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Marissa Peer’s DICCC Method Review: Does it work?

Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a YouTube video from Vishen Lakiani (Mindvalley) where he sits down and talks with Marissa Peer about the self-healing, hypnosis technique she has used to beat cancer twice.

She calls this the DICCC method.

(Yes, you read that right. It might not be spelled “Dick Method,” but it has the same kind of shock value when you’re hearing about it in conversation. And this was intentional on Marissa’s part!)

I tried the DICCC Method for four weeks this summer for self healing, and I will detail how it went below. Here’s my review, so keep reading to find out if the DICCC Method really worked for me, and if I believe it could potentially work for you, too.

Woman meditating and practicing Marissa Peer's DICCC Method

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Who Is Marissa Peer?

Marissa Peer is one of the worlds most high profile hypnotists (and hypnosis teachers) in the world. She is the author of many books about mindset and bodily health (nutrition is another of my major interests). She works with Mindvalley and has her own hypnosis teacher program.

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What is the DICCC Method?

D.I.C.C.C. stands for direct, instruct, command, compel, code.

Here is the video where Marissa explains about the DICCC Method:

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Does the DICCC Method Work?

So the question on everyone’s mind is “Does the DICCC Method by Marissa Peer actually work?”

Well, I ran a little experiment of my own to test its validity. For 4 weeks, I said these statements (below) twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. (To be honest, there were some mornings that I forgot, so I just did it once per day.)

When saying these statements to myself, I made sure that I was in a relaxed, meditative state, and that I was truly feeling the validity of the statements as I spoke them to myself. Some days I only spoke them in my mind, and other days, I made sure to speak them out loud.

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My DICCC Statements

Here are the DICCC statements that I used:

  • I direct, instruct, command, compel, and code my skin to heal from the inside out, to be visibly vibrant, radiant, and clear, right now.
  • I direct, instruct, command, compel, and code my digestive system to work efficiently and effectively, extracting all the nutrients that my body needs from the food I eat, and to heal my intestinal lining right now.
  • I direct, instruct, command, compel, and code my ovaries, pituitary gland, and other endocrine organs to be balanced and easy, that they work efficiently and effectively right now.
  • I direct, instruct, command, compel, and code my spine and the muscles of my back to be strong and relaxed, to allow for tall posture and easy flexibility right now.
  • I direct, instruct, command, compel, and code my lymph system to work efficiently and effectively, drawing out all the toxins in my body and cleaning my body from the inside out right now.
  • I direct, instruct, command, compel, and code my mind and body to drift asleep easily right now, to stay asleep all night, and to wake refreshed and energized in the morning.*

I said these statements to myself twice a day (*minus the sleep one, which I only said at night).

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The Importance of Aligning Your Actions and Routine to Your Statements

In any version of manifestation, goal setting, or personal development program of any kind, part of what makes it work is your dedication to following intention with action.

Prayer alone will not bring your greatest desires. Meditation alone won’t sort out all your problems. There has to be action in the real world.

Even if you listen to Marissa’s explanation and testimony, she says that when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she didn’t only employ her DICCC statements: she got a hysterectomy. When she was hypnotizing the woman who wanted to fall pregnant, the woman didn’t rely only on the DICCC statements, she was going through the IVF process.

Action is essential.

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Actions I took

To help heal my skin, I removed all sugar from my diet, and most carbohydrates. I am already dairy-free, so this was my next step.

Removing sugar from my diet did dual-duty as it also would help my digestive system. I also ate probiotic foods like kombucha (homemade), pickles, and sauerkraut a few times a week, and put a strong emphasis on eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

For my back, my lymph system, and my endocrine system, I walked most days a week, around 30 minutes, and worked out 4 days a week in the mornings. This would help me build muscle and lose fat.

Switching from matcha to mushroom chicory drink in the mornings removed caffeine from my system (which I’m super sensitive to, and prevents me from sleeping well). The mushrooms and adaptogens have also been proven to help skin.

Last, I made sure I was drinking at least 60 ounces of water a day, but more like 100 ounces most days to flush out toxins, hydrate all my cells, and allowed my system to balance itself out.

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Don’t Forget Meditation or Self-Hypnosis

Meditation or self-hypnosis is an important aspect of this. Because Marissa is a hypnotist, getting into that relaxed state during these statements is crucial.

This kind of full-body and mind relaxation has so many measurable benefits, including:

  • reducing stress
  • easing anxiety
  • increased self-awareness
  • longer attention span
  • (and more)

Not only is your mind more malleable and impressionable in this state, but relaxing fully helps every cell of your body align with a higher vibration and promotes healing.

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Conclusion: DICCC Method Review

Week 1-2

I’m not going to lie, these first weeks were difficult. Getting rid of sugar and caffeine was definitely the most challenging aspect. I was not only very tired for a few days, but I also craved sweets, and was incredibly thirsty.

I had to drink about 100 ounces of water a day after starting these changes. Yes, I was peeing a lot. But I do believe that it helped to flush out everything my body had been holding onto through the stressful school year.

I cannot overstate how well the sleep statement worked. Every night, within 5 minutes of stating it to myself (it was always the last one I did), I would be asleep. There were many mornings, even this first week, that I woke up before my alarm!

Week 3-4

One of my biggest concerns (I’m using “concern” rather than “doubt” because of the negative connotation), was that my skin would be the last to heal. Ever since my youngest stopped breastfeeding 3 years ago, my hormones and skin have been a mess. Adult acne on my face, neck, and back, puffiness, and age spots were some of the things I have been dealing with.

Also, because my acne is caused by imbalance with my reproductive/endocrine systems, I would typically get acne every 2 weeks. I figured it would look like things were getting better, and then 2 weeks later I would have a break out.

Well, I did break out, but it was not nearly as bad as my breakout before I started to make these changes.

This week I had a more difficult time sleeping again as well, but because my body is on a cycle, I knew that it will likely take several cycles before they level out.

Month 2

I know that I’m going to need more than just 4 weeks to see if this method works. (I’m sorry to disappoint you!)

I am going to continue to do this method and come back when I have done it for 2 or 3 months to tell you how the results are going.


To me, this is an excellent upgrade to affirmations. Using this method made me feel more confident in my body and its ability to heal. When nothing else was working to fix these problems I was having for about a year, the DICCC Method really helped me stay focused and put my spiritual energy on healing.

Although it’s only been 4 weeks, I can say that this method is worth trying, if you’re considering using these DICCC Method statements with yourself.

But, like anything, it takes time to heal your body and to build up your body’s strength in reaction to these statements. So make sure to set aside time every day for a prolonged period of time (at least 3 months) to dedicate to this method.

What do you think? What do you want the DICCC Method to heal in your life?

Drop me a comment below: I’d love to hear from you!

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