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35 Money Affirmations to Break Through Your Money Blocks FAST!

Are you ready to use these affirmations to breakthrough your money blocks, expand your income, and be free from debt?

I am! Let’s go!

Woman holding money. She is using money affirmations to break through her money blocks.

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I just recently finished the book,Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s been an awesome read, but emotionally exhausting! It’s not meant to help you with budgeting or spending but rather takes an emotional approach to money.

Just like how some people sabotage themselves by emotional eating, others have money blocks that prevent them from living their richest life.

Hi, I’m Dawn, and I’m a Money Self-Saboteur.

I’ve never much been a fan of money to be honest, and I had tremendous money blocks related to my childhood and early adulthood. I’ve squandered money, ignored it, lost it, saved a little to spend it all later, didn’t recognize it when I had it…

Thank god I don’t gamble.

Even the choice to be a teacher, which is a notoriously low-paid profession, was fueled by my money blocks I developed as a child.

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My Money Blocks

Many of my money blocks are deeply rooted insecurities, but I’m going to share a few of my memories and blocks with you today.

I am dishonoring my humble childhood by earning more money than $50,000 a year.

Rich people are snobs.

Life’s a bitch and then you die.

Money is the root of all evil. I can’t be down to earth and have money at the same time.

I’m a musician, therefore I appreciate the beauty of the human condition, love, emotion, and community. Money is superficial and is the opposite of all those things.

Woman putting coins in a piggy bank

These are untrue statements that I have told myself that are the undercurrents in my life decisions.

Do you have any money blocks or limiting beliefs around money?

You might find that some of mine also resonate with you, or you might have others. Maybe you were poor growing up and you always worried about not having enough of something and that causes you to hoard things. Maybe you were constantly told that spending money is bad and now you feel tremendous guilt for spending money, even when it’s necessary.

What money really is…

Ever since having children, I realize how I’d love to be able to provide them with security for the future, as well as educational travel opportunities while they are still young. All of this requires money!

Ergo, I have been reading all about money from both thinking and feeling perspectives to get my entire life into alignment to receive money and treat it responsibly. You probably do too.

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Money Blocks and Breakthroughs Are Emotional Work

When I started working on my money blocks during this book, I unearthed a lot of deep-seeded feelings of unworthiness and guilt surrounding money.

Although unintended, when my parents tried to teach me money lessons by withholding money from me, all it did was teach me that I could not rely on anyone else, to isolate myself, that I was undeserving of money, and ultimately that money was bad.

It’s deeper than that, but these wounds are very deep and still very fresh and raw, and not really something that I’m interested in talking about in a public forum.

In Get Rich, Lucky Bitch,” Denise has a 5-Step path to manifesting money and is very detailed in breaking through money blocks, so if you’re interested, I highly recommend you read it! Here are Denise’s other books too… Chillpreneur is on my list for 2020!

But of course, in addition to clearing away the negatives, I wanted to take it one step further and add some Positive, Present, and Powerful affirmations to the mix to help readjust my mindset toward money.

Money can be healthy, and you can find balance with your money! It’s not greed or poverty! There is a balance to be struck.

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35 Money Affirmations to Breakthrough Your Money Blocks FAST!

Here’s a set of 35 affirmations to breakthrough your money blocks and having a positive relationship with money:

  1. I graciously receive this money.
  2. I am deserving of all the money I can dream of.
  3. I get to decide my own worth.
  4. I deserve to be successful, wealthy, and influential.
  5. By earning money, I honor my family and upbringing.
  6. I am grateful for everything the Universe provides.
  7. I pay my bills with joy.
  8. I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.
  9. I release my past beliefs to embrace a joyful, rich, abundant future!
  10. I am worthy to receive and keep money.
  11. I save money every month.
  12. I stay authentic, grounded, and grateful as I become wealthier!
  13. I can be both gracious and wealthy.
  14. I am mindful, giving, loving AND wealthy!
  15. I am good with money.
  16. I am the type of person to earn lots of money doing something I love.
  17. I give my finances attention and care daily.
  18. Money loves me, and I love money.
  19. Money flows to me from surprising sources.
  20. I deserve to be wealthy and rich!
  21. I am proof that rich people can be gracious, helpful, and kind.
  22. Others look up to me for my ability to manifest money.
  23. My surroundings are luxurious and make me feel rich.
  24. I take good care of my money and my possessions.
  25. I earn money without lifting a finger!
  26. Money comes to me easily.
  27. I have an abundance of money to provide for my family.
  28. I have plenty of money to share with others when it is appropriate.
  29. I handle my money with extreme care.
  30. I love saving money.
  31. I spend my money on high quality things that will last a long time!
  32. Money makes me feel good!
  33. When I spend money, it comes back to me multiplied!
  34. I am grateful for every penny in my pocket and bank account.
  35. I live in prosperity and abundance.

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Affirmations to Break through Your Money Blocks FAST!

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