The 18 BEST Affirmation Cards for EVERYONE

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The Best Affirmations Cards for Your Positive Mindset Practice

I have reviewed over 50 sets of Affirmation cards from around the web to make sure that I can recommend the absolute BEST ONES. Many great products didn’t make the cut. I chose the best 18 sets of Affirmation Cards for a variety of uses, which I’ll cover in depth in a review of each product.

These are the BEST affirmation cards available as of April 2020 for meditation or general use!

If you’re curious (or in a hurry) here are the top picks based on some specific criteria:

TOP RATED: Dreamy Moons Affirmation Card Deck and Louise Hay Power Thought Cards
BEST VALUE: Affirmation Cards by Legendary Life, 120 Cards for ~$18
BEST ARTWORK: Women’s Empowerment Deck from Renegade Mama, handwritten, beautifully drawn cards!
BEST AFFIRMATIONS: Sacred Empowerment Deck, This shop has several decks of affirmation cards to choose from!
BEST NON-WOO-WOO: Affirmators! Specifically designed to be non-self-helpy
OUR #1 PICK! Women’s Empowerment Deck from Renegade Mama!!!! Affirmations, artwork, and brand are spot on with these cards!

But before you dive in, read a little bit about Affirmation Cards and how you can use them for maximum mindset breakthroughs!

What are Affirmation Cards and Why Would I Use Them?

Affirmation cards are individual cards, usually the size of a deck of cards, that have individual affirmations written on them. Affirmation cards can be styled in different ways, and you’ll see from the products below that there’s a huge range of writing styles, artistic styles and vibes that can come on Affirmation cards.

Hopefully, when you’re thinking about affirmations, you thinking about “I” statements that are positive and designed to help empower you and bolster your confidence and self-esteem on any particular area of life. They can help you create the beachbody you’ve always dreamed of, be a more patient parent, or even make more money through changing your mindset. They help you create balanced living that you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s a few sample affirmations that I’ve been using lately:

I am strong, kind, and fearless.

My heart is open to miraculous things happening to me.

I am committed to my soul’s purpose.

Affirmations are not magic, or voodoo. They’re all about establishing a healthy mindset and empowering yourself for positive change.

***If you’re new to affirmations, make sure you check out my Guide to Affirmations: What are affirmations and how do they work?

(You can also reference the Affirmations Guide for ideas how to use affirmations!)

Affirmations are for EVERYONE.

How to Use Affirmation Cards

Here are 10 ways you can get started using affirmation cards today:

  1. put them on your vision board
  2. use them as a mantra in meditation
  3. carry them in a bag or wallet to return to it throughout the day
  4. use them as journal prompts
  5. read 5-10 affirmations a day, slowly and intentionally, while you drink your morning coffee
  6. shuffle them and pull one a day as a focus for the day
  7. shuffle them when you need inspiration, draw one, and do some deep breathing on that affirmation
  8. share them with friends
  9. leave them around your house or office to view through your day
  10. use them as an oracle deck in your spiritual study

As you can see, affirmation cards are not designed for one specific use and can be altered to fit your specific focus or need! That’s why picking the right affirmation card set for you is absolutely imperative!

The 18 Best Affirmation Card Sets

Because there are SO many available, I had to narrow my criteria to choose the absolute best affirmation cards. Here are the things that I looked at:

  • must be in first person (i.e. I am unlimited.)
  • must be for meditation or general use
  • must be a physical product

All products are between $15 and 45, with an average price of about $21. (Some even have free shipping.)

Some other product types that I will NOT be reviewing in this post:

  • printable affirmation cards
  • mindfulness cards
  • meditation prompts
  • journal prompts
  • oracle cards
  • questions
  • self-help cards
  • kids’ affirmations
  • mama affirmations
  • pregnancy affirmations

(Some of these sets might include descriptions above, but they’re specifically designed for that use.)

Here are the 18 Best Affirmation Card Sets for meditation and general use that you can find online!

Starting with the Runners Up and counting down to #1!….


8 Runners-up

The Dreamer’s Deck Affirmation Cards by HotMessMomtrepreneur

Dreamer's Deck Affirmation Cards by HotMessMomtrepreneur on Etsy.
The Dreamer’s Deck 52 Affirmation Cards

How Many Cards: 52 cards
What Size:
2.5 x 3.5 inches
Notable Qualities: Watercolor

These adorable affirmation cards have uplifting and empowering affirmations for everyone! They’re very boho as well, with feathers, arrows, and dreamcatchers. The cards are pretty small.

You’ll find these adorable affirmation cards on Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: Someone looking for a basic set. Great for teenagers too!

Positive Affirmation Cards from Because I’m Happy

Daily Positive Thought Cards

How Many Cards: 54 Cards
What Size:
2.5 x 3.5 inches
Notable Qualities: Great for general practice

These Daily Positive Thoughts and Affirmations cards from Amazon are excellent general practice cards. They come with a plastic box, and they’re one sided. Each card has a different vibrant color.

These are a great starter pack. They are simple affirmations that can be used for children through adults, and they have a 4.9 Star rating on Amazon!

Who Should Use These Cards: Children through adults looking to get started with affirmations.

Affirmation Deck Wholeness Cards by The Salvaged Sawhorse

Affirmation Deck Wholeness Cards by The Salvaged Sawhorse on Etsy.
Affirmation Deck Wholeness Cards

How Many Cards: 30 cards
What Size:
Notable Qualities: variety of topics

These white on black affirmation cards have excellent reviews! They come in a little bag and you have the option of purchasing a wooden base to display the affirmation of the day upright to see it all day long!

You can find these cards on Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: Someone looking for a general set and would like to display their card on their desk.

Lamare Affirmation Cards from Lamare

Lamare Affirmation Cards from Lamare on Etsy.
Lamare Affirmation Cards

How Many Cards: 40 cards
What Size:
square, 4×4 inches
Notable Qualities: art noveau, 100% money-back guarantee

With a good variety of types of affirmations (body, past, creative energy, future… etc), these cards are great for general use or if you want a few of many kinds of affirmations.

The style is a modern art noveau, with line drawings and muted colors. They come with a beautiful box with the message: “Be you, Do you, For you.”

You can find this set of cards on Amazon and Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: If you love art noveau or you want an aesthetic set with a variety of affirmations.

Affirmation Card Set by The Inspired Stories

Affirmation Card Set by The Inspired Stories on Etsy.
Floral Affirmation Card Set

How Many Cards: 35 cards
What Size:
2.75 x 3.9 inches
Notable Qualities: comes in a box

These cards feature flowers on one side and shades of pink and blue on the other.

They do ship from the UK, so they might take a little longer to arrive if you’re based in the US!

Find them here on Etsy!

Who Should Use These Cards: Those who love flowers or gardens may enjoy these cards!

Affirmation Cards Deck from Loverly Bones

Affirmation Cards Deck (Oracle Cards) from Loverly Bones on Etsy.
Affirmation and Oracle Deck

How Many Cards: 12
What Size:
 4.1 x 5.8 inches (A6)
Notable Qualities: Oracle deck

These cards are gorgeous white writing on black with bohemian style artwork. The affirmations are in depth and multiple sentences each.

However, it is a deck of only 12 cards with similar prices to decks of 50+… you can potentially find them on sale though!

(Check the price here on Etsy.)

Regardless, they have great reviews! They ship from Australia.

Who Should Use These Cards: Anyone looking for more of an oracle deck.

I AM Everything Affirmation Cards by T.M. Clark

30 Positive “I am” Affirmations

How Many Cards: 30 Cards
What Size:
3 x 4.75 inches (larger than playing cards)
Notable Qualities: “I am” affirmations. Longer paragraphs for reading and journal prompts.

This is another set that is great for self-confidence and boosting your positive self-talk. Read through these paragraphs to flip the narrative and speak to yourself with love.

With drawings of clouds, sunsets, and moons, it reminds me slightly of Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back.

These affirmation cards are on Amazon.

Who Should Use These Cards: If you’re looking for positive self-talk affirmations for reading or writing. (These wouldn’t be good for meditation because of the length of the affirmations.)

Art of the Panda from Art of the Panda

Art of the Panda Affirmation Cards on Etsy.
Art of the Panda with Audio Meditations

How Many Cards: 50 Affirmation Cards
What Size:
2.48 x 3.46 inches
Notable Qualities: Comes with audio meditations

The cards themselves don’t have any artwork, but they come with something else that’s special and inspiring… you get access to 50 Inspirational Meditation audio recordings! How cool is that?!

Choose an affirmation, then do the matching meditation.

You can find these affirmation cards on both Etsy and Amazon.

Who Should Use These Cards: Anyone tech savvy who is looking to pair their affirmations with audio meditations!


TOP 10

10. Empowering Questions and Affirmations by ARTAGIA

150 Empowering Questions and Affirmations

How Many Cards: 50 Affirmation Cards and 100 Question Cards
What Size:
4.1 x 2.4 inches
Notable Qualities: Not just affirmations, but questions meant to inspire reflection

This set made the top 10 because of the combination of affirmations with questions designed to help motivate you and help you find deep, meaningful reflection.

They’re very basic with style, but the cards themselves are packed with substance!

They have excellent reviews on Amazon!

Who Should Use These Cards: Those looking to journal with their affirmations.

9. Affirmation Cards by Legendary Life

120 Affirmation Cards – BEST VALUE!

How Many Cards: 120 cards
What Size:
2.75″ x 2 inches
Notable Qualities: smaller than the other cards, unisex, simple, categorized

These affirmation cards made the top ten for their comprehensiveness! They are the best value at 120 cards for less than $20. (See the price here.)

The cards are divided into:

  • general
  • spiritual
  • love / relationships
  • self
  • physical health / body image
  • money / career

You can find these highly rated affirmation cards on Amazon.

Who Should Use These Cards: If you’re new to affirmations, you’re looking for something more gender-neutral, or you want the most bang for your buck!

8. The Universe Has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back Affirmation Cards

How Many Cards: 52 Cards
What Size:
3.9 x 5.4 inches
Notable Qualities: Unique artwork, compliments the awesome book “The Universe Has Your Back”

By Gabrielle Bernstein, life coach and spiritual leader, these affirmation cards are everything you’d expect! Filled with hope and empowerment, this deck will help lead you to spiritual fulfillment.

Warning though, if you are someone who doesn’t like words like “prayer”, “God,” or “miracles” and you prefer other spiritual terms (or none at all), then this might not be the deck for you.

They’re more religious than they are spiritual, and should not be used as an oracle deck.

However, they are simple and powerful!

You can find this affirmation card deck on Amazon!

Who Should Use These Cards: If you loved Gabrielle Bernstein’s “The Universe Has Your Back”, these cards are the perfect compliment to your personal development!

7. Pocket Mantra from Stevie Does It

Pocket Mantra Affirmation Cards from Stevie Does It on Etsy.
Pocket Mantras

How Many Cards: 52 Cards
What Size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Notable Qualities: Bestseller, 5 stars, great artwork/design

I really love these cards! Although the affirmations themselves are not as specific as some others on this list, they’ve made the top ten because short affirmations are particularly great for use in chant and meditation! (These are especially effective with the use of mala beads!)

The buyers of these cards were certainly pleased! (5 stars!)

You can get these cards on Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: Those looking for affirmation cards to use with meditation and chant, these are the choice for you!

6. Affirmation Card Deck by Dreamy Moons

30 Affirmation Card Deck – BEST RATED!

How Many Cards: 30 cards
What Size:
4.1 x 5.8 inches (A6)
Notable Qualities: extraordinary quality, larger size, bestseller, 5 star reviews!

These affirmation cards are all about listening to your inner voice.

The epitome of spiritual goddess energy, these are exquisitely crafted cards, and as such, they are the most expensive cards on this list. (Check their price here.)

That hasn’t stopped hundreds of people from purchasing and reviewing these cards, and they are adored by many! (5 stars and bestseller!)

You can find these cards on Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: Those attracted to spirit energy who also don’t mind spending a little more money.

5. Affirmators! from Suzi Barrett

Affirmators! – BEST NON-WOO-WOO!

How Many Cards: 50 Cards
What Size:
3.75 x 5 inches
Notable Qualities: whimsical, 5 star rating

“Even pessimists like a little positivity!”

These cards are designed specifically for those wanting some empowerment without being new-agey or woo-woo! It says on the cover: “to help you help yourself… without the self-helpy-ness!”

Positive yet slightly snarky, these cards have a 5 star review record!

You can get this set of affirmation cards on Amazon.

Who Should Use These Cards: If you’re not into new-age stuff, but want to work on your self-development with affirmations!

4. Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

Power Thought Cards – BEST RATED!

How Many Cards: 64 cards
What Size:
4.1-4.1 inches (square)
Notable Qualities: By a go-to inspirational teacher renowned for her affirmations

Louise Hay is a must-know name in the positive thought and affirmation world. Her powerhouse affirmations here make a great product for your affirmation practice!

The artwork has a child-like spirit and design (in a good way), and is colorful and bold!

The cards are double sided, with a long affirmation on one side and a shorter one on the opposite side.

They are deep, complex, and bring peace and joy to those that practice with these cards!

You can find these cards on Amazon.

Who Should Use These Cards: Those who don’t mind a little new-agey-ness but still want substance for personal development.

3. Sacred Empowerment Deck by Empower by AAMBH

Sacred Empowerment Affirmation Card Deck by Empower by AAMBH available on Etsy.
Sacred Empowerment Deck – BEST AFFIRMATIONS!

How Many Cards: 54 cards
What Size:
square 3.5-3.5 inches (square)
Notable Qualities: 1000s sold, powerful affirmations, two decks available

These rich watercolor cards are great for those with high aesthetic taste and also wanting powerful affirmations! They come in a cotton bag with silver foil detail, and are even eco-conscious.

The Sacred Empowerment cards can also be used as an oracle deck in addition to for meditation and vision board.

Stunning cards of beauty and strong energy!

People who purchase this item are ultimately extremely happy! This item has a 5 star bestseller record!

You can find these cards on Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: If you’re someone drawn to the spiritual, goddess woman, “woo-woo” stuff, this is for you!

2. Feel the Glow Affirmation Cards by Pip and Doodle Creative

Feel The Glow Cards

How Many Cards: 52 Cards
What Size:
3.5 x almost 5 inches (87mm x 123mm)
Notable Qualities: Gorgeous colors, easy-to-read font

These Feel the Glow watercolor affirmation cards warm and soothe my heart like a cup of tea on a rainy day!

With rich hues of purple, teal, magenta, and blush, the artwork on these cards is SPOT ON. The affirmations are on point too, with affirmations like “I am the author of my own story.”

Hell yeah!

These ship from the UK, so if you’re in the US, it may take a little longer than expected if you live in the States, but they’ll be worth it!

You can find these cards on Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: Women looking for uplifting words meant to comfort and empower, who also value aesthetic beauty.

1. Women’s Empowerment Deck from Renegade Mama

Renegade Mama Women's Empowerment Deck on available on Etsy.
Renegade Mama Empowerment Deck – BEST ARTWORK!

How Many Cards: 52 Cards
What Size:
3.6 x 6 inches
Notable Qualities: Artsy, 5 stars, bestseller, moderate price, 1000s sold!

These are our TOP PICK for Affirmation cards.

(Due to legal reasons, we can’t include customer photos here, but there are some photos of more cards in the reviews section on Etsy. Click the pic to go to the page and check out the artwork!)

As you can see, the gorgeous hand drawn artwork is bright and colorful. They are like something from a bullet journal. The cards are large and sturdy!

They are more complex affirmations geared toward all women and have a variety of subjects and topics. They are intentionally designed to empower and enliven the spirits of the people who use the cards.

Some of the affirmations are:

  • “I forgive and release to allow for my own healing.”
  • “I trust the divine timing of my life.”

People who purchase this item are mind-blowingly satisfied! This item has a 5 star bestseller record!

You can find these cards on both Amazon AND Etsy.

Who Should Use These Cards: ANY WOMAN who wants self empowerment, beautiful artwork, and a positive mindset!


As I mentioned, there are a huge number of affirmation cards out there. If you find another set that you like that isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be bad, by any means!

Be sure to check out the 11 Best Pregnancy Affirmation cards if you’re pregnant!

The most important thing is that the cards resonate with you and fit your needs!

Which ones tickle your fancy?

Would you ever use Affirmation Cards for your daily Affirmation Practice? Drop me a note below!

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