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Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon—A Review and Recommendations

Blue Light Blocking Glasses and computer.

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This year for my birthday I asked for a pair of blue light blocking glasses from Amazon. I’ve been blogging, teaching classes online, and I spend generally a LOT more time in front of the computer screen than I used to.

While Blue Light Glasses aren’t proven to do anything, they do help many people feel less eye stress and sleep better! Cool!

So I bought a few on Amazon to try out! Here were my criteria:

  • blue light blocking
  • 4-5 star review range
  • prime eligible
  • free returns (since I plan on sending two of them back)
  • about $20 or less

Here were the 3 that made the cut:

TIJN White Label

Different colors available
TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

What I liked

When I tested the effectiveness of them, they blocked about 90% of the light at 1 foot, and about 60% of the light at 1 inch. (Hopefully no one is going to work 1 inch from their computer, but hey.)

I liked the style and the color. They were a little more understated than the other two I ordered.

They were quite comfortable!

What I didn’t like

These came in a plastic box with no packaging and nothing else. I’m totally minimalist, but this was a bit too minimalist for me. No case. No blue light to test them out. There was a microfiber cloth to wipe them down when they get dirty.

They had a HUGE glare. Definitely more than the other two.

Sojos Hipster Glasses

Different colors available
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

What I like

I’m really feelin’ the hipster vibe right now, man. I dig the style of these!

They came with a cloth that doubled as a bag and a blue flash light, but their box was high quality and could double as a case.

The effectiveness was about the same as the other two.

What I didn’t like

Even before I ordered them, I was a little worried about the fact that they’re metal frames, and how the nose piece might sit funny on the bridge of my nose. I was right. They aren’t quite as comfortable to wear for long periods of time as the plastic nose bridge piece.

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Different styles and colors available
Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

What I Liked

They were VERY comfortable!

Their effectiveness was about the same as both other pairs.

What I didn’t like

They are very big. All three pairs are quite big on my face, but these seem almost overwhelming.

They’re a little stiff to bend the ear pieces. I could see these breaking quite easily, and it does appear that in the reviews there are some with ear pieces that have broken off.

Can I really tell a difference with the blue light blocking glasses on?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer. These glasses seem to make my eyes not have to work as hard, and because they’re relaxed, I’m feeling sleepy. Or perhaps the lack of blue light is putting me to sleep. But after trying them out for about an hour, my eyes don’t feel like they’ve been working as hard to read the computer screen.

Which Ones I Chose

I ended up going with the Sojos Glasses. The nose bridge piece was not enough to cause pain or discomfort when wearing. They’re different from what I typically wear, but in a good way!

(If you’re looking for a more high quality frame and are willing to spend a little extra moo-lah, Costco can put blue light lenses into any of their frames!)

All three of these glasses were effective in blocking blue light, and I would recommend any of them!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon: Reviews and Recommendations.

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  1. The information was super helpful and now I’m considering buying a pair! Purposeful and cute! I can’t believe they’re only $20!

  2. Yeah I agree I would have loved for these to come with a glass case. Ill have to check these out.

  3. Useful post and good reviews. Blue light blocking glasses were never on my list but I can see they are useful.

    1. Dawn Perez

      I never even thought of them until I started teaching online and blogging!

      1. Great review and useful. Might considering getting a pair myself. Thank you!

  4. Great review!! I definitely need a pair.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I have considered blue light blocking glasses because of my long hours in front of the screen. I will definitely keep your reviews in mind!

  6. I’ve seen these but never really thought about them or realized how they could help. I LOVE the first ones on you but the ones you picked were pretty cute too. Thanks for your honest review!

  7. I seriously need a pair of these. I noticed that my head kills me at night from being on my computer.

  8. I work a lot on the computer for work. Great suggestions.

  9. I feel like glasses cases are key. Mine always get scratched if I don’t have one. That’s great that these were effective at blocking out the light. I really like the second pair on you! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  10. Can you get any of these from Amazon with prescription lenses?

    1. Dawn Perez

      That’s a great question. I don’t think these particular ones come with prescription lenses, BUT I would recommend Costco if you have a membership. My husband and I have been getting our prescription glasses from Costco for years now and they’re inexpensive and last long! (Plus, I know they do the blue light blocking glasses with any of their frames!)

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