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TIJN, Sojos, and Cyrux Blue Light Blocking Glasses Reviews

Blue light blocking glasses have recently become a fad, and with all my digital work, I was happy to jump on the wagon. I’ve been blogging, teaching classes online, and I spend generally a LOT more time in front of the computer screen than I used to.

If there is a non-supplement product that can help me sleep better at night, improve eye health, and prevent headaches, it’s a no-brainer, right? After all, good health and success are absolutely correlated.

I decided to try out 3 pairs of blue-light blocking glasses from Amazon: TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Sojos Blue Light Blocking Glasses, and Cyrux Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Woman wearing blue light blocking glasses from amazon (reviews)

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Sojos, TIJN White Label, and Cyrux Blue Light Glasses from Amazon… which were best?

All three of these glasses were effective in blocking blue light.
I would recommend the SOJOS and the TIJN
based on durability and style.

Read on to discover why I recommend these two and what you can find with these three pairs of glasses!

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What is blue light, and why is it bad?

Blue light is that artificial light that comes from devices like your phone, computer screens, and even TVs. We say that it is “blue” because it’s at the blue side of the visible light spectrum.

In contrast, our sun is yellow, and other forms of natural light, like fire, are in the warmer range of visible light. That’s what our eyes are used to. But blue light is actually brighter.

The Visible Light Spectrum to Demonstrate the difference between yellow like (like from the sun) and blue light (from devices) that requires blue light blocking glasses to prevent eye-strain.
Visible Light Spectrum

You can see on the graph, that blue light vibrates at a faster rate than red light.

So when we view blue light, especially at night, it can strain our eye muscles and make our brain think it’s daytime. This can prevent sleep and cause headaches, among other things.

What are Blue-Light Blocking Glasses, and What do they do?

Blue light blocking glasses are eyewear that are designed to be worn for heavy computer, iPad, or phone use. Blue light glasses help us block the light from these devices to prevent that strain on our eyes.

While Blue Light Glasses aren’t actually proven to do anything, they do help many people feel less eye stress and sleep better. That was enough convincing for me to purchase a pair.

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My criteria for purchasing blue-light blocking glasses

Amazon has a huge selection of blue light blocking glasses and I needed to narrow it down. Here were my criteria:

  • blue light blocking
  • 4-5 star review range
  • prime eligible
  • free returns
  • about $20 or less

Here were the 3 that made the cut:

  1. TIJN Square Nerd Glasses
  2. Sojos Hipster Glasses
  3. Cyrux Computer Glasses

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Square Nerd Glasses Review (White Label)

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.
TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.

You can see the pictures of the TIJN White Label (Square Nerd Glasses) above.

I ordered the “Burlywood” color.

The Item Description claims that the glasses are:

  1. yellow tinted
  2. can effectively block 100% harmful UV rays
  3. relieve eye fatigue
  4. sleek design that is a combination of modern and retro shape
  5. the frame is light-weight and sturdy with metal hinges

Let’s take a look at some of these in depth!

TIJN Glasses: PROS

  • When I tested the effectiveness of them, they blocked about 90% of the light at 1 foot, and about 60% of the light at 1 inch. (Hopefully no one is going to work 1 inch from their computer, but hey. Blue-light and UV rays ARE NOT the same thing, but I don’t have the technology to test for UV rays.)
  • The style and color were appealing, and they were understated in the “Burlywood” color.
  • They were quite comfortable.

TIJN Glasses: CONS

  • These came in a plastic box with no packaging and nothing else. I’m totally minimalist, but this was a bit too minimalist for me. No case. No blue light to test them out. There was a microfiber cloth to wipe them down when they get dirty.
  • They had a HUGE glare. Definitely more than the other two. (It’s VERY CLEAR in the 6th picture.)
  • They were a little ridged. Maybe not as ridged as the Cyrux glasses below, but just slightly stiff.


Visually appealing, but I didn’t care for the glare and wanted ones that were more flexible.

There are other styles of TIJN glasses too.

Sojos Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Glasses Review

SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.

You can see that I ordered the Rose gold color.

Here’s what the item description says about the Sojos glasses:

  1. designed for indoor use
  2. designed to take any lenses
  3. has silicone nose bridge pads
  4. light-weight and designed to be comfortable
  5. comes with a microfiber pouch/wipe, blue light “flashlight” for testing, with testing card, box.

Here are the pros and cons to these glasses:


  • I’m really feelin’ the hipster vibe right now, man. I dig the style of these!
  • They came with a cloth that doubled as a bag and a blue flashlight, but their box was high quality and could double as a case.
  • The effectiveness was about the same. (They blocked about 90% of the light at 1 foot, and about 60% of the light at 1 inch.)
  • No extreme glare

SOJOS Glasses: Cons

  • The silicone and metal nose bridge pads aren’t quite as comfortable to wear for long periods of time as the plastic nose bridge piece.
  • The item description did not say anything about blocking UV, although they did specify indoor use.


Overall this is more of what I was looking for, but if you are very sensitive to the nose piece, I’d steer clear of these.

SOJOS has other styles of glasses more similar to the others reviewed here.

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Review

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.
Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon Review.

I ordered the Circular Leopard frames.

Here’s what the item description claims:

  1. protection against visible blue light and UV405
  2. reduce eye-fatigue
  3. strong with 5 hinges and no traces on your nose bridge
  4. dustproof

Take a look at the pros and cons that I observed from trying them on and wearing them for a while.

What I Liked about the Cyrux Glasses

  • They were VERY comfortable!
  • Their effectiveness was about the same as both other pairs. (They blocked about 90% of the light at 1 foot, and about 60% of the light at 1 inch.)
  • No extreme glare

What I didn’t like about the Cyrux Glasses

  • They are OVERWHELMINGLY big.
  • They’re very stiff to bend the ear pieces. I could see these breaking quite easily, and it does appear that in the reviews there are some with ear pieces that have broken off.


These would be better suited to someone who is bigger than me. These glasses are unisex, so perhaps they would look better on a man’s face.

Being so stiff, these were the only pair I would NOT recommend purchasing.

Can I really tell a difference with the blue light blocking glasses on?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer. These glasses seem to make my eyes not have to work as hard, and because they’re relaxed, I’m feeling sleepy. Or perhaps the lack of blue light is putting me to sleep. But after trying them out for about an hour, my eyes don’t feel like they’ve been working as hard to read the computer screen.

Which Blue-Light Blocking Glasses I Chose

TIJN, Sojos, Cyrus. Which ones did I go with?

I ended up going with the Sojos Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The nose bridge piece was not enough to cause pain or discomfort when wearing. They are flexible and didn’t have a huge glare.

I’m hoping they stick with me for a long time and that they help my eyes stay healthy!

(If you’re looking for a more high quality frame and are willing to spend a little extra moo-lah, Costco can put blue light lenses into any of their frames! Zenni Optical is another fantastic place to get even higher quality blue light blocking lenses with, or without prescription.)


All three of these glasses were effective in blocking blue light through my basic tests.
I would recommend the SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses and the TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses
based on durability and style.

Have you tried blue light blocking glasses?

Have you found them to be effective?

Drop me a comment below and let me know if this review was helpful!

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3 blue light blocking glasses from amazon REVIEWS (Pinterest Image) SOJOS Blue Light Glasses and TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

TIJN, Sojos, and Cyrux Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Reviews


Sunday 8th of November 2020

Just curious, Have you ever tested the Joopin blue light glasses? Recently, I noticed the glasses and wanted to find more information about it.

Dawn Perez

Monday 9th of November 2020

I haven't! They seem to be a little bulky for my taste, but they do have excellent reviews.

María V

Wednesday 6th of November 2019

Hi! Great post, i loved it. How you can prove the effectiveness of this Glasses? Thanks!

Dawn Perez

Thursday 7th of November 2019

It was very non-scientific, to be honest! They provide you with a small, focused blue light flashlight (2 of the brands did). If you hold it in front of the glasses, a very small amount of blue light still gets through, but the overall effectiveness SEEMED to block almost all the light from about the distance of a foot, while when the flashlight was closer, it only blocked maybe a little over half the light.

Main Mom

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

Can you get any of these from Amazon with prescription lenses?

Dawn Perez

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

That's a great question. I don't think these particular ones come with prescription lenses, BUT I would recommend Costco if you have a membership. My husband and I have been getting our prescription glasses from Costco for years now and they're inexpensive and last long! (Plus, I know they do the blue light blocking glasses with any of their frames!)


Tuesday 1st of October 2019

I feel like glasses cases are key. Mine always get scratched if I don't have one. That's great that these were effective at blocking out the light. I really like the second pair on you! Sierra Beautifully Candid


Tuesday 1st of October 2019

I work a lot on the computer for work. Great suggestions.

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