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38 of the Best Hippie Gifts for Her in 2022!

Are you wondering, “What should I get for my hippie girlfriend?” Or maybe “What’s on a granola girl Christmas list?” This list of best hippie gifts for her has a ton of ideas for you!

Today it’s all about crunchy, granola, natural women! This list of best hippie gifts is for all those Bohemian, Free-spirit, Earth-Child Gifts.

We’ve updated this post for holidays 2022 with a few things in mind. We’ve taken out the dreamcatchers as they were not made by Indigenous artists. (If you’re interested in dreamcatchers, check out our Wild Woman Gifts.) We’ve also added some additional hippie fashion! (See below!)

Boho woman is happy because she got the best hippie gifts for her!

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Hippies (not to be confused with hipsters) are independent and reject mainstream culture for a more natural, healthy, eco-conscious, and sustainable future, with a little love and female free spirit thrown in the mix.

We celebrate your power, your compassion, and what makes you different.

If you’re hoping to give a unique or eco-friendly gift to your hippie girl, we’ve got you covered.

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Gifts on Etsy and Amazon

Etsy is an incredibly reputable source to support small businesses. Hippies care about the mom & pop shops and small businesses. Corporations have enough money, so let’s support the little guy!

But… I understand that Etsy is not as accessible to many as Amazon is, so I have found some fairly priced options on Amazon as well.

These gifts are versatile, and they range from $7 to $145. So there’s something for every price range. I won’t list prices here because shops may be running sales and changing their prices. But here’s a guide to get you started on what the price might be for an item you see below.

$ = $5-30
$$ = $30-60
$$$ = $60-100
$$$$ = $100+

Every shop on both Amazon and Etsy has been vetted and has hundreds to thousands of sales and a 4.5-5 star range, so you know you can trust the seller and the quality of the product.

I try to update this post of best hippie gifts frequently to ensure that the items in this list are in stock, but I can’t guarantee that these exact items will be available ALL the time.

When shopping for your granola girl, consider greens and brown-toned items, lots of nature, some rainbows, maybe some tie-dye. Crystals, patchouli candles, and feathers are all good! These bohemian gifts work for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other gift-giving occasion.

Below, you’ll find:

  1. Hippie Jewelry
  2. Boho Decor
  3. Spiritual / Meditation Space Necessities
  4. Earthy Accessories
  5. Hippie Fashion
  6. Rainbow Love and Hippie Face Masks

Whether the woman is a hippie, bohemian, star-child, or just a little health-crunchy, she will adore these BEST gifts for hippies!

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The BEST Hippie Gifts for Her

Best Hippie Jewelry Gifts

Luna Tide Designs Quartz Necklace Hippie Gift for Her.

Clear Quartz Necklace $$

This quartz necklace from Luna Tide Designs is both classy and bohemian. Clear quartz is a great crystal for powerful healing and amplifies energy and intention!

Small Raw Amethyst Cluster Pendant from Constant Ruckus

Amethyst Geode Necklace $

This amethyst druzy necklace is inexpensive and gorgeous! It’s a super boho item for those women who want a long, statement necklace. Also, amethyst is said to help with mindfulness and helps with protection!

Zoe River Elegance Etsy Shop Peace Sign Necklace Boho Gift.

Tiny Peace Sign Necklace $

This adorable little peace sign necklace is a way for your hippie to show desire for peace without screaming it from the rooftops. It’s understated and still classy while showing her hippie nature!

The Joyful Jewelry Box Aztec Earrings as a gift for your boho girlfriend.

Simple Bohemian Earrings $

A less expensive choice, these earrings are great for boho teenagers. Colorful and playful, they say “bohemian” without being a huge statement piece.

KUKLA Studio Etsy Bamboo Earrings make a great classy bohemian gift for women!

Bamboo Glass Art $$$

My god, I love these earrings. These are wearable art from KUKLA Studio. Made from colored glass, these earrings are great for those hippies who are artsy and classy, but still want to show their earthy side.

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Boho Home Decor for Hippy Gifts

5 Piece Set Macrame Plant Hanger by Smithstock

5 Piece Set Macrame Plant Hanger $

When it comes to Christmas gifts or wedding gifts for hippie women, you can’t get more hippie than macrame!

Macrame has made a comeback in recent recent years, and these hangers for potted plants are inexpensive and lovely!

Macrame wall hanging from Smithstock

Macrame Wall Hanging $

Looking for something less expensive? This macrame wall hanging is a lovely present for a teenager, college dorm, or even a Wicca altar!

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Dark Horse Garage Boho Decor.

Metal Arrow Wall Display $

This metal arrow isn’t only bohemian, it also has a very Wiccan vibe! It can be placed inside or on the outside of your house, so it’s a very versatile bohemian piece of decor.

Wood Mandala from Tohar Wood Design

Wood Mandala Wall Art $$$$

Hippies love nature materials, so wood home decor is an obvious choice! Mandalas are beautiful, calming, and this one is a large piece of art that can hang anywhere in your house as a statement piece.

Velvet Valley Etsy Shop Luxurious Hippie Gifts for Her.

Linen Bedspread $$$$

Linen is another material that is super natural and very hippie. And this bedspread is absolutely luxurious! It is very expensive, but it could be a great addition to a luxurious hippie bedroom!

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Tree Stump Table $$$

This stunning piece helps your hippie bring the beautiful outdoors inside! As an added bonus, Knaughty Log Company plants 8 trees for every stump table sold. Let’s help our hippie friends save the planet!

Gold Round Shelf from Kimisty Designs

Gold Round Shelf $$

A triangle shelf can be used to store your crystals, flowers, or essential oils. What a lovely addition to your bohemian living room decor!

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Best Hippie Gifts for Spirituality, Meditation, and Yoga Spaces

I Love Lotus Selenite Tower is a great hippie gift.

Selenite Tower $

Selenite crystals have powers of clarity and are excellent for meditation and clearing away negative or anxious thoughts. This hippie gift is good decor and also works on a metaphysical level.

Himalayan Salt Lamp $

I have this exact lamp, and it is lovely! I turn it on during my early mornings for a nice orange glow! Himalayan salt is said to have restorative properties and help your chi.

Amethyst, Selenite, Celestite Set $

Can’t decide on crystals to get for your hippie? A set of small crystals is the perfect compromise! Selenite, amethyst, and celestite are all great crystals for positivity and spiritual development. Plus, they’re just pretty!

Healing Wave Bowls Etsy Shop Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are a great choice for hippies with a new age side! If your hippie woman meditates or likes to practice reiki or Wicca, a Tibetan singing bowl will be a perfect hippie gift.

Sunshine Hello Crafts Etsy Shop Suncatcher Best Hippie Gifts.

Chakra Suncatcher

A lovely, sparkly thing to hang in a window, this colorful chakra suncatcher will inspire daydreams of sun-kissed fields in the springtime!

Crystal Suppliers on Etsy Best Hippie Gifts.

Obsidian Towers $-$$$$

Obsidian is a gemstone that has extreme protective properties and can protect your home or your body from negative energy. This is a great addition to a hippie meditation space to clear your space of bad vibes.

Beanwick Natural Candle from Etsy Patchouli Scent Hippie Gift.

Patchouli Candles $

Did you know that standard candles are toxic? These patchouli candles are not only a great hippie scent, but they’re made from non-toxic soy and have a clean-burning wick. Truly one of the best hippie gifts!

Chakra Mala Beads $$

These rainbow-colored mala beads are great for a hippie’s meditation practice. With 108 beads, you can say an affirmation or mantra with each bead as you meditate!

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat from Jauntilie on Etsy.

Eco-friendly Yoga Mat $$$

Unlike most yoga mats out there, this one is completely biodegradable! Plus, they’re naturally antibacterial, so they require minimal care and cleaning! Your hippie/yogi will love this one!

Buckwheat Meditation Pillow from Be A Pillowholic on Etsy.

Natural Meditation Pillow $$

Looking for a meditation pillow made of natural fibers? This one’s a great choice! It’s made of linen, cotton, and buckwheat and it comes in neutral colors to go in anyone’s meditation space.

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Earthy Accessories as a Bohemian Birthday Present

iPhone case from Oxy Wood Design.

Resin and Wood iPhone Case $$

This phone case below is exactly what I have right now. Each one is slightly different, and you can order it in a variety of colors.

Wired Floral Headband from Opal Vintage Designs

Wired Floral Headband $

Simple and feminine, this floral headband is an easy choice for your hippie woman for Valentine’s day, birthday, or Christmas (think stocking-stuffer!)

Simple Flower Crown $

Greenery is the new flowers, especially if you’re a granola girl! This inexpensive floral crown has been used in weddings and just for fun.

Easy Flower Crown on Amazon $

Another simple and inexpensive flower crown for your hippie beauty! This one has more color than the previous two.

Floral Crown Hippie Girl Gift from Bloom Design Studio (etsy).

Large Flower Crown $$$

Does your girl like Frida Kahlo?! This autumn-colored floral crown is absolutely stunning for a photoshoot or special day for your bohemian queen!

Fashion Hippie Gifts for Her

Upscale Bohemian Fashion

BEE Linen Top from Love and Confuse

BEE Linen Top $$$

Your girlfriend will love this linen boho top from Love and Confuse! It’s breezy and natural, and can be styled with tons of accessories or in different styles. Linen is a great fabric for any hippie!

Natural Linen Dress from Black Ficus

Natural Linen Dress $$$

This natural linen dress gorgeous. It can be styled for any season and is very high quality linen! Whether it’s something to wear for a wedding on the beach or garden, or walking around the farmer’s market in the spring, this hippie dress is versatile!

Kayame Boutique Etsy Shop Boho Fringe Skirt Best Hippie Gifts for Her.

Hippie Fringe Skirt $$$

This organic skirt is a fantastic statement piece for all kinds of special occasions. You can also find the kimono top in the Kayame Boutique as well.

White Peasant Top from Forever Dolled Up

White Peasant Top $$

If the other selections are too hippie for you, this peasant top is just hippie enough while still being mainstream enough to help you feel comfortable and bohemian, making this the best hippie gift for teenagers or young adults.

Halter Top from Hanna Broer

Halter Top $$

This organic halter top is gorgeous as it gets. Wear it around the house, to yoga, or even to a festival! (Check out the shop’s other natural bras and undies while you’re there!)

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Rainbow and Tie Dye

Pixxie Dust Creations Tie Dye Tshirt from Etsy.

Tie Dye Tshirt $

If you’re looking for hippie fashion that’s a little less expensive, a tie dye shirt is for you!

Declaration House Rainbow House Sign.

We’re All In This Together House Sign $-$$

This rainbow house sign can be used to show pride or to show that you want to stand united through this COVID pandemic.

Outcasty Designs on Etsy Rainbow Pride Blanket.

Rainbow Woven Pride Blanket $$$

Add some color to your hippie girl’s room with this upscale and colorful rainbow blanket!

You don’t have to be LGBTQ to appreciate rainbows, though, so show your straight support or just love the colors!

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