren’t magic, and they won’t help you change your life by uttering them once or twice and then forgetting about them.

But if you are someone looking to:

  • Change your mindset
  • Develop new, healthy habits
  • Become more positive
  • Change the pattern of toxic decisions in your life
  • Cut out negative habits

then affirmations have the potential to be extremely powerful in your life.

You have to develop an affirmation practice if you want them to be truly effective.

Woman using affirmations with her mala beads during meditation.

Here are a few ways that you can use affirmations in your daily life to make a change:

  1. Write your affirmation(s) in a journal every day.
  2. Take up a meditation practice, and, using mala beads, state your affirmation during meditation.
  3. Write your affirmation or print it out and post it different places, like:
    • the fridge
    • your bathroom mirror
    • inside your closet
    • in your office
  4. Put it on all your devices:
    1. as a wallpaper or lock-screen on your phone
    2. as a wallpaper on your computer
    3. as a wallpaper or lock-screen on your tablet
  5. Say your affirmations during walking, showering, or driving

Remember in the above answer, that you need to focus on feeling however it is you’d like to feel. All these different ways to practice affirmations can help you find more balance and positivity in your life.

Just like practicing an instrument to get better, or running every day to get faster, you need to practice your affirmations with emotions to really lock down that change in your life.

Remember that excellence does not happen overnight.

Psychologists say that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in something. The more you practice your affirmations, the more they will be effective in your life.

So YES! Affirmations can be really effective!

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How many affirmations at a time should I use?

This depends on your goal. Is it specific or general?

If your goal is specific, then you should use one or two specific affirmations.

If your goal is a more general one, or you have many different changes you’re making, then you may opt for more affirmations to make a more general alteration on your life.

Personally, I have a tendency to take on many different projects and improvements at once, therefore, I usually use 4-5 affirmations at once.

I don’t recommend using too many, however. First, you won’t be able to memorize them all if you use too many. Also, you may lose the potency or potential of each affirmation with each one that you add.

The more specific that you are with your affirmations, the more specific and powerful results you will have in your life.

Now that you know how affirmations work, read on if you’re struggling to make those affirmations work in your life.

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Everything you need to know about How Do Affirmations Work
Everything you need to know about How Do Affirmations Work

How Do Affirmations Work?