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18 Signs You’re a Free Spirit — What Does Free Spirit Mean?

Looking for signs that you’re a free spirit? You’re in the right place! Being a free spirit in a world of followers can be difficult. But the meaning of “free spirit” is something as diverse and varied as the wild women who call themselves this.

So let’s answer the question “What does Free Spirit mean?” and check out 18 signs that you’re a free spirit!

Signs you're a free spirit woman at heart

“Free Spirit” Meaning

What is the meaning of “free spirit”?

A free spirited person is someone who is uninhibited by traditional society structures. A free spirit might go with the flow, embrace spontaneity, reject conformity, and live her life in an unconventional way. She says what she means and is simultaneously gentle and strong. She is spirited and free.

What’s the Opposite of a Free Spirit?

The opposite of a free spirit is someone who follows all the rules. She is mainstream, calculated, and precise. This kind of person always plans everything to perfection, and they uphold all expectations and pressure that society puts on them, even exceeds them.

They might be highly ambitious and ruthless, or they might be the traditional “good girl”, who tries to please everyone around them. People who are the opposite of free-spirited will be incredibly self-sacrificing.

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18 Signs of a Free Spirit

So now that you know what free spirit means, let’s look at 18 signs you are one.

Free Spirit Sign #1: You follow your gut

Free spirited woman follows her instincts

Call it what you like: gut, instincts, primal feelings, our inner barometer, trusting that part of us is essential to a free spirited person.

That’s what the word “free” describes. When you only follow your own inner guidance, you are free from any chains that society might place on you.

And, not surprisingly, there are many benefits to following your instincts. First, you may avoid dire consequences if you follow your natural instinct. But it can also help you make quick decisions, even if you don’t have all the information. Your gut is there to help you, so thinking too much, wavering, changing your mind, or letting others influence you may seem wishy-washy.

And believe me, free spirited people are not wishy washy!

#2. You don’t let societal pressures influence you

Women in particular have so much pressure put on them from society. But when a woman is a free spirit, she lets society’s pressures and expectations roll right off her shoulders.

Don’t you want to get married and have kids?
Nah, I like doing my own thing.

Wow, you’ve put on some weight.
Actually, I don’t give a f*ck!

Free spirited people know they are beautiful for who they are and are unswayed by others opinions of them or what they should be doing.

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Free Spirit Meaning #3: You wear what you like

Bohemian woman wearing what she wants

Free spirits are typically creative and artistic individuals who love to express their personal style through what they wear.

They may be seen wearing bohemian or hippie style clothes, or even a more eclectic style that combines several other styles. In high school, they may have been a punk, skater, emo kid, hipster, or something else that expressed your emotion and desire to stray from the style norms.

Free spirits probably won’t be seen wearing LL Bean or carrying a Gucci bag, but they might wear clothing of their own personal cultural heritage or ancestry.

Whichever the case, they certainly don’t care what you think. They wear their style for themselves only.

Free Spirit Sign #4: You don’t follow mainstream culture

As mentioned above, free spirits are usually people who follow their own path. They aren’t a follower, instead, they forge their own paths, often making way for others to do the same.

Whether it’s something small, like not caring about the latest design trend, or something big, like leaving a secure job to go travel South America for four months, they aren’t concerned with the word “should”.

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#5. You don’t care about being a “good girl”

Being a free spirit means not caring about being a "good girl"

Kasia Urbaniak describes the “Good Girl” as someone whose job it is to maintain the status quo. She’s moderate and focuses on making herself small so as not to outshine anyone.

Good girls just do what they “should” do (sometimes blindly) because that’s what they’re taught. They suppress their natural power and their voice. They are quiet.

But free spirits follow their own hearts and don’t mind what they “should” do. They show off their tattoos, sing loudly on the bus, roll in the mud, and allow themselves to use their voice, have power, and experience pleasure.

They know their job is not to please anyone except themselves.

(Check out Kasia’s book, A Woman’s Guide to Power Unbound. It has been the most influential book of 2021 for me so far!)

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Free Spirit Sign #6: You feel uninhibited and free

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but free spirits feel free. They are free to explore, free to feel.

Free to experience.
Free to learn.
Free to express.
Free to love.

Being free-spirited means that you don’t let anything hold you down.

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#7. You love traveling and learning new cultures

The meaning of "free spirit" implies that you embrace all different kinds of people, like this woman who loves traveling

Part of the freedom a free spirit may experience is the desire to travel.

They don’t do this to put themselves on a pedestal, to show off the money they have, or to think highly of themselves. They do it because they are innately curious about the world and love learning new things about people, cultures, and lands.

In fact, a lot of the time, they are so interested in travel that they would do it on a dime. These are the ones you see backpacking through Europe, staying in hostels, crashing on others’ couches, or using their entire savings to go experience something totally new.

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Free Spirit Meaning #8: You don’t compare yourself to others

Free spirits are indeed free from any societal pressures, but they also don’t put any pressures on others.

People who are free-spirited are usually accepting of a person just as they are and are very non-judgmental. There is no need to compare your own accomplishments to someone else’s because you’re simply on a different path than they are. There is no need to judge someone else for their love of something mainstream, because if it makes them happy, then why should you care?

Live and let live.

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#9. You use bold adjectives to describe yourself

Bold bohemian woman

Free spirits would not describe themselves as meek or mild. The meaning of “free spirit” implies that a person lives boldly.

Loud. Strong. Fun. Spirited. Genius. Creative. Too much. Too emotional. Stubborn. Strong-willed.

These are some words that free spirits might use when talking about themselves, and they carry those terms very proudly.

Free spirits let themselves be seen for who and what they are without worrying about what others think.

Free Spirit Sign #10: You go with the flow

Free spirited people are often very spontaneous. It doesn’t mean they have to go where the wind blows them every second of every day, but they know that there’s a balance to be struck.

Free spirits might be that person who organizes a spur-of-the-moment gathering at a bar after work. They might also be the person to drop everything and go to Mexico to help children who need a school.

Spontaneity is central to a free spirit’s joy.

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#11. You’re considered unconventional

This free spirited woman is unconventional to typical American standards

Similar to not being a “good girl” or following mainstream culture, people may think of you, and even call you unconventional.

Maybe it’s the way you dress, the way you daydream, the way you create art or express yourself, because you don’t follow that mainstream culture, your life is considered “different”.

But free spirits don’t mind being thought of as different, in fact, they embrace it.

It’s part of their charm and their charisma.

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#12. You’re incredibly passionate

Passion is defined as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something” or “a strong and barely controllable emotion”.

Free spirits find passion and excitement everywhere, from celebrating a woman’s power, to laughing at flower petals blowing in the wind, to wild nights with a lover. They might be passionate about art, expression, culture, travel, love, celebration, healing, or being spontaneous. Contrastly, they might feel passionate about their family, education, even social issues.

Passion is also a sign of divine feminine energy.

Free Spirit Sign #13: You love daydreaming

Woman daydreaming and looking at nature: Free Spirit Meaning.

Free spirits are usually extremely experienced with daydreaming. And daydreaming has some great benefits.

First and foremost, daydreaming can help with creativity and problem-solving. This is also another expression of their emotion and desires.

You may catch a free spirit sitting and doing nothing, or maybe lying in the grass staring at clouds, or perhaps free spirits like to nap a lot.

Whatever their preferred method of spacing-out, free spirits usually take this very seriously.

Free Spirit Meaning #14: You love unconditionally

Unconditional love is affection and care without limits. This means that you’re not interested in changing other people.

When a free spirit loves someone, there are no expectations. Now, that doesn’t mean that a free spirit can’t be in a monogamous relationship or don’t feel a duty to their children. They can, and they do.

It just means that there are no strings attached. They will not withhold their love because they don’t get what they want or think they should have.

“Free spirit” means their love is free, just like they are.

#15. You have a tribe of very close, loyal friends

What does "free spirit" mean? When you're a free spirit, you might have a tribe of very close, loyal friends

Because a free spirit is often considered “different”, they may have developed friendships and relationships with similarly unconventional people that last their whole lifetime.

Free spirits are fiercely loyal to the people in their lives because they understand each other in a way that others just don’t get.

And it’s not that they judge others for not getting it, but when they find someone who comes into their life who truly sees their soul and spirit… that is a bond that cannot be broken easily.

#16. You let go of something that’s not meant for you

A real free spirit knows her self-worth. Someone who is a free spirit accepts and lets go of things that are not right for her life right now.

Sometimes it might be a person they want in their life but who is on a completely different path.

Other times, it may be a promotion that they were passed up for. They know something better is on the horizon for them.

Even when someone betrays them or hurts them in a way that they know they don’t deserve, they are quick to objectively cut that person from their life.

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Free Spirit Sign #17: You embrace growing older

When you're a free spirit, growing old is a pleasure that you embrace to the fullest

As we grow older, free spirits love and embrace themselves and their power even more.

They know that growing older is a gift that isn’t given to everyone on this earth. Aging is something to be cherished.

It means more experience, more memories, more concrete belief in who you are as a person, and more freedom. Being older means less inhibited love, more fun, and more enjoyment out of life.

Free spirited people are likely to age gracefully, taking care of their bodies, practicing healing rituals, letting their hair go gray. They aren’t interested in botox or tattooed-on eyebrows. They want realness.

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#18. You don’t mind being alone

Last, free spirits don’t mind being alone. Maybe it’s because they love exploring their mind through daydreaming or crafting their art.

But solitude is often an important part of being a free spirit. Free-spirited people are comfortable with themselves, and they are comfortable with silence.

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Now you know how to answer the question “What does free spirit mean?”!

Free spirits are amazing people who follow their own path in life. The meaning of free spirit is going to be slightly different for each person, but one thing is for sure — whether yourself or a loved one is a free spirit, embrace it.

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What is the Meaning of “Free Spirit”?: 18 Signs You’re a Free Spirit at Heart


Thursday 20th of April 2023

I am definitely a free spirit because...I Am Me. Nothing else matters. Thank you for such an enlightening article.


Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

This is me. Finally learning about this at 39 and now my life makes sense.

Dawn Elizabeth

Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

Me too, Meena!❤

Rita Gray

Wednesday 12th of January 2022

We "Free Spirits", are usually misunderstood. I have been all my life. 😉


Sunday 24th of April 2022

@Rita Gray, this so true. The older I get the more I learn to deal with being misunderstood. It's hard to please myself some days so how are we supposed to please others. So I just live to please myself....

Madonna B Collins

Friday 5th of November 2021

Being me and I love it. Not traditional at all. Take life for what it is and run with it.

Dawn Perez

Saturday 6th of November 2021

"Take life for what it is and run with it." LOVE THIS!

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