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Over the generations, a woman’s power has slowly been squashed away. It’s time we opened our eyes to our social conditioning/the patriarchy and stepped into our true power.

It means lifting up other women and celebrating them. It means teaching our young women (and men) to find their own voice and use it to add compassion and wisdom to our world.

Womanhood & Feminism Main Pic: "The Future is Female"
Feminism, woman standing strong with fists up

Why Feminism?​

Feminism is the belief that women are equal and should be treated as such in society. But that’s not as simple as it seems. It means loving and supporting all womxn and oppressed groups—including BIPOC and LGBTQ+— normalizing pleasure, as well as seeing children as fully functioning human beings with minds and needs of their own. Feminism is the root of healing.

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