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Legendary Affirmation Cards Review = Simplicity for the Win

These cards have been the most consistently purchased item from all the product recommendations I make on this website. They’re simple and small, but they pack a punch!

So I decided to do a review of the Legendary Affirmation Cards on Amazon. Let’s take a look at these affirmation cards (with photos!), what you can expect from them, and why they work.

Legendary Affirmation Cards Unboxing

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What are Affirmation Cards?

When you want to work on your mindset, affirmations are a great way to do that. Affirmations are “I” statements that you are affirming to be true. Affirmation cards simply put those statements on cards for you to use in a variety of ways.

You can pull a new card each day, you can put them in your purse, or tape them to your computer or mirror or somewhere you will see them every day.

What are the Legendary Affirmation Cards?

Legendary Affirmation Cards are a box of 120 cards with affirmations on them. They are grouped by color for different areas of life. They’re small cards and simple, without any frills or designs.

These Legendary Affirmation Cards are consistently the MOST PURCHASED item on my list of the 20 Best Affirmation Card decks. (Check out the rest of the affirmation card decks here!)

What size are the Legendary Affirmation Cards?

Legendary Affirmation Cards are pretty small, measuring in at only 2.6 by 2.8 inches. This makes them ideal to stick in your purse, use as a bookmark (and repeat that affirmation every time you close your book), or tape to the steering wheel of your car.

How many cards are in the Legendary Affirmation Card Deck?

There are 120 affirmation cards in the Legendary Life deck, plus they give you 10 blank cards to write your own (see photo below). As stated above, the deck is divided into 6 categories by color (more on that below as well).

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Info Booklet

Front of Info booklet

While guidebooks are common for decks like tarot decks or oracle cards, they are certainly less common for affirmation decks. I really appreciate that there is a little booklet with this deck.

Sure, it doesn’t have a ton of information, but it gives you quite a few recommendations for how to use the cards. I love the paragraph at the top of the page in the picture below. It reads:

You may also ask, aren’t affirmation just a methodology for you to brainwash yourself? The answer is “Yes, absolutely!” More precisely, they empower you to connect with your true potential and deprogram yourself from the limiting beliefs you’ve already been brainwashed with throughout your life.

Info booklet for Legendary Affirmation Cards inside

Cards: Categories and Affirmations

  • Green = Physical Health & Body Image
  • Pink/Red = Love & Relationships
  • Yellow = Money & Career
  • Purple = Spirituality
  • Brown = General
  • Blue = Self

Not all of the categories are equal, however. There are a lot of general and love cards, while the “Spiritual” (purple) cards are only a few. Just keep this in mind if you’re thinking about this product.

The deck isn’t perfect, by any means. Most of the complaints in reviews are about the size of the cards and in some cases the lack of originality.

I find that, especially if you’re new to affirmations or affirmation cards, that this deck is absolutely perfect. It’s a great starter deck, it’s compact, useful, and has just enough snarkiness to give a little bit of humor.

Conclusion: Legendary Affirmation Cards Review

Simplicity works. Sure, there’s not much as far as design or artwork, but that leaves room for the affirmations themselves to take center stage.

This deck is consistently the MOST-purchased product from the links on this entire website.

It’s great for both men and women, and many of the affirmations can even be used by teenagers and children.

I give this deck a 5/5 stars!

5/5 stars

And if you’re interested, this company has expansion packs (not an affiliate link) in the same categories that are not available on Amazon. Check them out!

Do you have this deck of affirmation cards? What do you look for when purchasing a deck of cards?

Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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