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33 Affirmations for Safety and Security

If I’m being honest, the last 8 weeks have felt like I’m a rabbit with an injured leg, bolting through the dark, my heart pounding. I know I’m exhausted but I can’t stop running because I don’t feel safe.

When we practice positive affirmations for safety and security, we’re rerouting our thoughts to a better, safer place in our brains and establishing habits of thought. Feeling safe is one of the most primal, basic needs that every animal has, and we all deserve to feel safe.

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Why Don’t You Feel Safe?

When we don’t feel safe, the rest of our lives can feel troubled. You might suffer from anxiety or even outbursts of anger.

It’s worth noting that we can feel like we’re not safe when we’re actually safe in the moment. Maybe climate change makes you feel that the future of the earth and everyone on it isn’t safe. Maybe your house was robbed three years ago, and even though it was a long time ago, you never really felt safe in your home again.

If you’re experiencing violence at home or threats at work, these are real dangers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get safely out of these environments.

Here are some resources for you to get assistance and security:
What to do when you don’t feel safe at home
Domestic Violence Hotline

These safety affirmations are for those who are safe currently, but because of past experiences or anxiety, you don’t feel safe right now.

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Using These Positive Affirmations to Feel Protected

The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re practicing these safety affirmations is be in a space where your body is also safe. We hold a lot of feelings and trauma in our bodies, and especially when we’ve been in situations where we were unsafe before, we have a tendency to hold that fear in our bodies.

I tend to hold my fear and feelings of being unsafe in my chest, neck, and arms. (Typically, when we experience a stress response to prepare for fight or flight, our blood goes to our limbs.)

You might feel fear or being unsafe in your head, or your legs. There’s no right or wrong.

Notice where those feelings reside for you. When you practice these positive affirmations, you can put your attention on another part of your body, like your spine or your hips.

Speak these affirmations out loud or write them in a journal. But however you practice them, be sure to feel them in your body!

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33 Positive Affirmations for Safety and Security

  1. I am safe.
  2. Everything in my life makes me feel secure.
  3. I gently release that which makes me feel unsafe.
  4. The sun rises every morning and I feel at ease.
  5. I let go of everything that does not protect me.
  6. I value the safety and security in my life.
  7. Each ritual of my day provides me with safety.
  8. The Universe protects me.
  9. I establish healthy boundaries to protect myself.
  10. I feel very secure right now.
  11. I can relax in the warm comfort of the Universe.
  12. I am extremely comfortable and calm.
  13. The world is a safe place for me to be.
  14. I do what is safe and necessary for the health of myself and my family.
  15. I only allow tranquility and warmth to reside in my heart.
  16. I embrace the safety of the people around me.
  17. I am my own protector.
  18. I am safe in my home.
  19. The Universe keeps me safe.
  20. I choose to spend time with people who make me feel emotionally safe.
  21. My family is safe.
  22. I rest in the comforting arms of safety.
  23. I know what it feels like to be safe, emotionally and physically.
  24. I let go of the things that don’t serve my emotional safety.
  25. When I feel safe, I can relax.
  26. I allow myself to be at ease.
  27. I surrender and I feel safe.
  28. The people who love me protect me every day.
  29. I feel my heartbeat and I feel safe.
  30. Consistency gives me security.
  31. I find safety in the little moments.
  32. I breathe and I feel safe.
  33. I am safe in my body.


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