Monday Affirmations for Self-Worth

  To kick off my next blog post tomorrow, I wanted to write some affirmations for self-worth. I have been terrible at my own self-worth over the years, and it comes out of me in the form of judgment, hatred, and a sometimes holier-than-thou attitude. It is a fault of mine that I’m working on. … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Self-Worth

Monday Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

  Just this past week I started a new business at Arbonne! I have never considered myself the sales type. But I am all about breaking boundaries and learning new skills. Besides, what I am “selling” are products that I use myself and I truly believe in. Starting a new business takes patience, time and … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

Monday Affirmations for Creative Endeavors

  I am a creative individual… when I’m not making something, whether it’s writing, music, painting, crafts, lesson plans, I feel dull. To not create something zaps my energy and makes me sick more frequently, makes my life feel less fulfilling. But sometimes, life gets in the way and I have too many other things … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Creative Endeavors

Monday Affirmations for Labor and Birth

  Hopefully you’ve read my birth stories of my two sons! (One and Two). In that same vein, I wanted to provide some of my favorite affirmations for labor and birth. Labor is one of the most difficult, all-consuming events that I have been a part of. Anything a woman can do to stay positive … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Labor and Birth

Monday Affirmations for Health

  Today’s affirmations are all about health. After I gave birth just a month ago (hard to believe the little peanut is already a month old!) I knew that I was going to focus on my health again. I had been eating nutritious foods during my pregnancy, but because of fatigue (and being pregnant over … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Health

Monday Affirmations for Your New Year’s Resolution

*This page may contain affiliate links. For our full disclosure policy, please see our disclosures here. Happy Monday! Today, as this article posts, I’m probably already traveling across the country visit my parents for Christmas! I never really liked flying much, but we do it ALL the time, so I’ve gotten used to it! We’re bringing our … Read moreMonday Affirmations for Your New Year’s Resolution

Execute Your New Year’s Resolution Plan Like a Lady Boss!

  In Part 1 of my New Year’s Resolution challenge, I explained how Affirmations can help you to keep mental focus on your goals. This time, it’s all about developing a New Year’s Resolution plan and execute that plan so you can crush your goals! We already know that only 8% of people who set … Read moreExecute Your New Year’s Resolution Plan Like a Lady Boss!

Using Affirmations to crush Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions!

  Once a year before January 1st (sometimes more often, if you’re a perfectionist like me) you probably sit down and make a list of things you want to be different for next year. Maybe it’s not a list—maybe it’s just one item that you’re hoping can be upgraded in your life: your New Year’s Resolution. … Read moreUsing Affirmations to crush Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions!