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19 Wild Woman Books to Awaken Your Inner Goddess

When you are a woman who has chosen the path less traveled—one of authenticity, strength, feminine power, of earth and moon and cycles, of wildness—you will probably start to look for validation that you’re on the right path and that you’re not alone. These best wild woman books will inspire you to keep going on your spiritual journey to discover your inner divine feminine goddess. Get reading!

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If you’d prefer, check out my video on YouTube, which reviews 6 of these books, plus 1 new one!

Best Wild Woman Books: Non-fiction

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The ultimate Wild Woman book, Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype was published in 1992. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a Jungian psychologist and spoken word artist who traveled the world collecting folklore. This book is a collection of those stories.

Each chapter has one or two stories on a particular theme, like finding our inner female instincts, dealing with grief, and finding boundless creativity. Then she follows the story with an analysis of the story from the perspective of the inner wild woman and her Jungian training.

Like a bible to many, this book is one no wild woman should go without.

Read some quotes from Dr. Estes.

Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be

Warrior Goddess Training is a great place to begin on your wild journey if you’re not ready to dig right into some of the heavier material on this list. Heatherash Amara has a background in Buddhism, Toltec wisdom, and Earth based spirituality, and she helps women to shed the belief that we’re not enough.

She walks the reader through the principles to live your life with authenticity and belief in yourself, leading you to inner revolution.

If Women Rose Rooted, A Life-Changing Journey to Authenticity and Belonging

In the style of Women Who Run with the Wolves, If Women Rose Rooted is a collection of stories and applications to our world today, but these stories are specific to the Celtic nation of Ireland.

Published just a few years ago (2019), this book is strikingly darker than WWRWTW. In the light of our harsh hustle world and climate change, the stories have much more ominous, despairing overtones. (Take your time reading this one if you are a sensitive soul).

In spite of this, the stories ultimately give us a sense of hope and validation that this feminine spiritual path is indeed right and true.

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Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It For Good

Just released last month, Call of the Wild is a guide through our trauma. Author Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, trauma educator, and postpartum care advocate who has a previous book called The Fourth Trimester.

This book, Call of the Wild, Johnson talks a lot about the nervous system response (which runs amok in today’s hustle world) and how we can utilize it to tap into our innate wisdom and reconnect with our wild, animal selves.

This is a must-read wild woman book for everyone out there!

Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power

This book is all about the menstrual cycle. Within the cycles of our body lie true power that help us with aspects of our life, from health and wellness, to spiritual empowerment. It helps you develop a much deeper relationship with and appreciation for your body.

The kind of awareness you develop by reading this book is expansive and powerful. So many women have changed their lives through this book and it has stellar reviews.

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The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman

Like the book above, this is another manual for getting out of the disconnection and soullessness of our modern world. The author, Danielle Dulsky helps you connect to the natural world through the study of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. These are sacred feminine archetypes that exist in all of us!

Although The Holy Wild was written by a witch for witches, you don’t have to practice wicca or witchcraft to feel deeply touched by this wonderfully soulful book.

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This One Wild and Precious Life: The Path Back to Connection in a Fractured World

The premise of this book is that so many of us are living our lives feeling disconnected and fractured, in what she calls spiritual PTSD. Author Sarah Wilson encourages us to reconnect with wild practices like hiking, non-violent activism, stopping mindless consuming, and doing things that scare us every day.

It’s both spiritual and practical. She will inspire you to take the feelings of disconnect and grief and turn them into something positive.

One of the biggest criticisms of this book is that the author is a meat-eater while advocating for all kinds of other Earth-healthy practices.

Tracking the Wild Woman Archetype: A Guide to Becoming a Whole, In-divisible Woman

A wonderful look into relationships, love, sexuality and the wild woman archetype, Tracking the Wild Woman Archetype is a manual to examining how you express your sexuality and conduct relationships.

While this wasn’t a particularly well-known book, it’s worth the read.

Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics

The premise of this book is that our world has been unbalanced for millenia, favoring the masculine over the feminine. But there are so many powerful female spiritual leaders (mystics) throughout Earth’s history, and in this book, Mirabai introduces you to many of them.

The biggest criticism of this book is that the author does not represent many of the cultures and historical figures discussed in the book. Also, the cover is not a true representation of what this book is about.

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Women and Other Monsters: Building a New Mythology

Mythology and folklore are filled with female villains… women who are angry, greedy, or maybe just don’t care about society’s beauty standards. But when you take a closer look at many of these traditional villains, you’ll see the wild woman tucked away within.

Monsters like Medusa or the Harpies, when looked at through the lense of feminism become suddenly much more familiar.

Another book that has just hit stores within the last couple of months (Spring 2021), Women and Other Monsters is a fresh and much-needed look into these old stories because they reveal the truth about ourselves.

The Wild Woman’s Way: Unlock Your Full Potential for Pleasure, Power, and Fulfillment

Society puts unattainable expectations on women, and thus we’re often left feeling less than, disappointed, and feeling like something is missing. But at the intersection of sexuality and spirituality lies our true potential as women: our lost womanly instincts.

This book will help guide you through rituals and experiences to allow joy to creep back into your life and tap into flow.

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Wild Women, Wild Voices: Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

Perhaps a different best wild woman book, this one is all about using your voice and expressing your truth through writing. Because women have been taught to turn our attentions in, we often have a difficult time expressing ourselves and speaking our truth.

There are a lot of writing exercises designed to bring out your wild woman and learn how to write in a deeper and more fulfilling way.

Wild Women Rising: 10 Real Stories of Women’s Resilience, Renewal And Rebirth (Never Give Up Stories)

While this book could technically go in memoirs, I’ve placed it here in non-fiction. This is a collection of stories of real wild women who rose above their circumstances to reclaim their lives, their vitality, and their passion.

It’s not a manual, but it is the perfect wild woman book to inspire you to break through your current situation to build a life you love.

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Best Wild Woman Poetry Books

What Kind of Woman: Poems

What Kind of Woman is poetry that will make you feel seen, heard, and lifted up. With poems about motherhood and womanhood, these are the words you’re looking for to describe your grief, your pain, and calls on your strength.

You are not alone.

Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur

Explore the pain women experience in our modern world with Rupi Kaur’s powerful and poignant collection of feminist poetry. She is young, but she understands the weight of the world and is able to express it so beautifully through her words and illustrations.

Not for young girls, however, as some of the poems are quite mature.

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Best Memoirs for Wild Women

Untamed, Glennon Doyle

A role model for us all, Glennon Doyle has stood strong against the oppressive nature of society to embrace vulnerability, set healthy boundaries, and love who she is. And she wants you to enjoy all of those things as well.

The big criticism of this book is that it’s written inauthentically and reads like an Instagram feed. It also has a lot of mom wisdom, so if you’re not a mother, you may not get as much from this one.

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Wild Mama, Carrie Visintainer

When you’re a mom, you’re expected to have the wild squashed out of you. But in fact, you can have both motherhood and an independent identity as a woman and individual at the same time. Carrie Visintainer proves it.

So when you feel that motherhood may threaten who you are, read this wild woman book.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

This novel/memoir became popular only several years ago. It’s the story of Cheryl Strayed, a woman on a crazy journey to hike the Pacific Crest Trail as a solo female hiker. Along the way, she reflects on her life choices and comes to terms with the death of her mother, learning about love, and grief, and life.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou

A memoir of Maya Angelou that chronicles her childhood and young adulthood, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a celebration of life, women, and learning.

Maya Angelou is known today for her wisdom, insight, and deep love, but she came from very humble beginnings and rose to fame much later. While parts of it are dark and troubling, the overall message is one of love and especially learning.

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The 19 Best Wild Woman Books

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