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140 Power Words to Describe a Strong Woman

Every woman deserves to hear others smother her in compliments and apt descriptions. Whether you’re a writer looking for some inspiration for a powerful female character or a significant other looking for some potent words to give your woman a bombass compliment, you’re in the right place.

I’ve listed out 140 words to describe a strong woman that will give you some serious inspiration. Strong women can be fierce in body or mind, will or wit. And powerful women are entrancing! Let’s go!

Strong woman shattering the glass ceiling with open arms as glass falls.

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How to Describe a Strong Woman

If you’re asking a question like “What do you call a badass woman?” or “How do you praise a strong woman?”, the answer is pretty simple.

Sure, women like to be called friendly, beautiful, or sexy (in the right context, of course), but if you’re looking to describe a strong woman with POWERFUL words, you’re going to need to break out of the box and get a little creative.

Whether it's in the boardroom or in the bedroom, women want to receive compliments and descriptions that are fitting, honest, and that, quite frankly, make them feel like the goddesses they are. -Wild Simple Joy

Here’s the thing. Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the bedroom, women want to receive compliments and descriptions that are fitting, honest, and that, quite frankly, make them feel like the goddesses they are.

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When Describing a Beautiful Woman

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are all kinds of beauty, especially when it comes to women.

When you’re describing women, start with the truth. If a woman is loud and boisterous to a fault, don’t describe her as a meek and mild bunny! (Unless that’s your girl’s thing.) Tell her she’s fearless and feisty, and that you revere her wild radiance!

Personally, I like the term wild woman. It shows a certain kind of defiance, but also a witchiness and attention to nature!

What if your woman brushes off compliments?

Kasia Urbaniak is one of my favorite experts on women and power. She talks about how women are raised to reflect inward. Society tells us to deflect compliments. This is part of the “Good Girl” persona.

If that’s your woman, she’s in good company. If you’re worried she’ll be overwhelmed or embarrassed at such a stunning compliment or description, the make sure you’re being vulnerable and showing honesty so that she knows you’re not just flattering her, but really being honest.

The last thing I want (or she wants) is for you to use these words to butter her up without any substance behind your words! So use these words genuinely!

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List of 140 Words to Describe a Strong Woman

Originally when I started writing this list, I thought I’d probably come up with a list of 100 words. But when I finished, it was 140. I may even come back and add more words as I think of more!

  1. admired
  2. adored
  3. adventurous
  4. alluring
  5. ambitious
  6. ardent
  7. articulate
  8. assertive
  9. astonishing
  10. audacious
  11. badass
  12. bewitching
  13. bodacious
  14. bold
  15. brave
  16. breathtaking
  17. brilliant
  18. celestial
  19. champion
  20. charismatic
  21. cheeky
  22. chic
  23. classy
  24. clever
  25. commanding
  26. confident
  27. cool
  28. courageous
  29. daring
  30. dauntless
  31. dazzling
  32. decisive
  33. dedicated
  34. deity
  35. direct
  36. distinguished
  37. divine
  38. dynamic
  39. eloquent
  40. empowering
  41. enlightened
  42. enterprising
  43. enthusiastic
  44. entrancing
  45. exceptional
  46. exquisite
  47. fearless
  48. fierce
  49. fiery
  50. fighter
  51. focused
  52. formidable
  53. forward
  54. gem
  55. genius
  56. goddess
  57. gorgeous
  58. groundbreaking
  59. gumptious
  60. heavenly
  61. heroic
  62. heroine
  63. humorous
  64. idolized
  65. imaginative
  66. imposing
  67. impressive
  68. independent
  69. influential
  70. ingenious
  71. inimitable
  72. innovative
  73. insightful
  74. inspired
  75. inspiring
  76. intense
  77. intoxicating
  78. intuitive
  79. irresistible
  80. keen
  81. luminous
  82. maestro
  83. magnetic
  84. magnificent
  85. marvelous
  86. mastermind
  87. mighty
  88. open-minded
  89. original
  90. passionate
  91. peerless
  92. persistent
  93. persuasive
  94. phenomenal
  95. pioneering
  96. playful
  97. posh
  98. powerful
  99. priestess
  100. queen
  101. radiant
  102. rare
  103. ravishing
  104. relentless
  105. resilient
  106. revered
  107. risk-taking
  108. ruthless
  109. sacred
  110. sagacious
  111. sage
  112. saucy
  113. savage
  114. savvy
  115. scintillating
  116. sharp
  117. shrewd
  118. smart
  119. smashing
  120. spellbinding
  121. spirited
  122. star
  123. strong
  124. stormy
  125. stunning
  126. sublime
  127. successful
  128. too-much
  129. treasured
  130. unashamed
  131. unique
  132. virtuoso
  133. visionary
  134. vivid
  135. wild
  136. wise
  137. witch
  138. wizard
  139. witty
  140. whimsical

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140 Words to Describe a Strong Woman (List of 140 Words, Vertical Pinterest Image.)

140 Power Words to Describe a Strong Woman

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