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120 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself for Personal Growth

Whenever I’m at a place where I don’t know what I need, or I feel like I don’t know what to do I break out my journal and think about questions to ask myself for self reflection and personal growth. I can’t move forward until I’m able to pinpoint what exactly is bothering me and what I can do to move through this situation or experience.

Thinking deeply about your situation, your life, and the things that you perhaps want to change about your life can absolutely be the catalyst for great personal growth. Personal growth is working to improve your habits, behavior or your happiness in life. It’s about building a better life. And personal growth doesn’t happen without stepping outside of our comfort zone!

Some of these questions to ask yourself may be uncomfortable to think about, but always try to answer them honestly. Honesty and objectivity will give you the greatest insight to the true wonder of your life, and also perhaps where there’s room for improvement.

Deep Questions to Ask for Personal Growth

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Developing Self-Awareness Through Self-Discovery

Self reflection is essential to a happy life. When you’re looking to discover the important things about your life and who you are, it takes time and a lot of thought.

After all, most people go through life without really looking deeper for a new perspective. Anyone could die tomorrow never really self aware. This is a tragedy. But you’re here now, and you’re dedicated to practicing self-awareness and self-discovery.

There are no right or wrong answers

When you go through these deep questions, the most important thing is bringing valuable insight and discovering your limiting beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers, so be truthful. After all, your own happiness is what’s most at stake here.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in life, or maybe you’re hoping to work on your personal development and growth. Whatever it is, I hope you use these deep questions to help you build your best life.

You might be surprised at what you’ll learn about yourself, and you may discover more happiness than you initially thought!

100 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself

Use these 100 questions to ask yourself and journal, brainstorm, and meditate on these topics.

Woman thinking about her character

Deep Questions for a Healthy Life

1) How important to me is my health?

2) How much sleep do I need per night?

3) When was the last time I felt in love with my body?

4) What does “good health” mean to me?

5) How do I like to move my body?

6) What are my favorite foods?

7) Do I feel comfortable in my body?

8) How do I impact others about their health?

9) What is my biggest worry about my health?

Deep Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Character

10) Where do I feel most safe?

11) What are my character flaws?

12) Am I a good person?

13) What can I do to become a better person?

14) What are my deepest fears?

15) How can I add value to my life?

16) Do I recharge my energy by being with others or by being alone?

17) Do I like to plan or go with the flow?

18) When am I guided by rational thought?

19) When do my emotions guide me?

Self Awareness Questions About Taking Risks

Woman asking herself deep questions about self love and self care

20) What actions do I take that are guided by fear?

21) Am I afraid to make mistakes?

22) When was the last time I took a risk?

23) What have been my biggest mistakes my entire life?

24) Am I easily satisfied, or am I ambitious? In what ways?

Questions to Ask Yourself About Self-Care and Self-Love

25) When did I last do a nice thing for myself?

26) When was the last time I told myself “I love you”?

27) How do I practice mindfulness?

28) How do I practice gratitude?

29) Am I comfortable being alone?

30) What do I judge myself for?

31) What do I love about myself?

32) What parts of my body do I love about myself?

33) What would I change about myself?

34) What body parts do I find myself criticizing?

35) What does self-care mean to me?

36) How do I fill my cup?

37) Am I honest to others around me about when I need “me time”?

38) When do I feel most confident?

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Deep Questions about Your Passions

Woman thinking about questions to ask yourself about about your creative passions

39) What do I get excited about?

40) What activities make me lose track of time?

41) What makes me smile?

42) What makes me laugh?

43) What things am I passionate about?

44) How do I express myself creatively?

45) What sets my soul on fire?

46) What issues do I find myself interested in advocating for?

47) What could I be happy spending the rest of my life doing?

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Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Daily Life

48) In what ways can I simplify my life?

49) How do I make life more complex than it needs to be?

50) What do I do every day that is non-negotiable?

51) What do I do every day that I could stop doing or reduce?

52) What does my ideal day look like?

53) What simple joys or pleasures of daily life do I embrace?

54) What stress do I experience every day?

55) What do I like to do for fun?

56) Would I rather sleep in late or go to bed early? (Night owl or early bird?)

Woman embracing her past and present moment

Deep Questions about Your Past

57) What was the hardest life lesson I had to learn?

58) What are my favorite memories?

59) Do I have any regrets in life so far?

60) What is my biggest regret?

61) What are the lies I’ve told myself in my past?

62) What are my limiting beliefs?

63) What are some of my most embarrassing moments?

64) What do I try to hide from others about my past?

65) When was the last time I felt in love with life?

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Future

66) What things are on my bucket list?

67) When I am 80 years old and look back on my life, what will I appreciate the most?

68) When I’m 80 years old and look back on my life, will I have any regrets?

69) Where do I want to travel?

70) What can I let go of to improve my life?

71) What risks can I take to improve my life?

72) What does the American Dream mean to me?

73) Who do I see being in my life for years to come?

74) Do I want to have children?

75) What do I want to be known for?

76) What are the most important things for me to achieve in my life?

77) What do I fear?

78) What’s the biggest factor that could make me have a happier life?

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Questions to Ask Yourself about Relationships

Answer some questions about how you interact with others for personal growth

79) How do I like to spend time with others?

80) Who are my role models?

81) What do I bring to other people’s lives?

82) How do I connect with others?

83) When did I last do something nice for someone else?

84) What do I judge others for?

85) What are my favorite things to do with my friends?

86) What are my favorite things to do with family members?

87) What do I look for in a friend?

88) What do I look for in a partner?

89) What do I bring to a friendship?

90) What do I bring to a relationship?

91) Am I a good listener?

92) How can I improve my relationships with others?

93) What kinds of things can I ask for from my friends and partner?

94) What kinds of things can I give my friends and partner?

95) What could I spend hours talking to a friend about?

Deep Questions About Your Values

96) What are the most important things in my life?

97) What do I look for in my fellow human beings?

98) What are my values in life?

99) How do I deal with fear?

100) What am I most grateful for?

101) Do I forgive easily?

Deep, Self-Reflection Questions About How You See the World

102) Am I a half-glass full or a half-glass empty kind of person?

103) Is it more important to bring mass change or just help one person?

104) How can I go the extra mile to bring joy to others?

105) What is wrong with the world today?

106) What does the world need more of?

107) What kind of future do I envision for happiness of the world?

Questions to Ask Yourself About Success and Motivation

Woman succeeding

108) When have I felt like a failure?

109) When have I felt like a success?

110) What are my best skills?

111) What would I like to achieve in life?

112) Am I a follower or a leader?

113) How can I lead more?

114) Have I reached my full potential?

115) What wisdom do I have to share with others?

116) When I’m met with criticism, how do I respond?

Self Awareness Questions About Money and Finances

117) Am I good with money?

118) Am I a spender or a saver?

119) How much does money matter to me?

120) If I could be rich or happy, which would I choose?


When you think about these questions to ask yourself for personal development and growth, you can learn all kinds of new things about yourself. The most important answers are the ones you deem the most important!

It’s not a perfect science, of course, but when you examine these topics, you’re likely to grow, attract good things into your life, and have a higher life satisfaction and a better life.

How important is it to you to examine different aspects of your life for personal growth and development?

What kind of questions do you ask yourself that helped you grow and understand more about life?

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100 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself For Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

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