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How to Attract, Tame, and Keep a Wild Woman For Life!

It sounds like you have a wild woman in your life, and you’re ready to make her yours for keeps!

…The only thing is that there’s no such thing as tame wild women! She is a free spirit, and the best way to her wild heart is to match her spirit and be a safe place for her to nest.

​So let’s talk about the 7 things you must do to attract, tame, and keep your wild woman for life!

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What is a Wild Woman?

Coined by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés in the 90s, a wild woman is someone who does not follow the dictates or guidelines that the patriarchy has set. She is someone who listens to her heart, follows her intuition, indulges her deepest fantasies, and makes all of her desires come true. She is a force to be reckoned with–a wild and creative spirit.

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7 Things You Can Do to Keep a Wild Woman Satisfied

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I want to reiterate that there is no real way to “capture” a wild woman. You’re never going to tame her wild side or get her to become highly domestic. You land a wild woman because the wild woman wants to be with you! And there are several ways you do this.

The wild woman has things she needs and wants from a partner. They might not be conventional, but they’re what she wants.

*Let me assure you that I am a fully evolved wild woman and all of these things are true for my relationship with my husband. My husband is someone who goes with the waves of my wild self as if it is the most natural thing in the world, so if he can do it, so can you!

Here are 7 things you can do to keep your wild woman satisfied.

1. Be accepting of her friends

Sure, sometimes a wild woman is a lone wolf. But more than likely, she has an entire pack of wolves with her.

You will never get rid of these women! They’re here to stay!

Accept them. You don’t have to understand them. You don’t even have to like them! But these women love and cherish your girl… they’re 100% behind her all the way. They are her #1 fans and her cheerleaders.

You and they want the same thing: for your girl to be happy and satisfied!

2. Understand when her house or space is messy or cluttered

A wild woman has a tendency to get massive creative urges. She might rearrange her living room at 3:00am or spend an entire weekend doing crafts after a massive haul from Michael’s. She might forego cleaning for a month because she spends every waking moment writing her memoir.

If you’re a neat freak, maybe offer to help her clean next weekend (or whenever her creative urges are over). Even if you’re okay with clutter, she will consider it a huge point for your relationship if you wash a couple of dishes or throw that pizza box out for her.

And then sit with her and show your interest and engagement when she displays the fruits of her labor for you. Because even if you’re not interested in fairy houses, if you’re interested in her, you’re going to be happy that she’s so excited.

2. Experience new things with her

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This girl has a wild spirit and you need to be a good time. Have a good time with her!

You don’t always have to match her wildness–honestly, she has enough wild for the both of you. Sometimes it’s enough just to go along with what she wants to do or be by her side through life’s journey.

And don’t be stingy with your free time. Yes, she’s going to do things with her friends, and you’re going to do things with your friends.

But if you intend to be with her, BE WITH HER!

“Research shows that strong, long-lasting relationships are fed through experiencing new things together.” (The Center for Marriage and Family Relationships.) Try new things and experience something brand new. She wants to make memories with you!

3. Trust her

If there’s one person a wild woman trusts above all else, it’s herself. Her intuition is highly tuned. She knows where her limits are and how to keep herself safe. This is a wise woman.

This means that you also need to trust her. Trust her word. (If she doesn’t honor her word, she’s not a true wild woman, just a lost little girl.)

Trust in a relationship is one of the primary ways to show that any relationship is a healthy one, and being in a relationship with a wild woman is no different!

4. Let go of the opinions of others

Wild women care little about the opinion of society as a whole. There will be times that you will question your life choices and wonder if you’re cut out for this when considering what your family will think.

But when you’re in a relationship with a wild woman, you will need to make compromises. Ask yourself how much you care about the opinions of others, and why. Is it because you seek to please them or desire praise? Or is it because you respect them?

If your answer is the former, know that this may be a self-esteem issue on your part, and you may need to do some work. If your answer is the latter, then you should understand that if those people respect you in return, they will respect your choices!

But your wild woman does care about your opinion. So be open and honest with her, and make sure the only people’s opinions you’re considering and yours and hers! She practices self-love and radical self-acceptance… so should you!

5. Encourage her big dreams

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The very last thing you ever want to do is make a wild woman feel small. She will be gone in a heartbeat.

So make sure you not only accept but also encourage her big, wild dreams. Maybe she wants to get a degree in art, or maybe she is writing a novel. Maybe she wants to be the first woman to skydive on every continent. (Is that a thing?)

Whatever her big life goals are, get on board!

6. Be her comfort zone

The world is a big, exciting place, but there’s nothing quite like coming home. And by “home” I don’t mean a place, rather, I mean you.

Home to a wild women is the people she loves and feels comfortable with. They are the ones who are her comfort zone, her safe space. They are her place to nest, to be herself. She knows she won’t be judged. She doesn’t have to explain herself or justify her crazy ideas and plans.

She can just be herself, and that’s the best way to keep a wild woman. Listen to her. Make an honest effort to understand her, and if you ever don’t understand, then just accept her for who she is. She will want to stick around, I promise!


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To quote 38 Special:

“Hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly to her, you’re gonna lose control.”

It’s really pretty simple:

Be there for your wild woman, and she’ll stay on her own.

And perhaps one day, when you’re both old and wrinkly, some of her wildness will have rubbed off on you!

And if you’re interested in manifesting a wild woman in your life, check out how to manifest a healthy relationship!

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How to Tame a Wild Woman and Make Her Yours!

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