21 New Year Resolution Affirmations for a Killer New Year!

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions and then struggle to keep them? Using New Year Resolution affirmations this year just might make a huge difference for you!

Are you ready to level up your life?

You deserve to live a fulfilling, joyous, healthy and balanced life, and goals and New Year’s Resolutions can help get you there.

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New Year Resolution Affirmations are all about your mindset

Mindset is what can make and break your goal achievement, and New Year’s resolutions are no different. Listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza talk about our programming, environment, and thoughts.

In summary, you perform the same actions, think the same thoughts, and have the same emotions every day… you hurry up just to do it all over again!

Your environment controls your thoughts.

But when you put your thoughts first, then you begin to truly create a new future for yourself.

Isn’t that what a New Year’s Resolution is? To want something better for the future?… something different than the present?

Dr. Dispenza says:

To truly change is to think greater than your environment.

That’s where affirmations come in

When you use affirmations, you are rewiring your brain to live a reality that you have created for yourself, rather that just responding to your environment.


…you also must act and FEEL as if that reality, those thoughts are already true.

Are you ready to use these New Year Resolution affirmations to help change your thoughts, actions, and feelings to create a better year for yourself?

Remember, affirmations only work if YOU DO. Become someone new!

So create a practice and dive in. Here are some resources to get you started!

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New Year Resolution Planner Free Printable

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21 New Year Resolution Affirmations in 2021

These are some powerful and positive statements that, if used regularly and in conjunction with action and feelings, can help you to achieve your New Year’s Resolution!

But these affirmations are for getting into a mindset and going after your New Year Resolution. But for affirmations to really work, you need to tailor them to your exact needs. So don’t forget to scroll down and check out our library of affirmations for a variety of circumstances to pick the ones that best suit your exact New Year’s Resolution, whether it’s to lose weight or get healthy, develop self-love habits, find love, or be a better mother.

Check out some New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Personal Development
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This is your New Year’s Resolution! You got this!

  1. This is the year I get everything I want!
  2. My mindset is positive and focused on my goals.
  3. I am successful and powerful.
  4. I easily achieve all my New Year’s Resolutions.
  5. I am committed and unwavering.
  6. I break through all my limiting beliefs to find true success and fulfillment.
  7. I deserve to reach all my goals.
  8. I am living a life of success, luxury, and wonder.
  9. This is the year all my dreams come true!
  10. I am aligned with the abundance of the Universe.
  11. All my wildest dreams are coming to me now!
  12. My life is abundant, fulfilling, and kick-ass!
  13. I am supernatural. I bring all my desires to me.
  14. I am a magnet for success!
  15. This year is filled with jaw-dropping miracles!
  16. I am effortlessly successful.
  17. My willpower is mind-blowing.
  18. My life is captivating and unlimited!
  19. I am sexy, brilliant, and powerful!
  20. I am capable of achieving MIRACLES in my life!
  21. I am creating my new life through thoughts, feelings, and action.

If you’re interested in more specific affirmations to help you reframe your mindset and achieve all your New Year’s Resolutions, please check out our library of affirmations:

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2020 Affirmations from Wild Simple Joy

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Don’t forget to drop your thoughts below!!!

What’s your New Year Resolution this year?

How are you going to use Affirmations to reach your New Year Resolution?

New Year’s Resolution Affirmations for Your New Year Goals!

Originally published December, 2018
Re-published April, 2020

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