Affirmation Troubleshooting: How to Make Affirmations Work

It can be frustrating if your affirmations aren’t working for you. There are a few things you can change to learn how to make affirmations work for you.

Remember, affirmations are as effective as you make them. Affirmations aren’t magic, and they won’t help you change your life by uttering them once or twice and then forgetting about them.

If your affirmations aren’t working, there are several things to consider, like how powerful they are, how often you’re using them, and how long you’ve been using them for.

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This is part II of the post What are Affirmations and How do They Work?

What If My Affirmations Aren’t Working?

1. Make Affirmations Work by Making Them More Powerful

Affirmations are not the place to play it safe. Set your sights high and use powerful language.

One way your affirmations might not be working is because they don’t follow the positive, present, and powerful rules.

DON’T: I feel good about the future.
DO: I am thinking about the future and I am feeling strong, powerful, and excited!

Affirmations are MOST powerful when you feel them.

Evoking that emotion in your life will help you practice your habits and feel successful in them. Many metaphysical gurus and scientists call this the heart-brain. When you bring your heart-brain into your affirmations, you can truly make these affirmations come alive in your life.

When you experience these powerful, positive emotions, your BODY starts to get on board with the affirmations. Your brain is telling your body to favor this feeling and experience over other negative habits.

Some of the most powerful feelings in the world include:

Using these emotions as a driving force when we write or look for our affirmations can help us maximize the effect that our affirmations are having on us! This is one way to help affirmations work for you.

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2. Make Affirmations Work by Using Them ALL THE TIME

If you’re not seeing results with your affirmations, you likely aren’t using them often enough or in ways that will most benefit your life and your lifestyle.

For example, if you only say your affirmation once a day, in the morning while you are in the shower, then you’re not giving that affirmation maximum exposure time.

Maximum exposure means maximum results. Remember, here are some ways you can use affirmations at various points throughout your day:

  1. Write your affirmation(s) in a journal every day.
  2. Take up a meditation practice and recite your affirmations (japa yoga)
  3. Use mala beads with your affirmations
  4. Write your affirmation or print it out and post it different places, like:
    • the fridge
    • your bathroom mirror
    • inside your closet
    • in your office
  5. Put it on all your devices:
    1. as a wallpaper or lock-screen on your phone
    2. as a wallpaper on your computer
    3. as a wallpaper or lock-screen on your tablet
  6. Say your affirmations during walking, showering, or driving

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Use Them When They’re A Challenge

One effective way to make affirmations work for you is to challenge yourself. You need to be using the affirmation when the OPPOSITE temptation arises.

Let’s say you are using your affirmation to become calmer, as in that second example above. The shower is a pretty calm environment already. But if you’re at school doing playground duty and a parent comes over to scold you for disciplining her child in class the other day—you’d better use that opportunity, while the other woman is chewing you out, to say to yourself:

My inner world is calm. I always feel at peace and at ease!


My inner world is calm. I always feel at peace and at ease!


My inner world is calm. I always feel at peace and at ease!

You get it. Then when the woman is done yelling, you can reply calmly.

Thinking Affirmations…

Another thing to consider is when, during a regular day do you do most of your thinking?

Woman doing walking meditation knows how to make affirmations work.

While getting ready for the day?

When on your commute to work?

While on your daily walk on your lunch break?

During nightly dish washing?

These are times that you spend in your inner world. You are alone with your thoughts. What kinds of words are you saying to yourself?

One of the things that people often do while alone with their thoughts is to rehearse bad things that happened that day or week or year or in your childhood. You replay them again and again.

Evolutionarily this served us well because it helped us analyze possible dangerous situations and learn how to avoid them in the future. But this is one of those things that doesn’t translate to our modern world very well.

When you replay moment of stress, anguish, grief, pain, hatred, or turmoil, you are wiring those emotions and thoughts into your brain (just as in the example in question above.)

Affirmations can break the cycle of rehearsing negative experiences.

If you’re expecting affirmations to miraculously bring mind-blowing things into your life, then you need to couple your affirmations with other principles for manifestation. Affirmations are only a small PIECE of the process of manifesting, which I am not covering here.

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3. Give it More Time to Make Affirmations Work

Changing your habits takes time. If your affirmations aren’t working, you might not have been practicing them long enough.

With affirmations, the goal is to literally rewire your brain. You’re breaking yourself out of old, toxic habits and replacing them with new, positive ones. Changing your brain chemistry and neural pathways isn’t going to happen overnight.

This is an old video of Dr. Joe Dispenza (from April 2012) talking about how to literally rewire your brain and go from “thinking” to “doing” to “being”. It’s worth a watch.

People who can use affirmations quickly to manifest change in their lives are the people who have been doing this a long time.

Young girl learning to ride a bike is repeating and practicing to make it a habit: the same thing happens with affirmations.

Think about when you first learn something new, like riding a bike. The first time you get on a bike, you’re probably wobbly and fall over. The next time, maybe you peddle a couple of times. But each time you get on the bike, you get a little bit better at it. Before long, you can hop on your bike and ride around with no problem.

The real change comes when you decide to challenge yourself to go faster or start learning tricks. When you decide to master something, that’s when you really start to see results.

Remember that excellence does not happen overnight.

Psychologists say that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in something. The more you practice your affirmations, the more they will be effective in your life.

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Conclusion: How Affirmations Changed My Life

I started using affirmations just over a year ago when I was pregnant with my second boy. I wanted to make a change in my life and quit teaching to become a stay-at-home mom.

I was trying to beat years of negative thinking and emotional manipulation and abuse so that I would not pass those on to my children.

Affirmations have helped me to believe in myself, build an online business, start to get our finances in order, and be patient with my children… which is not always easy when you have a toddler and an infant.

I’ve gone from “What are affirmations and How do They Work?” to “I can use affirmations with ease and confidence.” I have used this positivity in my efforts to manifest some pretty serious stuff in my life, and I’m well on my way.

If your affirmations aren’t working, use the steps outlined here and you’ll on your way to how to make affirmations work for you, too!

What kind of affirmations would you like to see?

If you’re in need, take a look at my affirmation posts below, and be sure to subscribe and comment! I’d love to hear from you!

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Affirmations Aren't Working? Here's how to make them work for you and manifest your dream life! (Pinterest Image)

Affirmation Troubleshooting: How to Make Affirmations Work

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