40 Creative Affirmations to Nurture Your Creative Spirit

Creative affirmations are all about inspiring ourselves to try new things, embrace risks, and get into flow! It was actress Mary Lou Cook, who said,

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

Woman painting after practicing creative affirmations

Why It’s Important to Stoke Your Creative Fire

Woman being creative while painting pottery

Creation is the center of our existence as human beings and deserves to be nurtured. Humankind’s progress and the wonder of today’s modern world is here now because people dared to try something new, something innovative, something different. And this task is not only relegated to the best of us: creation should be something we are all fluent in.

Flow is another reason to nurture your creativity. Flow is defined as the state of mind when a person is completely immersed in a task. They often lose track of time, feel intense emotions, and are completely present in the moment. It happens most when people are involved in activities they love and they have developed skills at, such as playing piano, playing soccer, building something with your hands, painting, or other creative activities.

Our lives are made full again by taking on creative endeavors. But sometimes we get “stuck”. We fall into a creative rut, or we experience a “block”. When this happens, using affirmations can help to get us unstuck, and allow those creative juices to flow.

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40 Creative Affirmations for Your Best Creative Self

  1. I allow creativity to flow through me.
  2. Creative energy powers me.
  3. I find inspiration everywhere.
  4. Creativity flows through me like a river.
  5. I close my eyes and my imagination turns on.
  6. I love my powerful imagination.
  7. I feel free to pursue my creative passion.
  8. I have an abundance of good ideas.
  9. I see the beauty and wonder in the world around me.
  10. My creativity helps me connect to the world.
  11. Divine inspiration strikes at the most wonderful times.
  12. I let my mind wander, and I discover new ideas.
  13. Creative expression lifts my life to new heights.
  14. I tap into flow and let creativity carry me away.
  15. My life is a limitless source of creativity and passion.
  16. My ideas are unique and inspiring.
  17. When I close my eyes, I see endless possibilities.
  18. I am inventive, creative, and passionate.
  19. I am blessed with boundless innovation.
  20. I allow myself to be vulnerable to let my creativity flow.
  21. I solve problems with ease.
  22. My creativity inspires others to do their best.
  23. My innovation inspires others to try new things.
  24. I am excited to share my creative ideas with others.
  25. I value my art.
  26. My art permeates my life with abundance and inspiration.
  27. I am an innovator.
  28. I am endowed with talent, creativity, and innovative ideas.
  29. Ingenious ideas come to me naturally.
  30. I am the creator of all my life.
  31. My art comes easy to me.
  32. Boundless creativity blesses my life.
  33. I see innovation and creation everywhere I go.
  34. I feel inspired to take risks with my art.
  35. I pursue creativity without fear.
  36. I feel inspired when I make mistakes.
  37. I learn and grow from taking creative risks.
  38. My creations fill me with divine vitality.
  39. Being creative is the core of living which fuels my life.
  40. I am effortlessly creative and innovative in everything I do.

Creative Affirmations

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