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Affirmation Ebook: Transformational Affirmations

A comprehensive guide to making affirmations work powerfully in your life!

Transformational Affirmations

Transformational Affirmations: Affirmation eBook Promotional Image

This affirmation ebook combines all 30 affirmation posts on Wild Simple Joy into one book. You’ll find:

You can get all this information for free on our site with the use of ads. But if you’re someone who thinks you may benefit from quick and easy access to loads of affirmations and a detailed, convenient guide for using your affirmations every day in the best way possible, this is for you!

Includes 900+ affirmations!


Affirmation Ebook: Transformational Affirmations

Picture a new mother, one child 18 months old with another on the way. I was a full time teacher and had a 30 minute commute to my classroom every day. 

My life had never been so stressful.

I was consumed with guilt at dropping my son at daycare every day. I hated getting cheap, fast food because I knew it wasn’t healthy, but I didn’t have the time to do better. My heart was heavy and sad because I knew that abundance, wonder, and bliss was available out there but I was drowning.

But in December of 2018 I started to write my own affirmations every day…

Since then, I’ve been able to:

  • quit my job
  • become a stay-at-home-mom
  • start a blog
  • pay off a ton of debt ($9,000 and counting)
  • find more joy in my life!

And that’s how I know affirmations work. Positive affirmations can help you change your mindset and change your life.

That’s why I wrote these blog posts about affirmations on Wild Simple Joy.

Transformational Affirmations combines all my blog posts on affirmations into one 90-page PDF ebook.

You can expect:
    ✅ a practical guide to affirmations
    ✅ easy to understand language
    ✅ different ideas for using your affirmations in your daily life
    ✅ 900+ affirmations for you to use every day
    ✅ ways to level up your affirmations and put them to work for you
    ✅ ad-free
    ✅ large font to make it easy to read

I can’t guarantee that your life will be perfect (there’s no such thing) but this book will help you use affirmations and have easy access to over 900 affirmations that you can use in your own life.

Dawn Elizabeth Wild Simple Joy Laughing About Me

Now that I’ve been using affirmations for over a year and a half, my life is so much more positive and I find it easier to relieve my stress too.

I hope you enjoy this affirmation ebook!

Dawn Elizabeth

Affirmations for Overcoming

Sometimes in our lives, we are striving to get rid of the “bad stuff”: stress, anxiety, anger, negative experiences, and the like.

It can be difficult to make these experiences positive, and they can take some time. But affirmations are a great way to help our minds focus on something other than the crushing emotions that can seem to take over our lives.

This affirmation ebook includes a full section of affirmations to help you overcome all these negative emotions. Here’s what you can find:

  • Affirmations for Patience
  • Affirmations for Acceptance
  • Affirmations for Letting Go
  • Affirmations for Anxiety
  • Affirmations for Anger
  • Affirmations for Safety
  • Affirmations for Mondays
  • Affirmations for Stressful Family Gatherings

Affirmations for Enhancing

Of course, when we experience those positive emotions, we want more of them! Affirmations can help us notice all the amazing things that happen in our lives and bring those elevated, higher-frequency emotions to the front of the stage in your life.

Here are the positivity-enhancing affirmations you can find in this affirmation ebook:

  • Affirmations for Spirituality
  • Affirmations for Joy
  • Affirmations for Health and Fitness
  • Affirmations for Self-Love and Worth
  • Affirmations for Creativity
  • Affirmations for Money
  • Affirmations for Success
  • Affirmations for Attracting Love
  • Morning Affirmations
  • Affirmations for New Year’s Resolutions

Womxn & Families Section

As a mother myself, I write a lot of affirmations for womxn, birthing people, mothers, and children. There is a special section that includes affirmations for you. Here’s what this ebook includes:

  • Wild Woman Affirmations
  • Affirmations for Fertility
  • Affirmations for Pregnancy
  • Affirmations for Birth
  • Affirmations for Moms
  • Affirmations for Breastfeeding & Weaning
  • Affirmations for Toddlers

Sample Pages, Transformational Affirmations Ebook

Affirmation ebook sample pages


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