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10 Techniques for Personal Empowerment for Women

The personal empowerment movement is a personal journey that takes you on an exploration of your personal power.

Sometimes finding our own personal power can feel like a daunting task—as if there are no clear steps to take. In this post, we will explore ten different techniques for personal or self-empowerment and discuss how you can take action in your life to help you live your best, most powerful life!

personal empowerment as a woman

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What is Personal Empowerment?

Also called self-empowerment, personal empowerment is the process through which a person acquires personal strength and confidence. This personal power comes from within oneself and allows them to have awareness of themselves and others, take control of their life, and make decisions for themselves and their own best interest.

Personal empowerment can be achieved through a variety of practices such as making conscious choices that are in line with one’s personal values, getting personal and professional help when necessary or needed, seeking out mentorships to guide one’s personal growth, taking risks in order to feel empowered.

Self-empowerment is not just a process of becoming stronger on the inside but also building up skills that allow for better coping mechanisms against outside pressures. It is about exercising your personal power as opposed to depending on other people and these techniques can be used in all areas of life.

Why is Self-Empowerment Important?

If you’re wondering why personal empowerment is an important part of your life, here are a few reasons:

– it can help you achieve your personal goals and make the most of what life has to offer;
– it increases self-confidence, giving you the strength to do things that make you happy without fear or embarrassment;
– it helps people find their own voice in order to live authentically

Women’s Empowerment

Women have been systematically oppressed, isolated, and forced to compete with each other for generations. But in truth, we’re stronger when we’re together.

Self-empowered women find our power when we are together, we learn from each other, and we share experiences with each other. It’s time to reclaim our feminine power and start to turn the tables on the patriarchy that we live in.

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12 Techniques for Personal Empowerment for Women

When you’re wondering how to feel empowered as a woman, these ten techniques will walk you through your self-awareness, personal development, and thought patterns needed to empower yourself. Apply these techniques every day until you are feeling empowered as a woman!

1) Uphold boundaries and personal space

Woman setting boundaries and saying NO

Self-empowerment happens when you stand up for yourself and draw personal boundaries when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Create personal rules to protect your emotional, mental and physical health. You can also be assertive in all situations: with other people, at work, while out on the street, and in every situation in life.

It can be difficult to communicate your boundaries to others when you’ve never done it before. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

2) Speak your truth

Learning to speak up for what you believe in can be scary, but personal empowerment lies in not being afraid to speak your truth.

If you keep what you are thinking and feeling inside it can turn into anger or resentment that will start to affect other parts of your life. Expressing yourself creates a sense of personal power because you feel heard. It gives the impression that someone cares about what is important to you.

Speak up for your personal needs in relationships, at work, and even with yourself. The more often you speak out about what is important, the easier it becomes to overcome the fear of rejection or conflict arising from this honesty. Express your feelings and personal opinions openly, honestly, and without fear of judgment or retaliation.

Speak truth to power: call out people who are being unethical, unjust, or harmful so that they can be held accountable for their actions.

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3) Surround yourself with strong women

Finding other strong women is an excellent technique for personal empowerment as a woman

“Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves.”

Louise Bernikow

Find people who will uplift you and encourage your personal development. These people can be personal mentors, friends, or family members. These are the people who will tell you that you’re doing a good job and keep your head where it needs to be when things get tough.

And when you find them, support one another: share resources on social media or in-person to help each other get what we want.

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4) Surround yourself with men who are free from toxic masculinity

Another technique for personal empowerment is to surround yourself with friends free from toxic masculinity in order to dismantle it. Toxic masculinity is a social and cultural phenomenon that perpetuates rigid, strict gender roles into personal identity. It is a form of patriarchy at its core where men are taught to believe they must be dominant over women, other men, nature, and anything else deemed inferior for personal success.

Surround yourself with conscious male friends who challenge the traditional views of masculinity in order to dismantle toxic masculinity. Find men who are strong, compassionate, and supportive.

I am very thankful to have found a man who brings out the best in me.

5) Express yourself creatively

Woman carving and expressing herself creatively

Find a way to express your creativity. Whether you are a painter, a writer, or an actor, find whatever you love to do and helps you find flow.

As your personal expression develops, it will be easier for you to connect with who you really are and feel more empowered as a person.

This type of self-expression can also help in finding out what your mission in life should be if you don’t already know. Our creative endeavors can become the force that drives us in life!

6) Wear whatever you please

With self-awareness comes the understanding that social constructs are rules made up by those in power. Wearing whatever you want is a way you can express yourself, but it requires that you ignore those who may judge you.

You may prefer wearing skirts, but feel that your corporate setting may not look too fondly on a less masculine style. Wear the skirts anyway.

You may prefer wearing pants, but feel that your personal space is not safe from judgment. Wear the pants anyway and have a personal mantra to keep you grounded in who you are- “I wear what I want.”

Wear it with pride and live boldly and passionately!

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7) Study famous strong women

This woman is reading books about famous, strong women who set an example for personal empowerment for women

When you study empowered people, you can learn from their personal experiences and discover new ways of developing your self-esteem, self-awareness, and personal power.

Female empowerment has been a hot topic of discussion for decades, so there is plenty to explore and learn about the struggles faced by strong women as well as how they have overcome them.

Studying famous examples of personal success stories can help you find inspiration in your own journey toward self-empowerment.

8) Embrace your feminine strength

There are differences between feminine and masculine energy. Namely, masculine energy is progress, rational thought, action, and planning. Feminine energy on the other hand is all about rest, contemplation, and compassion.

It’s important to know and understand both your masculine and feminine sides. And in our world that praises action and planning, it can be difficult to find a balance with your feminine side.

This will help you balance the energy in your life. You can find your power by embracing the whole of who you are as a person.

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9) Learn about human psychology

Woman writing in her journal

Understanding human psychology can be strongly empowering. When you have a wide base of knowledge about human psychology, you can understand other people’s motivations, as well as your own.

Even deeper, you’ll begin to understand whether someone is acting from a place of social conditioning or from personal empowerment. When someone behaves from a place of anger, stress, or threat, you begin to see it and extend a hand of compassion.

Learning psychology can also help us discover our own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others. Extending compassion and empathy to others can be incredibly empowering.

If you want to add some positivity to your own mindset, check out these affirmation cards that you can study every day.

10) Empower others

Whether you’re at the beginning or the end of your self-empowerment journey, empowering others is a great way to continue to lift yourself up.

We all have personal strengths and talents that can be used to help others. When someone else needs a boost of confidence, help navigating a situation, or just some grounded encouragement to speak their truth, you can be the person to empower them. Especially if a woman or mother is the subject of shaming, you can be the one to stand up for them.

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Conclusion: How to Empower Yourself as A Woman

You have the power within you right now to take action in your personal life that will lead you on a path of personal empowerment for the future. Take some time today (or tomorrow) to think about the techniques for women above that are personal to you and write them down.

You can personalize your list by adding things that make you feel empowered, like reading a poem or saying affirmations in the mirror. Or maybe it’s as simple as taking an hour to do something fun and distracting for yourself every day. Whatever self-empowerment techniques resonate most with you, keep these close during this time of change so they can be your personal touchstones.

Personal empowerment is not a destination, it’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth that can always use more personal exploration to help you continue on the next leg.

How do you empower yourself as a woman?

Share your personal empowerment tips in the comments below!

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12 Techniques for Self-Empowerment for Women

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