How I Prevented a Cold and Cough with Garlic

A few years ago, I was visiting home and got sick. My mom shared a new trick she learned for preventing a cold with garlic and stopping it dead in its tracks. It’s an all-natural method of preventing colds, and very cost-effective!

I needed to use it again recently, so I wanted to share. Here is my exact method for preventing colds with garlic!

Garlic bulbs for Preventing a cold with garlic.

Healing properties of garlic

Garlic has been used for many centuries as a healing herb. Fresh, raw garlic is actually extremely powerful! It’s been known to beat the cold, flu, intestinal parasites and yeast.

Although there is not much consensus on allicin as the beneficial compound in garlic, the message is clear:

Garlic has to be raw to obtain its benefits. Once cooked, all antibacterial, antiviral properties of garlic are gone.

So make sure that in these methods below that you only use raw garlic. Yes, it’s strong. That’s the point!

Using garlic with other supplements to prevent colds

As I write this it’s Christmas Day and we’re on a plane to Ohio to visit my family for the holidays.

Of course, just 3 days ago, my husband and two sons all caught a cold. The little one is dreadfully miserable, and my toddler is starting to feel better. But either way, I figured it was only a matter of tome before I got it.

About 24 hours after my sons presented with symptoms, I wanted to stop the cold so I didn’t get it. This is the protocol I followed.

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Preventing Colds with Garlic: Step 1

Cut a raw clove of garlic into 3 pill-sized pieces. Swallow two of them with a vitamin C, Zinc, and probiotics.

Step 2

Stick the other one up your nose.

Yes it is TERRIBLY weird to walk around with a piece of garlic in your nose. But as long as you do it at home and not in public, I think you’re fine.

This way, the healing properties of the garlic both gets into your system AND it gets to the source of the infection: your sinuses.

Leave the clove in one nostril for 10-15 minutes. Breathe deeply through your nose a few times then leave it there and go about your daily business.

Switch sides and repeat.

Step 3

Use honey with garlic to help prevent colds.

2 hours later, swallow a teaspoon of organic honey and get to work on another concoction.

Microwave a tablespoon or two of unrefined coconut oil for 30 seconds. Crush a clove or two of garlic with the flat side of a knife. Pop them into the warm coconut oil and leave them to soak for 30 minutes.

After 20 minutes, strain (or pick) out the garlic. Leave to cool for 30-60 minutes. Use as a salve on your chest. This is safe enough to use on your toddlers and potentially even your little one (6 months and older).

Want to step it up a notch? Add 2-3 drops DoTerra’s On Guard (or 4 Thieves Oil, generic). This is NOT safe for babies’ and toddlers’ use, but may be safe in older children. Please do your own research and determine if this is right for your family.

I put this on my chest and neck (avoiding going too low since I’m breastfeeding). Put it on every 2-3 hours.

Shower before leaving the house. It’s kind of stinky!

Step 4

You can also continue to put a small clove or piece of clove up your nose for 20-30 minutes every few hours.

Before going to bed at night, swallow another pill-sized piece of garlic with Vitamin C and Zinc and a Tablespoon of honey.


Drink as much water as you can during the day.

You should have to pee at least once every hour or two. This is giving somewhere for all those bad bugs to exit your body.

Preventing a Cold with Garlic: Results

My throat was scratchy the next day, so I repeated the process. It’s been about 5 days, and I have yet to have a runny nose or cough! I’d call that a success!

I haven’t taken the raw garlic again, but I will return to it if I feel the cold coming on again.

For those who can’t stand the taste of raw garlic (or the thought of swallowing a pill-sized piece of it whole), there are other options, though I cannot say how effective they would be.

Something like this would be your best bet:

This whole bulb garlic is specifically formulated for immune support and is organic. It’s also about 9 times more expensive than a bulb of garlic from the grocers, so take what you will.

So… can garlic actually prevent colds?

I want you to try it out for yourself and decide. I’ve used it many times to help prevent and heal colds. If you don’t start it right away, you will likely get the cold. However, even starting it late, in my experience, helped me shorten the length of my cold.

Have you ever thought of preventing a cold with garlic?

Depending on the severity of the bug, it may not help. But garlic is incredibly powerful!

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Preventing a cold with garlic.

All-natural Cold Prevention Using Garlic

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