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8 New Year’s Resolutions for Boomers for 2024

The Boomer generation is one that is pretty set. They’ve hit retirement age and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Sure, Boomers get a lot of flack (so do the other generations!), but the Boomer generation deserves all the continued success and happiness they can dream of!

So now that you have everything… okay, it seems to this Millennial like you have everything!… what on earth do you set goals for?

Well, buckle up, because I have a few things to say to you. Here are 8 fantastic New Year’s resolutions for Boomers that I hope you take me up on!

Boomer couple walking in the forest

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Boomer Life in the 2020s?

Every individual is different, but there are definitely trends within certain generations. Many Boomers at this point in time have reached retirement and are focusing on their grandchildren. In the past, Boomers been criticized for their lack of technology skills, but that is beginning to change as they get more comfortable with smartphones and other technology.

It’s also worth noting that many people in the Boomer generation are caring for their parents, who are likely to be in their 80s and 90s.

No generation or time of life is without its stresses, for sure, but overall, Boomers seem to have a lot going for them at this time in their lives.

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Why Boomers Should Set New Year Resolutions

What I want to tell my parents and the Boomer generation is: it’s never too late to go after your goals. Retirement doesn’t have to be filled with golf or socializing. It can be a time to help others, to make connections, and fulfill the life goals that went unfulfilled.

The Boomer generation was at the mercy of their parents, like most generations, and this generation didn’t have the benefit of a more accepting and open-minded society. Boomers were forced into jobs that they didn’t want to take, merely to please their parents or their community, while many would have prefered to take another life path.

Boomers, now’s your chance.

If you wanted to write a children’s book, do it! Want to learn guitar? That would be awesome! Want to sell your house and solo travel around the world for the rest of your life? Buy that plane ticket.

When Boomers were growing up, society told you that there was a certain time of life to do certain things. That there became a point when pursuing starting a small business was pointless… that you were too old, too past your prime.

I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late.

Chase your dreams. You have the time and the money to do it, so the sky is the limit!

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8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Boomers

1. Write a book

This is a personal one for a Boomer I know. She had a dream long ago to write children’s books, but she got swept up into life as a wife and mother and I’m not even sure if she thought of it again!

So many people have dreams of doing creative things, but, generally speaking, career advice steers clear of those types of lifestyles. Especially in the 80s, when Boomers were starting families, corporate jobs were king.

Turn back the clock to those dreams of writing a book, whether it be a children’s book, YA fantasy, or romance. There’s a market for it, for sure, but the real satisfaction comes from just doing it!

2. Learn how to play again

Woman in the Baby Boomer generation playing baseball with her grandchildren

Yes, I’m a millennial, and, yes, millennials get a lot of flack for being the generation that will “never grow up.” But there’s something to be said for finding joy in the simple things and the fun in playing.

Play actually has a lot of benefits for adults! Think: more creativity, less stress, better health.

So how do you play? Join a local sports league for some friendly competition, or perhaps some laughter yoga for stress relief! Improv might be a fun choice if you’re extroverted or did theater in your youth, or you could even just get in on your grandchildren’s games!

3. Travel internationally

Many Boomers did not get to travel or vacation as children, and they’re making up for it now. The Baby Boomer generation loves traveling for leisure, and 45% prefer to travel internationally, which is a statistic I love!

Going abroad can be a powerful life experience. When you are immersed in another culture, it really pushes your boundaries and makes you learn new things, whether that be customs or language or how to navigate a new city.

Traveling keeps you sharp and healthy and can bring so much satisfaction to your life.

4. Learn to play an instrument

For many Boomers, they never learned how to play an instrument as a child or adolescent. Now is the time to do it.

Playing an instrument has colossal benefits for people of all ages, but for older people, it can help you socialize, relieve stress, and improve your fine motor skill. But most of all, it can be really fun! (See #2.) Music can help bring expression and meaning to your life in a new way if this is your first time participating in a musical group! (And if it’s not your first time, now is the time to get back into it!)

5. Read fiction

Woman in her 60s reading a book in the park

Overall reading habits of Baby Boomers are great with about 70% of Boomers having read a book in the last year. But there’s always room for more, especially when it comes to fiction.

Fiction can help you disengage from the world and give your mind a break, but it can also help increase empathy and prevent mental decline. It can help you sleep at night, and with the book market exploding with self-publishing, there are tons of options for all different tastes and preferences.

Need a few ideas? Here’s a list of my top 10 books of all time. (Some are nonfiction, too.)

6. Take a trip down memory lane

They say that the “past is in the past,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relive the good old days! If your parents are gone, take out the most prized possessions of theirs you own and reminisce. Take a look through some old photo albums, or read some old newspaper clippings.

Examining our past can be bittersweet, but it is something that gives us empathy and fills us with love. So set a New Year’s resolution to reconnect with old friends or do something that gave you pleasure in your youth. It’s worth it!

7. Open an art gallery (or start a creative business)

For entrepreneur types, you may want to start a creative business now that you’re retired. In fact, if you’re a go-getter type to begin with, you may have never retired!

One of my favorite people, a Baby Boomer, owns a local art gallery, but you don’t have to do exactly that if art isn’t your thing.

You might want to make jewelry and sell it at fairs and local events. You may consider recording a music album or writing poetry. There are people all over the world waiting for art just like yours!

8. Host a foreign exchange student

If none of these New Year’s resolutions seem appealing to you, that’s okay. Here’s one more that could provide a challenge.

If you’re an empty-nester, put your spare bedroom to use and host a foreign exchange student. Young people from all over the world are looking to visit or spend some time in a different place, especially the US.

So give them a bed and a place to stay! You might learn something from them as well!


These New Year’s resolutions for Boomers are meant to help you add meaning and satisfaction to your life, to boost your health, and to stay sharp in your Golden Years.

What do you think? Would you set any of these for your New Year’s resolution this year?

Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from you!

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8 New Year’s Resolutions for Boomers

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