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12 Powerful New Year’s Resolutions You Need In 2024!

2023 has already been one for the books, and 2024 is set to be earth-shattering, in a really positive way. My New Year’s resolution in 2023 was to publish a book and to level up my writing income, and I shattered my goals!

Have you blasted through your goals this year as well?

Maybe you want to be more authentic and have more fun in 2024. I truly believe that as we head toward 2030 that we as a collective are becoming more authentic, unique, weird, and beautiful! The goal is to truly enjoy yourself and the time we have in this life.

These 12 New Year’s resolutions for 2024 are set to help you achieve your goals, connect on a deeper level with those that you love, and get the fulfilling rest you need, and have a blast!… all in the same year!

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Why Set A New Year’s Resolution in 2024?

Look, I’m well aware of how difficult life has gotten. I know just how bleak the outlook of democracy and the world look because of things like war, climate change, and tyrants of the old way of life. But there’s a storm before every time of peace, and I think that’s where we’re headed.

In other words, it’s not futile to set resolutions and goals. It’s always worth it to continue to improve, do better, and learn something new.

And if you’re thinking a 2024 New Year’s resolution might not be your thing, don’t beat yourself up. You can always try a word of the year or a New Year’s aspiration.

Try a Word of the Year

Another possibility for you in 2024 is to set a word of the year. Read all about setting a word of the year here. In 2023, my word was abundance, and oh my stars, it absolutely rained abundance for me in 2023!

Setting a word of the year is a great option if you want to focus your efforts on a concept rather than a specific goal. And your word of the year can be anything you want!

(If you like changing with the seasons, you might consider a word of the month instead.)

Try a New Year’s Aspiration

Similarly, you could try an aspiration instead. This is another more simplified option for those who are busier or less interested in setting rigid goals.

Essentially, you aspire to be more or less of something. For example: I aspire to be kinder this year. That’s all there is to it!

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12 Mind-Blowing New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

If you haven’t, be sure to head over to read about 5 ways to achieve your goals in 2024. If you have, then these resolutions are for you.

1. Resolve to Read

Woman reading a book indoors

This is a New Year’s Resolution that’s always a positive one to choose! There’s a reason we promote reading to kids, but did you know that 50% of adults haven’t read a book in the past year?

From the same resource above, they mention that it also only takes finishing one single book before you start a habit of reading. Finishing just one book puts you in the position to make continued learning a priority in your life.

Because reading has so many profound benefits, including helping your vocabulary, relieving stress, and slowing cognitive decline in old age! You can read a physical book, an ebook, or even listen to a book on Audible! (Yes, this counts, too!)

2. Give Up Self-Criticism

Even those of us who claim to be positive, optimistic individuals can have a habit of criticizing ourselves. (I know I do, but it’s gotten better over the years.)

This kind of negative self-talk can range from talking trash about your body, to the belief that there’s no reason to go after your dreams. You might say things like, “Wow, I really look like a cow in this dress. I need to change.” Or “There’s no point in pursuing that law degree. I’m too old and already have too many burdens.”

But research shows that when we talk to our bodies, our selves, our dreams in more balanced (neutral) or positive ways, we reduce symptoms of stress, make ourselves feel more in control of life, and even help with chronic pain.

3. Enhance Your Gut Health

Woman eating a freshly picked strawberry

Did you know that your gut health is linked to so many other aspects of your health, from mental health to immune system health? After the pandemic, we know just how important our immune health and mental health are.

That’s why in 2024, it’s crucial that we resolve to enhance our gut health. While there’s a lot of conflict over what having good gut health looks like, but in general, there’s a few points to follow.

First, eat a lot of whole foods, in wide variety. This includes focusing on vegetables and fruit, as well as fermented foods. You’ll also want to avoid sugar if this is your New Year’s resolution for 2024!

(Want more?)

Make sure you check out the Wild Simple Joy Resource Page for New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year's Resources and Advice 2024 from Wild Simple Joy, with screenshots of articles

4. Prepare, Grow Seeds, and Plant a Garden

There’s never been a better time to plant a garden. Gardening has so many benefits, from stress reduction, to higher vitamin D exposure, and even lowering the risk of dementia if you’re of a certain age.

Gardening is a beautiful hobby for children to help with because it helps them learn where their food comes from. It can be a huge source of pride and self-esteem for them as well!

Many spiritual gurus also are encouraging people to plant a garden in response to climate change and the level up the collective people on earth are going through right now!

5. Talk to Someone New

Expanding your social network can be difficult, especially if you’re an introvert like me. And it can be even more difficult to do it in person (it’s so much easier to meet people online!).

But talking to someone in line at the grocery store or while waiting to pick up your kids at school actually has massive benefits. It helps with loneliness and depression, it improves mental awareness, and helps build a sense of community.

People have been apart for far too long! It’s time to talk and be around others again, so consider making this one your 2024 New Year’s resolution!

6. Get Silly!

Women being silly using hair for mustaches

If the first part of your 2023 was anything like mine, it’s been overwhelmingly serious and driven by duty and responsibilities. But working yourself constantly can take a toll on your stress levels, sleep, and self-esteem.

Allow yourself to get silly in 2024! Silliness isn’t something we think about often, but really, it is a piece of life that we’re often missing. Being silly gives your life a vibrancy and energy.

It encourages laughing, too, which adults don’t do nearly enough!

7. Bond Deeper with Friends and Family

Personally, I found that I had more time to connect with people (albeit online) during the pandemic. Now that society is barreling forward at a breakneck speed again, it can be difficult to find the time we really need to connect to the people we love.

That’s why it’s a great choice to resolve to strengthen your connections with your loved ones in 2024. This means scheduling time with them, putting down your phone, and finding common interests or pursuits that you can share!

Your friends and family will thank you for it (maybe not verbally, especially if they’re children, but it will mean so much!).

8. Go On A Social Media Break

I understand that many of us get our income from social media now, so I’m not suggesting that you take a break from earning money, but the mindless Instagram scrolling is eating up your time and detracting from the richness of real life!

So you might choose to take a break from social media for a little while. One technique that I’ve found incredibly helpful when prioritizing my time and staying off social media during important hours has been the book by Nir Eyal, Indistractable.

It’s a structured philosophy and technique designed to help keep you from getting distracted! Highly recommended!

9. Learn Meditation

Woman meditating indoors

Another method for learning to shut out distractions and become more mindful of our lives is through meditation. Meditation is the act of letting both our inner and outer worlds move around while we (the higher self) just observes.

Many people resist meditating because they claim that it’s too hard, they’re doing it wrong, or they simply can’t sit still for an extended period of time. But there are different types of meditation, like guided meditation, walking meditation, or meditation with a set of mala beads.

Meditation’s benefits are widely varied and abundant: everything from lowering your stress levels, decreasing blood pressure, and even helping to relieve depression.

10. Resolve to Travel

Above my bed hangs a frame that reads: “Travel: the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I truly believe that. Traveling is one of those experiences that not only helps you make memories and brings you joy, but it also widens your perspective.

For a couple years during the pandemic, there was no travel. But now that our global society is interconnected again, I highly recommend that if you have the funds, travel is the way to go.

Choose somewhere that you’ve never been before! And make sure that when you’re there, that you stay off your phone and really experience your new setting.

11. Learn a New Hobby

Don’t have the kind of money that travel requires? Maybe taking a new hobby will satisfy your need for something new! There are plenty of hobbies that don’t require spending a lot. For example, in 2020, my husband took up crocheting. He has made scarves and mittens for our boys, several blankets, and has even made me a sweater!

But if crocheting isn’t your thing, consider bird-watching, or hiking, rock climbing, tarot reading, or even learning about old cars.

12. Resolve to Get More Sleep

Woman sleeping in the dark

Did you know that at least a third of adults in the US report not getting enough sleep every day? This hustle culture is cutting into our much needed rest, and it’s taking a toll on the mental and physical health of people everywhere.

That’s why another great New Year’s resolution for 2024 is to prioritize your sleep! Most people know what their sleep limits are. I know that if I don’t get at least 8 hours a night, that I’ll be tired and cranky the next day. (8.5-9 hours of sleep is perfect for me!)

Your limits might be different, but getting enough sleep means limiting blue light at night, getting enough exercise during the day, and watching your sugar and caffeine intake.


None of these Resolutions are new! But they are highly applicable to life in 2024 and post pandemic. We’ve learned what’s most important in life, and it’s time we started to apply everything that we’ve learned.

Tell me: what’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2024?

Drop it in the comments below!

12 New Year's resolutions for 2024 to level up your life

12 Powerful 2024 New Year Resolutions

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