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35 Affirmations for JOY and HAPPINESS!

You deserve happiness, and you deserve joy in your life. But sometimes life can get in the way. Using affirmations for joy can help you see the power of the joy you hold, and the joy which you have yet to tap into.

Young woman and man feeling joyful, using affirmations for joy!

Why is joy so important, anyway?

Joy has never been more important. With climate change, political tensions, the COVID pandemic, job loss, sudden homeschooling, and many other stressors we’ve encountered in 2020, joy may seem like a distant memory.

Joy actually has many benefits, such as:

  1. stronger immune system
  2. fights stress
  3. promotes a long life
  4. boosts blood-flow
  5. makes you healthier

Feeling joy and happiness can actually rewire your brain. The more you feel joy, the more you want joy. And the more you want joy, the more you push aside what are considered “negative”, low-vibration emotions, like frustration, disappointment, anger, hatred, or resentment.

Feeling joy more frequently can help you understand those negative emotions better and help you embrace a more objective point of view when something negative happens.

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Using Affirmations to Inspire Joy

When you’re using affirmations, it’s important that you remember a few key points:

  1. Choose the ones that resonate powerfully with you.
  2. Affirmations need to be repeated, whether by writing or speaking.
  3. You need to feel the elevated emotions of joy and love while you’re saying the affirmations.

Self-Love Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

Woman practicing smiling with her affirmations for joy

According to the Healthline article on joy linked above, Dr. Samuel says:

“Smiling can trick your brain by elevating your mood, lowering your heart rate, and reducing your stress. The smile doesn’t have to be based on real emotion because faking it works as well.”

That means that if you’re working on affirmations for joy, you should be smiling! Even faking it at first can make a big impact!

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Printable Affirmation Cards for Joy mockup

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35 Affirmations for Joy and Enjoying Life!

  1. I only accept things that bring me joy!
  2. I’m living in bliss!
  3. I can relax because finding joy is easy!
  4. When I embrace joy, everything else in my life falls in place!
  5. I choose happiness every moment!
  6. Joy is my natural state!
  7. My life is blessed with joy!
  8. I enjoy every moment of my life.
  9. I delight in the small wonders I am blessed with.
  10. I live for joy!
  11. My life is wildly joyful!
  12. Happiness is my natural state of being!
  13. Smiles fill my heart with joy.
  14. I embrace joy and gently release anything that is not joy!
  15. My days are filled with joy!
  16. My life is pure bliss!
  17. I bring joy to the people around me.
  18. I am joy! I am love!
  19. I set my intention to enjoy today and every day.
  20. My happiness increases with every passing day.
  21. I find joy in every situation.
  22. I see the good in others.
  23. The happiness in others uplifts me.
  24. My presence is uplifting and joyful to others.
  25. The sense of community I feel is warming and uplifting.
  26. I prioritize and seek out joy every day!
  27. I feel gratitude for the wonderful things in my life.
  28. I work hard for my life, and the wonder and joy I find in it!
  29. I find joy in certainty.
  30. I find joy in the simple pleasures.
  31. I find joy in success.
  32. I find joy in my time with others.
  33. My life is overflowing with joy!
  34. I attract joy and joyful situations to me!
  35. I deserve to enjoy myself!

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