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20 Ways to Start Living Boldly and Passionately in 2024

What are you living for? Almost everything has changed in the past decade, and it will likely change again in the next 10 years. That is why living boldly and living passionately is more important than ever before.

To live boldly means to live without fear, taking risks, and doing things that make your heart sing. If that sounds like the kind of person you would like to be then this blog post will show you 20 ways how!

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What does it mean to live boldly?

If you’re asking “How do I live a bold life?”, then you’re in the right place. Living boldly is living a life that has meaning and purpose in the world. It means living with passion, living without fear, advocating for what you believe in, and living wholeheartedly and wisely.

Living boldly means all of the following:

– being aware of your values and beliefs as they relate to the world around you (and not living in denial)
– living with an awareness of the diversity around you and living as a participant, not just an observer.
– living authentically without trying to be someone or something that is untrue to who you are inside
– living vulnerably but also knowing when to back down

Leading a bold life is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of courage, introspection, and living outside of your comfort zone.

But bold living is the best way to live life because it means you’re living a full and rich life, not just surviving it. Keep reading for 20 ways to live with meaning, purpose, passion, and courage in 2024.

20 Ways to Live Boldly and Passionately

1) Discover who you really are

Honestly, the first step in living with conviction is to know yourself in and out. You may think you know who you are, but discovering parts of yourself that were never fully explored can help you rid yourself of insecurity. Take a few minutes every day to really get in touch with what makes your heart sing and let the world hear it too!

– Spend time alone each week so you can reflect on how things make you feel.
– Journal about the things that make you unequivocally happy.
– Reflect on why being bold is important to you, who inspires you, and how living this way can benefit others as well!
– Think about your insecurities and what you’re afraid of. Knowing your fears is one step closer to facing them.

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2) Make peace with your past trauma

Personal growth is deeply important to taking bold action. When you make peace with past trauma, you release yourself from living in fear and living timidly. Remember that your past does not define who you are and never has the final word on what is possible for your future. It can be difficult to process the pain from your past, but it really helps you move forward in your life with intention and wisdom.

This newly discovered peace can help you make informed choices about the future and give you the power you didn’t have before.

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3) Don’t run from conflict

Woman expressing her emotions

Everyone experiences difficult times and conflict in our lives. It’s totally natural to just want to “keep the peace” and ignore the negative emotions. But that isn’t always in your best interest, nor is it living boldly.

In fact, conflict can be a sign that you are living authentically. It’s not always comfortable, but it is often healthy. The more conflict we avoid, the less likely our relationships will grow and evolve into deeper connections. If people in your life never disagree with you or push back on things, then there is no opportunity for growth.

4) Face your fears head on

Living boldly means facing your fears. Fear is a natural response to change or new challenges. But when you are willing to face those fears and see them for what they really are—just worries about the unknown that will (probably) go away when you get more familiar with them—your life will blossom and you will find more passion in life.

You may have a fear of failure (many people do) and worry about putting yourself out there or taking risks.

Even when you experience fear of a known and certain thing, hiding from them does not serve your greater purpose. Face your emotional pain and worry head on to really step into your authentic self.

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5) Share your feelings

Another step to bold living is being honest with yourself. If you’re feeling sad, angry, or frustrated then it’s important that you’re willing and open to expressing how you feel rather than holding those emotions inside of you in order to “be polite” or “not be a burden”. You deserve the freedom to feel whatever emotion comes your way without judgment, to be your true self.

This isn’t just when you experience something negative and need to talk it through with a friend. This is also all about how you express love, gratitude, and appreciation to those around you (which is often a lot harder).

6) Try something new

Woman performing slam poetry

An important factor in living boldly is trying new things. You never know what might happen! Here are some ideas for how to start living more bravely:

– Sign up for salsa lessons or ballroom dancing
– Join an improv class
– Share your slam poetry

7) Take a calculated risk

Calculated risks are essential components of being bold with your life, as nothing ventured means nothing gained. One of the most important keys is to be sure that you have done your research and feel confident about the risks involved.

If you are taking a leap into an unfamiliar field or area, it can also help to take some time for training first so you are aware of certain specific things in your new industry. Risk doesn’t have to be a huge one to have a big impact on your confidence and your life!

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8) Say Yes

As Jan tells Pam in The Office, “There’s always a million reasons not to do something.” But living boldly means that you ignore the excuses and do it. Saying yes can be scary and intimidating but when it’s something we truly want or believe in there’s no better feeling than living an authentic life

Say yes more often because it’ll make your life go from good…to great! This is the kind of life that is bursting with magic and authenticity!

9) Learn to say no without guilt

Woman saying no with "stop" hand.

Conversely, it’s okay to learn to say no. If something is a breach of your personal boundaries, your time, or your values, it is important to stand up for yourself. 

Learning to say no when you need to will help prevent burnout, and give you the ability to create more time for what really matters.

10) Don’t just blindly follow the crowd

When you transform your life with courage and passion, you take the road less traveled. The media presents us with things to suggest what we should like or dislike. Or who we should like and dislike. But have you ever stopped to consider what you actually like or don’t?

Don’t just blindly follow the crowd. You are free to make your own decisions, opinions, and actions. If your bold life doesn’t include a 9-5 job with two weeks off a year, then don’t do it!

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11) Set boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is important to living boldly. Here’s why: setting boundaries means that you’re keeping the negative stuff that’s beneath you out of your life.

When you are strict with your time and what you deserve, more people will act accordingly.

12) Cut out toxic people and habits

Woman blocking people on social media

Cutting out toxic people and habits that are holding back your growth and intentions for your best life will be a courageous step toward your best, most vibrant life.

Start by realizing which people are not in line with how you want to live your life. This could mean people who do not reciprocate your care or love, people who shut down your feelings or opinions, or people who take advantage of you for their own benefit.

Any easy way is to cut them out on social media. Block them, if necessary.

13) Show others your enthusiasm

In our world, we are often expected to hold back our emotions in favor of being more rational. But when we are geeking out about something or feel immense enthusiasm, we want to share that with others.

If you’re passionate about something, share that with others! Stop being afraid of what other people think. Whenever possible, let your passion drive you to make decisions for yourself. And you might even spark enthusiasm in others, too!

14) Share your creativity with others

When you’re living boldly, you have creative hobbies that you practice for enjoyment. (No, you don’t have to monetize your hobby for it to be legit!)

But you should feel fearless to share that passion with others. Whether it’s through karaoke, giving tennis lessons, or selling your artwork, be bold enough to put yourself out there!

15) Wear a new or different style

Woman wearing bold styles

Here’s a simple way to break free and live boldly: wear something bold. We all wear what’s in our comfort zone most of the time. And chances are, when you were a teenager, you were bolder and more daring with your fashion choices.

But just because you’re older now doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Take a risk. Wear something you’d usually pass over. Wear a bold color. Wear some stand-out jewelry.

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16) Be unabashed about your sexuality

Because sex is taboo, people don’t like to talk about. Heck, even flirting is taboo!

But when people live boldly, they aren’t ashamed of their sexuality. Everyone’s sexuality means something different to them. Whether you’re talking about it to your friends, or you prefer just to embrace pleasure with yourself or your partner, a person’s sexuality is an essential component to bold living. (Make sure you read Come As You Are.)

17) Tell people immediately when they have said something offensive

Woman calling out a coworker who has said something offensive

Living boldly means calling people out. (Or, if you’re feeling compassionate, calling people in.) Whether someone says a joke that’s out of turn, says something racist sexist, or homophobic, those who live boldly don’t just sit back.

And it’s absolutely possible that someone doesn’t understand how what they said could be considered offensive. All they need is someone to politely explain it to them.

18) Stand up to bullies

Calling people out is one thing, but when it comes to bullies, bold people don’t back down. When we witness someone putting someone else down or manipulating them, it’s our duty to speak up.

This doesn’t mean we should be nasty or unkind – it simply means that we need to say something when someone is being mistreated, no matter what the other person may do in response. It’s our responsibility as human beings to live with one another peacefully and respectfully.

19) Don’t be afraid to overhaul your life

When you’re really being courageous with your life, don’t be afraid to overhaul your life. It could be about picking up and moving across the country or starting a whole new business or it can also mean finding an entirely different career path for yourself.

Remember that it doesn’t have to happen overnight – as long as you’re taking steps towards your dream, you’re living more boldly than most others ever will.

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20) Live without regret

Living life without regret is not about being perfect. It’s about giving in to what you want and need, even if it means risking failure or embarrassment.

It’s about the freedom to change your mind and course of action at any time because you won’t be living like so many people who think they know everything there is to know before they have done anything at all.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.”

Mark Twain

Conclusion – “How do I live boldly?”

The answer to the question “how do I live boldly?” is simple:

Your heart already knows.

In order to live more boldly, all we have to do is get out of our comfort zone and take on new challenges to bring good things into our world. You have the right tools, now make boldness a part of your daily routine!

The more you live with intention and courage, the more fearless and confident you’ll become. Living life without regret is not about being perfect; it’s about giving in to what we want and need, regardless of what others think.

In a world where living boldly may seem daunting at first glance but there are ways to start practicing this mindset today with small steps like wearing some bold lipstick!

Here’s to living with courage and passion in 2024!

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20 Ways to Live a Bold, Magical Life in 2024

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