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Healing Waters Oracle Review and Unboxing (Rebecca Campbell)

Rebecca Campbell’s Oracle decks are some of the most frequently purchased, reviewed, and highest reviewed decks on Amazon and across the internet. When I first had the opportunity to work with the Work Your Light deck, I thought for certain it was all hype… I was wrong.

Her decks are the real deal. They’re intuitive, beautiful, and radiate light and higher consciousness.

So when I saw that she was releasing a new deck called Healing Waters Oracle, I immediately pre-ordered it. Water is a nourishing and powerful element that can be gentle, forceful, cool, or warm.

Here is my unboxing and review of this new deck! If I don’t answer any of the pressing questions you have, don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the end and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Oracle deck on table laid out

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What is an Oracle Deck?

Basically, an oracle deck is a deck of cards, usually (but not always) with a central theme, that is designed to give you knowledge, insight, or enlightenment. They are great for self-reflection, learning about your shadow self, helping to predict potentialities in the future, and bringing yourself into alignment with your higher self.

An oracle deck almost always comes with a book that explains the meaning behind each card, giving you a wide selection of keywords and ideas for insight.

I have worked with and studied many oracle decks since I started getting into tarot and oracle decks about a year and a half ago. Here is my list of best oracle decks for beginners. (And here’s my list of best tarot decks for beginners.)

What is the Healing Waters Oracle?

The Healing Waters Oracle is a new deck (June 2023) by Rebecca Campbell with artwork by Katie-Louise.

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca someone that I’ve had the pleasure of learning from in a Hay House online course. She is a deeply spiritual person, the author of several books and now 4 oracle decks.

On Rebecca’s site, you can see that each oracle deck, all her books, courses, and the site itself is themed with these pastel, swirling colors, which have very much become her signature.

You’ll notice that the Starseed Oracle and the Work Your Light Oracle, Rebecca’s more popular and slightly older decks, are both illustrated by Danielle Noel.

Who did the artwork for the Healing Waters Oracle Deck?

The artist for the Healing Waters Oracle Deck is Katie-Louise, the same artist who illustrated Rebecca Campbell’s other deck, the Rose Oracle. Katie-Louise has a very luminous, sparkling style with double exposure images of water or nature and women’s figures or faces in light or pastel tones.

She also considers herself spiritual and shamanic. You can view more of Katie-Louise’s style in her Instagram account.

Unboxing the Healing Waters

Healing Waters Oracle Deck components by Rebecca Campbell
Healing Waters cards being cleansed with hag stones on top

This oracle deck is clearly very feminine. It might be primarily blue, but it’s very flowy and sparkling and light.

One of the first things that is noticeable about this is the way the box is cut, and you can use it for some really interesting card spreads (I’ll show you below!).

The cards were wrapped with paper and then there’s the booklet. (I’ll be uploading this unboxing as a video here pretty soon.)

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Healing Waters Oracle Cards

Sample Cards with the Healing Waters Deck

As far as the card themes, they are all different aspects of water. You can see in the cards above: gentle force, healing lagoon, pink dolphin, planetary wave, plunge, as well as making waves and immerse yourself.


Sample cards with the Healing Waters Oracle

These cards are absolutely beautiful. They are primarily blue, but they are colorful with golds, pastel pinks, lavender, and greens.

One of the things that I love about this artwork are the models. All the women on these cards are so diverse. Age, race, body size! This is a celebration of the beauty of people!

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Card Quality

Healing Attunement

These are very thick cards. Like so many other decks that are thick, they are a bit difficult to shuffle.

Right now, because the cards are so new, they do have a tendency to stick, but I imagine that as I use them, they will become less sticky and easier to use.

The cards are also larger (though typical for oracle decks), so if you have small hands, you might struggle to shuffle in a normal way, but there are so many different ways to shuffle.


Rebecca has included a “Healing Waters Oracle Attunement.” It is on the back of the card above. There are statements to say that will help you center your energy and focus around the flow and beauty of water before you begin a reading.

Healing Waters Oracle Guidebook

Inside booklet

The guidebook is your typical oracle deck booklet that includes:

  • Reflections, folklore, mythology
  • About the Healing Waters Oracle
  • Reading the cards
  • Spreads
  • Card meanings

I find Rebecca’s writing to be both very personal and very gentle. She is a master at using her wisdom to enlighten, nudge, and lead others to new information. Rebecca has such a gentle, wise energy!

Doing a Sample Reading

Inside look at booklet

This was the fun part! Because of the interesting arrangement of the box, you can use it for some very different card spreads!

I decided to do a Well of Wisdom spread for myself for the next month. This is a four-card spread for the Healing Waters Oracle that tells you:

  • 1: What I’m seeing
  • 2: What I’m not seeing
  • 3: The possible outcome
  • 4: The action I’m being called to take

Here, let me show you what cards I pulled for each position.

The first card is “Let It Go.” I see that I’m being called to let go of things in my life that are not serving me and preventing me from moving forward. This is in fact something I’ve been working on for the last couple months, but especially the last 4 weeks. It is also a card of release, surrender, and forgiveness.

The second card is what I’m not seeing: birth mysteries. It asks, “What are you being called to create?” I do feel that I am really trying to create things in my life (I’m writing a novel and I want to start a publishing company). But there are some things that I may not know enough about. Perhaps something else is waiting there for me to have an idea about.

Sample Spread with the Healing Waters Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

The third position card is “Water Codes,” my possible outcome. This is all about unlocking lost wisdom, understanding the wisdom of our ancestors and of water. This possible outcome, of course, will come when I understand more about “Birth Mysteries,” what I’m not seeing yet.

I am being called to heal, return to wholeness and transform. This is a reminder that when things die in my life, it is an opportunity for new things to grow.

This whole reading is very geared toward what I am going through spiritually right now, but, as things stand, I feel that more will reveal itself in time.

My Healing Waters Oracle Review Conclusion

I knew I’d love this deck from the first moment I saw it, and I was right!

5/5 stars

It is beautiful and unique, and I find Rebecca Campbell’s energy to be so calm, understanding, and wise. This beautiful Healing Waters Oracle deck was released during Cancer season (a water sign), and I’ve had so many gentle nudges from life to embrace the wisdom of water.

This deck came at just the right time!

Are you considering the Healing Waters Deck?

What do you think about it? Any questions? Drop me a comment below!


Friday 21st of July 2023

Thank you Dawn for reviewing Rebecca Campbell's new oracle deck. I own several of her other ones - and the Rose Oracle is my favorite. I'll be ordering this new one soon.

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