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RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review – Serious Focus

I love trying new kinds of coffee alternatives. Because I’m super sensitive to caffeine, it’s important that I have something that tastes great and still gives me a little bit of energy in the morning. Even on hot summer days, I like a hot cup of tea or cocoa.

The newest one that I tried is by RYZE. They have several different mushroom coffees or teas to try, and I got the mushroom chicory/caffeine-free kind.

In my RYZE Mushroom Coffee review below, I’ll share everything I noticed about this product, from cost per serving, to delivery and subscription, to ease of use, to taste. There are some other connections I would like to explore as well, including RYZE and candida die off, and RYZE and dehydration. Let’s go!

RYZe Chicory Mushroom Coffee with hand thrown coffee mug

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*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not offer this as medical advice. This is my own personal experience and I encourage everyone to seek advice from their doctor before making decisions about their health. To view our full disclaimer policy, click here.

*Like with any product, I aim to provide completely objective information and to examine all aspects before making a decision. My experience may not be the same as what you have experienced, and I will try to be as detailed as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

RYZE Company

Like many of the products that I’ve tried and reviewed here over the years, I was first introduced to RYZE coffee alternatives through Facebook Ads. (That algorithm really knows me, doesn’t it?!)

RYZE is a company owned by Andree Werner and Rashad Hossain. They are graduates of Harvard (class of 2016) and they formed RYZE Superfoods in 2020.

Ordering from RYZE

Ordering from RYZE was very easy. Once I had established a subscription, getting into my account and changing or canceling my subscription was as easy as a click of a button!

Considering there have been some challenging platforms of products I’ve tried in the last, I’m definitely giving RYZE props for ease of use.

RYZE Chicory Mushroom Coffee back of product with nutritional information

RYZE Coffee Alternative Cost

I’m not going to lie, the cost of RYZE was a definite plus. These days, most coffee alternatives come in at around $2-3 per serving, if not more! (I was considering a ceremonial cacao product that was $7 per serving! Wow!)

The cost of RYZE (Chicory) is about $1 per serving. You get about 30 servings per bag, and with the initial discount, it was $30. If you don’t get the initial discount, you’re paying $36 with a subscription, which is still only $1.20 per serving.

If you just want to order it without signing up for a subscription, it’s $45, putting one serving at $1.50.

If you consider the cost of a tall drink at Starbucks, replacing a Starbucks coffee every weekday with RYZE can save you about $70 a month (if not much more).

Just for comparison, Clevr Brands (who has similar products) sells their products in bags with 14 servings instead of 30. Their cost per serving is around $2 per serving. (See my Clevr Brands review here.)

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery the first time around were extremely quick. The problem came with subsequent orders. Basically, they ship that first one out to you rushed, and after that, the delivery can take over a week.

I have ordered three times now, and the second and third deliveries took almost two weeks to get to me. So once you order multiple times, make sure you either have a back-up product on hand, or enough left of your previous bag to get you through until your next shipment arrives.

It is super slow! Just be prepared!

Now let’s get to the good part: the products themselves.

Arbonne Fizz Sticks Coffee Alternative
Rasa Adaptogen Coffee

MaryRuth’s Adrenal and Focus Blend

Chicory Mushroom (Caffeine-free) Ingredients


Chicory is a root from a plant that is used as a caffeine free alternative to coffee. (The plant itself has beautiful blue flowers on it!) Chicory has been used in alternative medicine for centuries.

Chicory is exceptionally high in fiber, which makes it great for the digestive system. For this reason, it also helps to balance blood sugar, particularly if you are diabetic.


Cordyceps mushroom

The first in our line-up of mushrooms, cordyceps is a parasitic fungus that grows on the larvae of insects. Sounds gross, but it turns out that cordyceps has a lot of health benefits.

It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat low sex drive, fatigue, and even kidney disease. Humans have only begun to study the benefits of cordyceps, but the results look promising, from boosting athletic performance, to anti-aging, anti-tumor, and heart health benefits.

Lion’s Mane

Lion's mane mushroom

Lion’s mane is a mushroom that has traditionally grown in Asian countries, and it also has a wide variety of benefits. It seems to be particularly good for the nervous system and brain, and its benefits include:

  • possible protection from dementia
  • reducing depression and anxiety
  • speed recovery of nervous system injuries

And many more.


Reishi mushroom

Reishi is a very well-known mushroom that is used in many alternative medicine products. It not only has the potential to lessen fatigue, improve sleep, boost energy, and reduce stress, but it is also very supportive to the body and its systems during times of recovery, especially from cancer/chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, liver disease, the flu, and more.


Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms are one of the few mushrooms here that you can purchase in the grocery store whole.

Shiitake are known for providing your body with copper, a mineral that supports healthy bones, blood vessels, and immune system. Shiitake also contain compounds known to reduce cholesterol levels.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is another adaptogenic mushroom that can help with stress reduction, particularly the immune system and inflammatory responses of the body.

Stress of any kind, especially our chronic stress that wears on our bodies and minds every day, can inflame the body. When you add in our typical modern diet, it’s no wonder a huge number of people struggle with bloating, fatigue, and trouble sleeping.

Turkey tail has the potential to get to the root of the problem, reducing inflammation in our gut and throughout our bodies.

King Trumpet

King's Trumpet mushroom

King Trumpet is a mushroom that I had not heard of. It is used regularly in soups and sandwiches, particularly as a vegan substitute for seafood.

But this mushroom is known to potentially help lower cholesterol levels, help with weight loss, and support bone health.

RYZE Taste Review

Honestly, I was hoping it would have a stronger flavor. Chicory, which tastes a lot like coffee and is often used to dilute coffees, does not have nearly as potent a flavor as actual coffee.

Some days I added a teaspoon of cocoa powder to increase the flavor, and most days, I added a little honey and coconut milk to give it some creaminess.

I want to be clear here that the product I tried was NOT a coffee product. I don’t know what their actual mushroom coffee tastes like (and unfortunately, I can’t even try it, because I can’t consume caffeine).

Inside look at RYZE Mushroom coffee for review

How much RYZE can I drink?

I wanted to know: how much mushroom coffee can I drink, reasonably? Are there side effects to be aware of because of the mushrooms? Can I drink too much?

The back of the bag does suggest 2 cups a day for the first week and then also makes the assumption that you will drink 1 cup per day after that.

But honestly, you can drink more than that if you’d like! I emailed RYZE to see what kinds of suggestions they would make, and they emailed me back right away.

Here’s what they said:

Many of our customers take 3-4 cups daily. Of course, keep a gauge on your body and how you’re feeling. If you’re on any medications (especially blood thinners) we recommend double checking with your doctor but you’d really have to have a HUGE amount of RYZE to have any risk of “overdosing”.

Andrée, from RYZE

This seems more than reasonable to me. There was one day that I had 3 cups, and I did notice a rushing heart, much like I experience if I drink too much coffee. But I didn’t struggle to fall asleep that night, so at least the effects were not as great as those with coffee.

(I mean, let’s be honest. I am very caffeine-sensitive, and if I drank 3 cups of coffee, I probably wouldn’t sleep for 72 hours!)

RYZE Effects: Does It Do What It Advertises?

Days 1-3 – RYZE Mushroom Coffee and Dehydration

As suggested, I did drink 2 cups of RYZE per day during the first week. They claim that it can accelerate results.

Interestingly, I did experience effects on the first few days, but not exactly as one would expect. I did feel much more rested, able to sleep better, and more focused.

But it was summer, I was getting more rest and able to replenish my reserves. So who knows whether it was the fact that I was able to rest, or if it was the RYZE.

One side effect I didn’t expect was that those first few days really dehydrated me. I was having to drink at least 20 more ounces of water per day than usual just to feel thoroughly hydrated. If this is something you find that you experience as well, I would keep this in mind. (Again, I’m not a doctor. If you’re experiencing medical symptoms, please consult a medical professional.)

Days 4-7 – Candida Die Off and RYZE

After a few days, I started to notice that I had eczema at the base of my spine and also under my armpits. I strongly believe this is correlated with candida die off. They say that symptoms of candida may worsen before they get better, once starting “candida treatment.” (While this is not advertised as a candida treatment, I do believe it has been changing my gut flora.)

Keep in mind that I had also started the DICCC Method by Marissa Peer and had cut out sugar from my diet entirely at this time. But because of many of the ingredients in RYZE, I do believe that this product did have an effect on this.

Weeks 2-4

As I continued to drink RYZE, I still needed a lot of water during the day although the initial dehydration of the first few days did wear off. I found that I was sleeping better (in general) and started to notice less acne on my face, neck, and back.

The eczema did not last long, only a few days, and around 10 days using the product, the eczema was gone.

It was clear that after about 2 weeks, my gut flora was really seeing a bigger change and starting to turn a corner.

Months 2-?

I have really liked this product and plan on continuing to use it. Who knows what kinds of effects I will see in the future. I will return to this review in a month or two and update it as I learn more about this product and how my body performs while I’m taking it.

Conclusion: My RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review

RYZE coffee alternative

Honestly, I have tried Clevr Brands, Rasa, Arbonne Fizz Sticks, Teecchino, and many other coffee alternatives, but so far, this one is my favorite.

The blend of chicory and mushrooms is perfect. It has no added sugar so you can sweeten it to your liking. It is cost-effective. And I’m digging the benefits so far.

I whole-heartedly give RYZE 5/5 stars.

5/5 stars

What do you think? Have you tried RYZE or another coffee alternative?

Share your experience in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Mike P.

Monday 13th of November 2023

are you still drinking it? Any updates?

S Ali

Thursday 26th of October 2023

This coffee gave me yeast infection😖

Dawn Elizabeth

Monday 6th of November 2023

Really? Wow. I absolutely believe you. Different products affect people differently and can change our gut flora (which can lead to yeast overgrowth). Really interesting---I'll have to look into this further. Thank you for sharing!

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