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52 Calming Affirmations for Anger

When you’re human, it’s easy to let our emotions take over and control us sometimes. And when that emotion you’re feeling is anger, it can be majorly detrimental to your relationships and your life.

But affirmations for anger help us manage when we get angry, learn to understand it, and turn it into something more positive. Using affirmations for our anger can get us out of our “fight” mindset and put us back into the calm and loving person we truly are. There are other methods that are important as well, and we’ll discuss them below.

Woman upset in therapist's office should use affirmations for anger

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Managing All This Burning Anger

Anger is an emotion we all have, and when you’re a spiritual person, you may try to find ways to rid your life of anger. But even Buddhists will tell you that anger is natural. We’re always going to experience a wide range of emotions in our lives, but when we don’t want to experience those negative emotions, the goal is to learn what to do with them.

In her book When Things Fall Apart, American Buddhist nun Pema Chodron tells us to “sit with” our discomfort. When we experience emotions, we can try to not act and just be for a moment to really discover what these emotions are trying to tell us. She says,

“Rather than letting our negativity get the better of us, we could acknowledge that right now we feel like a piece of shit and not be squeamish about taking a good look.”

Pema Chodron

It’s important to know that we can’t ever truly control our emotions. But we can understand them and learn from them, and in this way, we can prevent our emotions from controlling us.

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Anger: A bodily emotion

Burning anger is hard to stop in the middle of it, because anger takes us out of our heads. Angry feelings make our limbs flow with blood and directs blood away from our brains.

When we do exactly what Pema is suggesting, we can learn where we feel anger in our bodies. For myself, I immediately feel my anger in my upper arms and chest. Some people might feel it in their necks or in their gut.

Usually we feel frustration or rage in the front of our bodies, and so one way to cultivate peaceful energy is to focus on our spine or the back of our bodies.

The next time you start to experience heat or pressure in that area of the body, you might acknowledge angry feelings and be able to move out of that experience.

Meditation and Anger

Meditation is a fantastic stress management practice that takes us out of our stressful environment and asks us to let go of all our intrusive thoughts. It’s difficult when you first start to practice it, but it gets easier. Breathe deeply and feel calm and relaxing throughout your body.

The great thing about meditation is that it brings our entire being into a slower pace. Those intrusive thoughts don’t bother us as much when we’re not meditating! We’re able to stay calm through difficult situations and manage those difficult emotions.

Using these affirmations in addition to our meditation practice can help even more because it teaches our brains what to focus on when we begin to feel angry.

Make sure when you practice these positive affirmations that you’re really feeling them, not just saying them! Training ourselves to reach those calm feelings can make it that much easier to get to that relaxed state in the middle of a difficult situation.

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52 Positive Affirmations for Anger

Keep in mind that most of these affirmations focus on the opposite feelings of anger: peace, calm, or relaxation. The goal of affirmations is to release our anger, and thus, we don’t want to focus on it too much in our affirmations! This helps keep our affirmations positive and focused on how we transform anger into peaceful energy!

  1. I breathe in and I feel calm.
  2. I relax the back of my neck.
  3. I feel tension melting away.
  4. It is easy for me to feel calm.
  5. I react gently to every situation.
  6. I have a never ending supply of patience.
  7. I am understanding toward others.
  8. I listen.
  9. When I am calm, I am happy.
  10. My arms feel heavy. My legs feel heavy.
  11. I am understanding toward myself.
  12. I treat myself with grace and kindness.
  13. I can feel my emotions and still remain calm.
  14. I am a peaceful person.
  15. My spine is strong and relaxed.
  16. I am flexible. I go with the flow of life.
  17. I understand my emotions.
  18. I choose to reclaim my peace.
  19. I love my family and react with understanding.
  20. Experiencing joy is easy for me.
  21. I treat others with grace and kindness.
  22. My demeanor is cool. I am slow to react to difficult situations.
  23. I listen to my body.
  24. I am emotionally healthy.
  25. I release and relax.
  26. I am open and mindful.
  27. I let go of anger and embrace gentleness.
  28. I am focused.
  29. I unclench my fists.
  30. I remain rational and calm when confronted.
  31. Being calm helps others respond kindly to me.
  32. I let go of needing to be right.
  33. I respond with love.
  34. I relax the muscles of my face.
  35. Love and light fill me up and I feel calm.
  36. I breathe in and out and the tension relaxes.
  37. I invite in calmness and peace.
  38. In difficult situations, I see the reasons and react with understanding.
  39. I choose to accept all my emotions.
  40. I exhale and my muscles melt to the floor.
  41. I lean back.
  42. My hands are relaxed and open.
  43. I open my life to understanding and calm.
  44. Peace permeates my life from sunrise to dusk.
  45. My heart is at ease.
  46. I am firmly rooted in the earth.
  47. I feel a cold breeze that cools my fire.
  48. I accept and learn from my emotions.
  49. My anger deflates like a balloon.
  50. I know my triggers. They cannot penetrate my calm.
  51. My eyelids feel heavy and my eyes close.
  52. I unclench my jaw.


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