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35 of the Best Girl Power Gifts for 2021

GIRL POWER! When our sex has been silenced for generation upon generation, sometimes we need to stand up tall and shout from the rooftops “I’m proud to be a girl.” Girls should not be limited to ballet or pursuing teaching.

They can be playing soccer, reading, doing STEM, being feminine, getting dirty, dancing ballet, being teachers, astronauts, scientists, poets, mothers, and world leaders. When you want to inspire a girl or woman you know to embrace their girl power, get them one of these best girl power gifts.

Because being a girl is awesome, and we don’t have to sit silently anymore.

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Woman wearing Girl Power shirt gift, from Round Plus Square on Etsy
Photo Credit: Round Plus Square


Girl Power Tees

Girls Support Girls Fist Tee from Rollus1 on Etsy
Photo Credit: Rollus1 on Etsy

Girls Support Girls Tee, From Rollus1

Pump that feminist fist girl! This shirt proclaims “Girls Support Girls” and I couldn’t agree more.

The shirt comes in a few different colors and also comes in 2 different skin tones for the fist. Rollus1 has over 10,000 sales on Etsy.

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History Tee Shirt Girl Power Gift from Cotton and Luxe
Photo Credit: Cotton and Luxe

Well behaved women seldom make history, from Cotton and Luxe

If you want to make history (or inspire others to do it), remember: “Well behaved women seldom make history.”

This is a soft, unisex cut shirt. Cotton and Luxe have excellent reviews on Etsy.

Empowered Women Empower Women from Orchid Shirts
Photo Credit: Orchid Shirts

Empowered Women Tee from Orchid Shirts

Support girls of all colors. “Empowered women empower women” and it is so true. A best girl power gift to show your support for girls and women.

With over 18,000 sales and a 5 star average, Orchid shirts knows what they’re doing! The t-shirt comes in different colors.

As Strong as the Woman Next to Met, from Sweet Basil Apparel
Photo Credit: Sweet Basil Apparel

As strong as the woman next to me, from Sweet Basil Apparel

This girl power t-shirt proclaims that I am “as strong as the woman next to me.” It’s a subtle way to lift up any woman you stand next to, whether they are your daughter, mother, sister, friend, or a stranger.

These shirts are super soft and come in a ton of different colors.

Girl Power Crew Neck Tee from ROUNDPLUSSQUARE
Photo Credit: Round Plus Square

Girl Power Tee from Round Plus Square, Best Girl Power Gifts

This is one of my favorite boutique shops on Etsy. Unfortunately, right now (June 2021), they are in the process of moving from NYC to Europe, so this one might not be available right now. But it is too amazing to leave off this list!

Check out their other female empowerment tees! They also are sustainable and support gender equality.

On Wednesdays We Smash the Patriarchy from Luluu Tees
Photo Credit: Luluu Tees

Smash the Patriarchy Tee from Luluu Tees

From the infamous “Mean Girls” with Lindsey Lohan, instead of “On Wednesdays we wear pink…” this says, “On Wednesdays, we smash the patriarchy.” I like this one much better!

Luluu Tees has over 10,000 sales and a 5 star average rating!

Nevertheless, She Persisted T-shirt from Crazy Dog Shirts

This girl power t-shirt on Amazon was one of the best ones I could find with the phrase “Nevertheless, She Persisted.” This phrase stems from Mitch McConnell trying to silence Elizabeth Warren in Congress in 2017.

Crazy Dog Tees has great ratings and this tee comes in different colors.

Fight Like a Princess from pinkSHARKs on Etsy
Photo Credit: pinkSHARKs

Fight Like a Princess Tee from pinkSHARKs

Carrie Fisher has become a feminist/girl power icon over the past decades, speaking out over the oppression she survived as Princess Leia (namely, George Lucas and producers were very controlling of her weight.)

Even the character, Princess Leia is a spit-fire, speaking her mind, ordering people around, and of course, eventually becoming a General in the Resistance Army.

A perfect girl power gift, “Fight Like a Princess” says that you can be a princess and throw a punch at the same time. Even better, this tee is eco-friendly and they only use eco-friendly packaging!

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Best Girl Power Gifts: Accessories and Jewelry

Girl Power Necklace Gift from JWLGANG
Photo Credit: JWLGANG

GRL PWR Necklace, from JWLGANG

From powerhouse Etsy shop JWLGANG, this girl power necklace is simple and makes a statement. It is silver or gold-filled and 100% made in the USA.

If you’re worried about the price, keep checking back. This shop does run sales from time to time.

Fragile Like a Bomb Cap from Unique Deals 4 U on Etsy
Photo Credit: Unique Deals 4 U

Fragile Like a Bomb, from Unique Deals 4 U, Best Girl Power Gifts

The phrase, “Not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb” is usually attributed to Mexican and feminist painter Frida Kahlo, but often it applies to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

This hat is 100% cotton and comes in 4 colors.

Boobs Necklace from GLDNxLayeredAndLong on Etsy
Photo Credit: GLDNxLayeredAndLong

Boobs Necklace, from GLDNxLayeredAndLong

Choose your boobs. There is strength in our differences, and our boobs are no different! You are valid, your body is valid!

This minimalist necklace comes in 6 boob styles and 3 different metals.

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Dinosaur Eats Man, Woman Inherits the Earth Cuff Bracelet from Oak Lane Studio
Photo Credit: Oak Lane Studio

Jurassic Park Feminist Cuff Bracelet, from Oak Lane Studio

From the movie Jurassic Park came an amazing feminist quote, said by Dr. Ellie Satler. After Dr. Malcolm postulates, “God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man, man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.”

Dr. Satler replies, “Dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth.”

This cuff bracelet is available in aluminum, copper, or brass, and has different fonts as well.

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Nevertheless She Persisted from She's Speaking
Photo Credit: She’s Speaking

She Persisted mask, from She’s Speaking

This mask features two different sides, one with women protesting, signs that say “Keep our kids safe,” and “Women want the vote.” The other side says, “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

If you haven’t been vaccinated, or you’re still wearing them for your kids or medical condition, this is a best girl power gift to get in 2021.

Estrogen Molecule Necklace Girl Power Gift from Molecular Motifs on Etsy
Photo Credit: Molecular Motifs

Estrogen Necklace, from Molecular Motifs

For those girls interested in STEM or molecular biology is this stunning necklace of the molecular structure of the molecule estrogen. Estrogen is one of the primary female hormones.

Choose a chain length, metal, and even add a birth gemstone if you want!

RBG Earrings I Dissent Girl Power from Designs By Paddy Lei
Photo Credit: Paddy Lei

RBG Earrings, from Paddy Lei, Best Girl Power Gifts

“When there are nine.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was answering the question, “When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court?” The woman had guts and we should all strive to be a little like her.

These wood earrings come in 3 styles and are a perfect inexpensive girl power gift!

Women Empowerment Gift from FROMMoMo on Etsy
Photo Credit: FROMMoMo

Female Symbol Necklace, from FROMMoMo

“The future is female.”

The patriarchy has ruled for far too long. This double layered feminist necklace is a great girl power gift choice. Available in different metals, different sayings, and different lengths.

Empowered Women Empower Women Pin Girl Power Gift from Bored Inc
Photo Credit: Bored Inc

Empowered Women pin, from Bored Inc.

For an inexpensive gift option, this pin can go on a coat or purse. Even better, this Etsy shop Bored Inc. donates a portion of sales to Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter.

You may also get a few free gifts as well!

Empowered Women Empower Women from Bodhi Nyx on Etsy
Photo Credit: Bodhi Nyx

Empowered Women Cuff Bracelet, from Bodhi Nyx

Empowered women empower women. Break the cycle of oppression, trauma, and silence.

This bracelet comes in copper, brass, and aluminum and is hand stamped. It even comes in a cute muslin bag!

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Girl Power Housewares and Decor

Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce Decor

Shakespeare is responsible for this quote: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” Feminists have adopted this quote to show their strength.

This sign can be displayed in the home anywhere and is cute and inexpensive.

Black Women Superhero Mug from The Trinigee on Etsy
Photo Credit: The Trinigee

Black Superheros Mug, from The Trinigee, Best Girl Power Gifts

Support Black Owned Businesses

Imagine all your favorite superheros as black women. Sh*t would get done!

This adorable mug is perfect for all women and girls. Available in 2 sizes.

Feminist Poster Girl Power You Can Change the World from EmpowHer Prints
Photo Credit: EmpowHer Prints

Women’s Rights Print, from EmpowHer Prints

You can change the world.

From EmpowHer Prints: “It is a bold reminder that each and every one of us has the capability to create change.”

Perfect to display in a nursery, office, or classroom.

Feminist Empowering Pillow from EmpowHer Prints
Photo Credit: EmpowHer Prints

Be a Legend Throw Pillow, from EmpowHer Prints

Another one from EmpowHer Prints, this throw pillow has all your favorite modern feminists on it, including:

‣Amelia Earhart
‣Eleanor Roosevelt
‣Frida Kahlo
‣Malala Yousafzai
‣Ruth Bader Ginsberg
‣Kamala Harris
‣Maya Angelou
‣Jane Goodall
‣Rosa Parks

Don’t be a lady, be a legend.

Cher Mom I am a Rich Man from Alex Belle Design
Photo Credit: Alex Belle Design

Cher Quote Print, from Alex Belle Design, Best Girl Power Gifts

In a 1995 interview, Cher told Pat Kenny about a conversation with her mother. She told her mother, “Mom, I am a rich man.”

Don’t let others tell you that you need a man. Be your own rich man!

This print ships from the UK.

RBG Peg Doll from Sudies Corner Shop on Etsy
Photo Credit: Sudies Corner Shop

RBG Figurine from Sudies Corner Shop

This peg doll of RBG is an adorable addition to office decor (even just home office!). It’s not meant as a toy, but is a carefully constructed piece of art.

This shop also has a collection of all 4 women Supreme Court Justices (pre Amy Coney Barrett, but no one cares about her anyway.)

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Best Girl Power Gifts: Knick-knacks

Empowered Women Empower Women from Simple Stamp
Photo Credit: Simple Stamp

Empowered Women Keychain, from Simple Stamp

Get the powerful reminder that empowered women empower women on your keys and view the message every time you get in your car or house.

Different stylings available.

Girl Power Pencil Set from The Posh Shop Co
Photo Credit: The Posh Shop Co

Feminist Pencils, from The Posh Shop Co

It seems simple, but put these pens as an addition on top of a gift with a bow, or include them in a gift basket (stocking stuffer, anyone?!)

A cute and inexpensive way to support girls.

International Women's Day Cards and Posters from Designs for Life Shop
Photo Credit: Designs for Life Shop

Card and Poster Set, from Designs for Life Shop, Best Girl Power Gifts

This collection of International Women’s Day cards is an easy gift: download and print!

They feature Patsy Cline, Frida Kahlo, Angela Davis, Winona Laduke , Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Malala Yousafzai.

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Best Girl Power Gifts for Babies through Preteens

Girl Power Bow from Grandma Makes Bows
Photo Credit: Grandma Makes Bows

We can do it Bow, from Grandma Makes Bows

From Grandma Makes Bows, this adorable bow features Rosie the Riveter and the phrase “We can do it!”

Show a girl that it’s okay to be powerful and that, YES, you can do it!

Girl Power Sticker Sheet from The Doodle Planet
Photo Credit: The Doodle Planet

GRL PWR Sticker Set, from The Doodle Planet

These stickers can go on anything, from journals, water bottles, laptops, and more. They’re empowering and strong, and great for preteens.

Girl Power Tee Gift for Kids from The Pine Torch
Photo Credit: The Pine Torch

GIRL POWR Tee, from The Pine Torch, Best Gifts for Girl Empowerment

The Pine Torch is another favorite shop of mine. This tee for girls features flowers and a rainbow, but has the letters GIRL POWR on the knuckles of the hands.

The Pine Torch has tons of other designs, so check them out!

Girl Power Art Print from Little Lief Creative
Photo Credit: Little Lief Creative

Girl Power Girls Print from Little Lief Creative

From the product listing, the shop says, “Inspired and supported girls grow up to be confident, caring, and powerful girls.”


Display this in a girl’s room and watch her confidence grow!

Who Run the World Art from Draw me a Song on Etsy
Photo Credit: Draw me a Song

Who Run the World? Print from Draw Me a Song

This amazing collection of strong women from pop culture is perfect to hang in a girl’s room or anywhere you want to draw inspiration from amazing women who have come before.

Includes characters and icons like Wonder Woman, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Leia, Stevie Nicks, Susan B. Anthony, and Mulan, among many, many more.

GRL PWR Girl Power Bracelet Gift for Girl from Lunar Pixies
Photo Credit: Lunar Pixies

GRL PWR Bead Bracelet, from Lunar Pixies

This beaded bracelet is a great option for girls. Gift it as a stocking stuffer, or just by itself! Because GRL PWR is enough!

Your little girl will love wearing this, one of the best girl power gifts!

35 Best Girl Power Gifts

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