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60 Positive Self-Love Affirmations to Build Your Self-Worth FAST!

Positive self-love affirmations can do SO much for your self-esteem and self-worth! If you’re someone who has struggled with confidence all your life (like me) then you know the power of finding something or someone that boosts your confidence levels. And when we have a healthy self-esteem, we can practice better self-love.

Self-confident woman has been practicing positive self worth affirmations.

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What is self-esteem?

A Healthy self-esteem allows us to have a positive outlook on life, to experience joy, and to go with life's ebbs and flows a little easier. Affirmations for Self-Esteem and Self-Love

Basically, your self-esteem is how much you like and appreciate yourself. It is how you assign your own personal value. If you have too low self-worth, you may worry that others are better than you, you might have difficulties expressing your needs, and you might have an extreme fear of failure. You might even have a difficult time accepting a compliment.

Conversely, if you’re overly confident (or cocky), it’s a sign of a deep-seated insecurity that you mask (even to yourself) regarding your personal value.

Those individuals with healthy self worth accept their successes and their failures with grace. They aren’t afraid to express their needs and hold firm but gentle boundaries (they aren’t afraid to say no).

A healthy self esteem allows us to have a positive outlook on life, to experience joy, and to go with life’s ebbs and flows a little easier.

That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

What’s the difference between self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence?

These three terms are very similar, but slightly different.

Self-confidence is more about trusting in our own abilities.

Self-esteem has to do with our sense of self, and how we feel about ourselves.

Self-worth is deeper than all of those things, knowing that we have value inherently, outside of our own abilities and sense of self…


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What is Self-Love?

Self love is essentially the practice of being grateful for ourselves and has many benefits. We hold our well-being, happiness, and desires to be important and we prioritize them in our lives.

Self love can look like many different things to different people. Here are some ways that you can practice self-love:

Woman basking in the light from the sunset is practicing self-love affirmations
  • Using positive self-talk
  • Setting boundaries with people
  • Not “people pleasing”
  • Trusting your gut instincts
  • Setting aside time for rest and self-care
  • Allowing your creativity to shine
  • Using “No” as a complete sentence
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Rolling with your failures
  • Speaking to yourself as if you were a friend
  • Allowing yourself time to grieve
  • Not beating yourself up for mistakes
  • Allowing yourself to feel pleasure
  • Forgive ourselves if we treat ourselves poorly

Self-Love Affirmations to Change Our Negative Self-Talk

Many of these are learned responses. As children, we saw our own parents shutting themselves down, letting others walk all over them, or stifling their creative desires in favor for earning money or cleaning the house.

In fact, most people in our modern world are so used to negative self-talk that we don’t even blink an eye. I grew up with a father who, whenever he did spilled something or made a mistake, would call himself a bone-head and curse at himself.

So it is only natural that we’ve picked up these unhealthy habits in our own lives.

We all do it to some extent. We sigh in frustration when we chose the wrong way to go to work and get stuck in traffic. We scream and kick and call ourselves names in anger when we break something valuable.

But these things are not only useless in the situations, they’re completely detrimental to our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

But the fact is that they are learned, so we have the potential to unlearn them! And self-love means honoring our whole selves, exactly as we are in this moment. It is deep healing that is 100% necessary in our lives!

Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformation Therapy

In her Uncompromised Life course on Mindvalley (not an affiliate link), Marisa Peer talks about how this is one of the things that successful people do differently. Successful people who have a high self-worth and place a higher value on themselves and their time typically don’t have these negative feeds running through their heads. They typically feed their brains positive and powerful thoughts.

As she explains, Olympic level athletes don’t have the choice to think things like “Oh, if I get sixth place, that’s fine with me”. In order to achieve what they do, they have to think of themselves as number 1. Because if they don’t believe it, it won’t happen for them.

Affirmations, particularly affirmations for self-worth, can help you turn the tides. STOP the negative self talk and begin to rewire our brains for positivity.

Marisa also explains that if you’re having a hard time believing these powerful statements you’re telling yourself, that you should use the words “I choose”.

Today, I choose to treat myself with honor and respect.

That way, you’re getting the dose of power and positivity even if you still have doubts. (I have added a section of “I am choosing” affirmations to the end, but you can change any of the affirmations below to reflect that “choice”.)

How you can use affirmations to boost your self-esteem

There are many different ways to use affirmations depending on your comfort level and your personality. I find that writing my affirmations down is best for me. It’s active (I write with a pen on paper) and I say my affirmations in my head as I write them.

Another great way is reciting them to ourselves as we’re getting ready for the day.

Or you could even meditate with a shorter self worth affirmation (or mantra). Use mala beads to make it easier to “count”.

Affirmation Cards are another fantastic way to boost your self-esteem, especially if you’re a visual person.

As always, it’s important to truly feel your affirmation as you say or write it. Recall a memory that made you feel confident, or think about how a future success will make you feel. Embrace that feeling as you think the affirmation. Elevating our emotions is one hack to getting a high self-worth fast!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Make sure you know What Affirmations Are and How They Work.
And if your affirmations aren’t working, read: Affirmations Troubleshooting.

Affirmations for Self Worth mockup

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60 Positive Self-Esteem and Self-Love Affirmations

There are limitless combinations of self-worth affirmations that you can use, but these are 54 powerful, positive ones that are sure to help boost your self-esteem and start feeling great about yourself!

  1. I am worthy. I am loved. I am enough.
  2. I am whole just as I am.
  3. I give myself unconditional love!
  4. I feel great about who I am.
  5. My life is amazing!
  6. I have unlimited power.
  7. I believe in myself and my power.
  8. Others love me for who I am.
  9. I treat myself with respect and honor.
  10. People treat me with respect.
  11. I view myself through kind eyes.
  12. I feel comfortable speaking my mind.
  13. I love to share my ideas and thoughts.
  14. I have unique and special ideas to share with the world.
  15. I am grateful for the amazing, wonderful things in my life!
  16. I deserve everything I desire.
  17. My life is rewarding and filled with joy.
  18. I am blessed.
  19. My life is full of adventure and incredible experiences.
  20. I accept and embrace myself for who I am.
  21. I love who I am inside and out.
  22. I am creative and flexible, and I go with the flow of life.
  23. I expect the best for myself!
  24. My life is abundant.
  25. The Universe is generous with health, joy, and abundance!
  26. I learn and grow every day.
  27. I adapt and change to my circumstances. I flow like a river.
  28. I am worthy of all the abundance, love, and amazing experiences I want.
  29. Others look up to me.
  30. I feel joyful to look at how far I’ve come.
  31. I grow and become a better version of myself every day!
  32. I am confident and intelligent.
  33. I am beautiful.
  34. I love myself more and more each passing day.
  35. I appreciate myself.
  36. I give praise to myself and to others naturally and effortlessly!
  37. I naturally feel good about myself!
  38. I forgive myself.
  39. I easily forgive others.
  40. I do my best every day.
  41. I am optimistic and positive!
  42. I am courageous and outgoing!
  43. I fearlessly follow my dreams!
  44. I am capable of achieving everything I want.
  45. Others value my skills and knowledge.
  46. I contribute my ideas and thoughts easily.
  47. My life is a blessing.
  48. I am loved.
  49. I love myself. I accept myself. I forgive myself.
  50. I know myself and I honor my boundaries.
  51. I radiate self-confidence!
  52. I have great potential that I tap into every day!
  53. I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
  54. I make a difference in the world.
  55. Today, I am choosing to believe the best in me.
  56. I am choosing to stand in my power.
  57. In this moment, I am choosing to accept praise and adoration.
  58. I am choosing to honor myself for who I am.
  59. I choose to take a calculated risk and follow my heart.
  60. I am choosing to see how wonderful I truly am.

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60 Positive Self-Love Affirmations to Build Your Self-Worth FAST!

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