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44 Spiritual Affirmations for Awakening and Healing

In our hectic world, there never is a good time for spiritual development. But when we practice positive spiritual affirmations to aid healing and spiritual awakening, we can rediscover our spirit and soul’s longing and bring ourselves some much needed health and balance.

Woman meditating to positive spiritual affirmations.

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Religion versus Spirituality

Spiritual altar with candles, tea, and incense.

Religion and spirituality are separate from each other, but can work together synergistically.

Religion is a system of organized beliefs and rituals for worship, especially to a God or Gods. Religion is based in community.

On the other hand, spirituality is very individualistic and is more about a sense of peace and purpose.

Both religion and spirituality deal with the soul and spirit. You can absolutely be one or the other or both! Personally, I celebrate Christian holidays but I don’t participate in worship, and I consider myself more spiritual.

Remember, you don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have body. (Frequently attributed to CS Lewis).

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Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening or spiritual enlightenment through spiritual or religious practice is not a destination. It’s not the place we reach at the end of our journey. Our path to spiritual enlightenment happens day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment.

Spiritual enlightenment, nirvana, or heaven happens when we choose peace, kindness, compassion, love, connection, and harmony in each moment.

Affirmations for spiritual enlightenment will not do the work for you. These will help you to align yourself with the Universe, to feel the love around you, and to put you in the mental and emotional space to choose peace. You can also use them with mala beads during your meditation practice.

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44 Spiritual Affirmations for Your Healing and Spiritual Awakening

With any of these positive spiritual affirmations, substitute your favorite word for the almighty power… God, the Universe, Mother Earth, The Divine Power… or something else, it’s your choice! These affirmations are not religious in nature, but if you practice a particular religion, you can use your preferred term to give them a religious meaning or connotation.

I believe that our energy, spiritual leaders, and religions connect in ways that we cannot comprehend. Somehow, we are all from the same source, and we should find and embrace those connections we have to other humans and living creatures.

Crown chakra affirmations can also help.

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Affirmation cards for spirituality flat lay 2

Get these affirmations as Printable Cards

Get these exact spirituality affirmations as printable cards and it becomes incredibly convenient to take these affirmations with you wherever you go.

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  1. I am sacred.
  2. I am holy.
  3. I am made of the light of the Universe.
  4. Positive Energy flows to me and flows from me.
  5. I am love.
  6. I am divine.
  7. I emanate peace and love.
  8. I breathe in the light of God.
  9. I am infinite.
  10. I am connected to the unlimited abundance of the Universe.
  11. I am free.
  12. My spirit is enlightened.
  13. I allow God to guide everything I do.
  14. I shine my spirit and light on those around me.
  15. I am pure.
  16. Finding enlightenment each day comes naturally and effortlessly.
  17. I acknowledge God in every creation.
  18. I allow the Universe to work through me.
  19. My life is a blessing.
  20. I derive happiness from the spiritual nourishment of the Universe.
  21. I allow rest, security, and love to wash over me.
  22. I feel safe in the arms of God.
  23. Spirit is always guiding me.
  24. I am aligned with my higher purpose.
  25. I am rooted in the energy of Mother Earth.
  26. I feel the power of divine love.
  27. My spirit is whole.
  28. I open my heart to the guidance of God.
  29. My life is saturated with the gratitude and compassion of God.
  30. I am kind to all living things.
  31. I am aligned with the Universe.
  32. My spirit is at peace.
  33. My spirit and courage are unwavering.
  34. Love flows through me.
  35. I share my wisdom with the world.
  36. My energies are in harmony with the Universe.
  37. My heart is tranquil.
  38. My spirit is moved by the power of God.
  39. I embrace the connection I share with all life on this Earth.
  40. I am a beautiful soul.
  41. I am grateful for the amazing blessings in my life.
  42. Everything happens in its own time, and I am happy to live this journey.
  43. I live in nirvana.
  44. The Universe shines its pure light upon me.

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