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19 Affordable, Personalized Gifts for Her (2021)

Personalized gifts like monogrammed towels or L.L. Bean backpacks aren’t in everyone’s tastes. But there are some great ways to do personalized gifts that are sentimental, fun, and nostalgic!

These 19 affordable, personalized gifts for her give you plenty of options and ideas to get your creativity stirred up to make something fantastic, whether they’re going to your mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or friend!

Woman in sweater is opening up a personalized gift for her from Etsy

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Affordable, Personalized Gifts for Her

1. Jewelry Dish

Jewelry Dish by The Painted Press
Photo Credit: The Painted Press

For women who own jewelry, having a secure place to put it while you’re using your hands is invaluable. Having a gorgeous place to put it? Even better!

This ring dish is minimalist and modern, with gold, initials, and options for greenery, flowers, or no additions.

It’s a simple and lovely personalized gift for her that she will love!

2. Child’s Drawing Preserved

Children's Drawing Personalized from Olive and Pip
Photo Credit: Olive and Pip

Personalized gifts for her don’t have to be styled: sometimes it’s best to go with a sentimental gift. Preserving a child’s drawing with a metallic on black styling is chic and adorable all at the same time!

Choose your base color (black, hot pink, navy, pale pink), and it comes pre-framed. Excellent reviews! (It does ship from the UK, so if you’re in the US, watch shipping costs!)

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3. Handwritten Note Blanket

Handwriting Blanket Gift from The Rooted Pair
Photo Credit: The Rooted Pair

The words on these blankets are woven, not printed, so they’re permanently personalized just for you! Write a note and have it immortalized!

The Rooted Pair gives you tons of different options to choose from, colors, styles, fabrics, etc. Check out the photos from the reviews for inspiration!

4. Custom Line Drawing

Custom Line Drawing from Paper Daisy Bespoke
Photo Credit: Paper Daisy Bespoke

Another artistic option, give her a piece of artwork created from her favorite photo. With the shop Paper Daisy Bespoke, just select a color or none, custom writing at the bottom and the year, if you so choose.

This is a gift that is sure to stun her, and she will look at it on the walls for years to come.

5. Personalized Necklace, Personalized Gifts for Her

Personalized Mother's Necklace from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry
Photo Credit: Sarah Cornwell Jewelry

An excellent choice for a personalized mother’s day gift or to a mother for Christmas or birthday, this gorgeous necklace includes her children’s (or grandchildren’s) initials and a stone.

Sarah Cornwell Jewelry is one of my favorite shops on Etsy for jewelry. It’s minimalist and easy, perfect for classy, every day jewelry!

Personalized Name Necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist
Photo Credit: Caitlyn Minimalist

If she’s not a mother, or she cherishes her own name, this Personalized Name Necklace is the perfect option! There are two modern and feminine fonts to choose from, and the necklace is affordable.

With over a million sales and a 5-star average, Caitlyn Minimalist shop on Etsy is a guaranteed happy purchase!

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6. Family Name for Wreath

Family Name Wreath Pretty Little Laser
Photo Credit: Pretty Little Laser

This adorable laser-cut wood name display is a perfect personalization for a Christmas wreath! (Wreath not included!) The shop Pretty Little Laser has sold thousands of personalized cutouts and signs, so they’re truly professional.

(Order with plenty of time though, because there are still COVID shipping delays.)

Front Door Hanger from Art and Soul Shoppe
Photo Credit: Art and Soul Shoppe

If you’d like something that includes a little wreath in addition, try this Front Door Hanger from Art and Soul Shoppe.

Instead of laser-cut, it’s painted and includes some greenery. The benefit is that this could be hung at any time of year, rather than changing out the wreath (or only hanging it at Christmas).

A great rustic-chic personalized gift for her!

7. Personalized Recipe Book

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book from Honey the Wood
Photo Credit: Honey the Wood

Here is a wonderful personalized gift for a woman that loves to cook!

This recipe book from Honey the Wood comes with many different options, from fonts, front cover designs, to type of wood, and interior recipe page designs.

This is a very unique and lovely gift idea for her!

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8. Custom Journal/Notebook

Monogrammed Leather Journal from Event City Design
Photo Credit: Event City Design

If your girlfriend, mother, or sister is a writer or loves to journal, a custom notebook might be a good personalized gift for her.

This one is a leather-bound journal that is monogrammed. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and has different styles for the front cover.

Personalized Notebook from Blue Dot Photography
Photo Credit: Blue Dot Photography

If plain leather isn’t for her, then maybe she would enjoy something a little more feminine. Great for younger women, this Floral Name Notebook from Blue Dot Photography is a great choice.

It comes in different sizes, different fonts, different number of pages, and you can choose between lined or unlined.

9. Custom Pebble Art

Sisters Pebble Art from UK Sticks and Stones
Photo Credit: UK Sticks and Stones

Definitely a more unique gift for a unique woman, this pebble art from U.K.-based store UK Sticks and Stones uses Scrabble letters, sticks, and small rocks to create a cute visual of a relationship that you want to highlight.

This one here shows Sister, but there are also ones for:

Best Friend
… and more!

10. Custom Artwork, Personalized Gifts for Her

Mother's Day Illustration from PRUART
Photo Credit: PRUART

Here are some more custom artwork personalized gifts for her that she will love.

This amazing custom art from Etsy shop PRUART isn’t very well known, but it has amazing reviews. Be sure to check out the extra art examples in the Etsy product page and reviews!

Best Friend Drawing Gift from By Sarp
Photo Credit: By Sarp

Here’s another option for custom artwork taken from a picture. This Grunge Artwork Custom is a very popular option on Etsy.

Again, the pictures from the reviews will give you a very good sense for how your photo might turn out!

11. Custom Candle

Personalized Candles from A to Z Gifts
Photo Credit: A to Z Gifts

If you’re looking for smaller, less expensive personalized gifts for her, a candle could be the way to go. Include it in a gift basket, or with a gift card, or just by itself!

Writing a personal message on a candle is a way to help her remember your intentions and love every time she lights it!

12. Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait from Draw My Pet Now
Photo Credit: Draw My Pet Now

When your girl is an animal lover, immortalizing her beloved pet may be the way to her heart. These custom pet portraits are stunning and can be done with or without their names.

Once again, make sure you check the reviews for additional pictures of how the completed artwork turns out. They are fantastic!

10. Sky Moment Board

Night Sky Moment from Wood Life Prints
Photo Credit: Wood Life Prints

These reached a height of popularity a few years ago, but they are still just as beautiful. Highlight a moment in your life together, like the day and place you got married, when your first child was born, or the day she graduated with her doctorate!

This board is high quality, sturdy, and beautiful, and it’s available in a variety of sizes.

13. Memory Box

Memory Box from World of Memories
Photo Credit: World of Memories

Even though many view memory boxes as “vintage” or “old”, for many, they are sentimental and mark a simpler time in our history.

For this box, there are custom designs for the top, front, and inside lid, as well as different colors of stain for the wood. They are highly customizable and might make the perfect gift for a woman who loves vintage and heartfelt gifts.

14. Custom Cutting Board, Personalized Gifts for Her

Custom Cutting Board from Dynamic Workshop
Photo Credit: Dynamic Workshop

Whether you think she’ll display this or use it for serving charcuterie boards, this is a great choice for a woman who likes hosting parties. It’s wonderful as a wedding gift, bridal shower gift, or anniversary gift.

This one is made from beautiful oak, walnut (shown), or cherry. The design and size can also be customized, along with the message.

Handwritten recipe Cutting Board from Circle City Design Co
Photo Credit: Circle City Design Co

Here’s another option for a personalized cutting board gift. This Handwritten recipe Cutting Board from Circle City Design Co includes a recipe that’s been written down by you (or grandma, or someone else) and then laser-engraved into the board to preserve their handwriting.

15. State to State Family Love

Love Between Family Print from Beth Kate Designs
Photo Credit: Beth Kate Designs

When it comes to personalized gifts for her, this is an ideal gift for those who are separated by a few states. Choose the number of states and which ones, or if you have family in a different country, they can customize that too!

So when she is longing for her family far away, she will know and feel the love that exists there.

16. Personalized Mug

Personalized Gift Mug from Mod Party
Photo Credit: Mod Party

For something simple and cutesy, this mug with her name on it is a great choice! It doesn’t have a lot a lot of customization available, but sometimes fewer choices means less stress.

Call it cheugy if you want, but I guarantee your millennial mother will think this is adorable!

17. Personalized Kitchen Towels

Dish Towel Personalized from Elle Jaye Online
Photo Credit: Elle Jaye Online

Here’s another wonderful gift for a grandma or a woman in your life that loves cooking.

Whether she’s the family matriarch who throws big holiday parties or she just enjoys cooking for her significant other, these customized kitchen towels are a simple and cute option for a personalized gift.

18. Personalized Flask for Women

Personalized Women's Flask from Your Wedding Place
Photo Credit: Your Wedding Place

Flasks aren’t just for weddings! This sleek rose gold flask from Etsy shop Your Wedding Place can be personalized with someone’s name.

Perhaps it’s for her 21st birthday, or perhaps it’s for tailgating. Either way, it’s a fun, lighthearted (and inexpensive) choice for a custom gift for her.

19. Custom Kitchen Apron

Personalized Apron from High Star Designs
Photo Credit: High Star Designs

Last, if the woman in your life is a baker, an apron is essential. Whether she teaches baking classes or just loves getting messy while making muffins with her toddler, this could be a cute custom gift for any woman who spends time in the kitchen.

This apron comes in a few different colors and has many different colors of print to choose from.

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19 Amazing, Personalized Gifts for Her

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